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Rand Paul Suspects Chemical Attacks 'Launched by Rebels, Not Syrian Army'

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Look at this Website

This can give some pause on blaming the Syrian Government: http://beforeitsnews.com/middle-east/2013/08/video-shows-fsa...

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The truth is being exposed,...finally.

Bump for this story.


I have been thinking this through

and I don't agree with rand on this.

Here's a timeline, from July backwards to april 2011. I suggest you read it, down and then go back up.

Least we forget how this war began http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=40595

Immediately after he took office a reform movement made cautious advances during the Damascus Spring, which led al-Assad to shut down Mezzeh prison and release hundreds of political prisoners.[citation needed] However, security crackdowns commenced again within the year.[26][27] By July 2012, according to analysts, Assad had amassed for himself, his family and associates a fortune of perhaps $1.5bn, which is held in Russia, Hong Kong and offshore tax havens to spread the risk of seizure.[28]

A 2007 law required internet cafes to record all the comments users post on chat forums.[32] Websites such as Wikipedia Arabic, YouTube and Facebook were blocked intermittently between 2008 and February 2011.[33][34][35]

Human Rights groups, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, have detailed how Bashar's government and secret police routinely tortured, imprisoned, and killed political opponents, and those who speak out against the government.[36][37] Since 2006 it expanded the use of travel bans against dissidents. In that regard, Syria is the worst offender among Arab states.[38]

In an interview with ABC News in 2007 he stated: "We don't have such [things as] political prisoners," yet the New York Times reported the arrest of 30 political prisoners in Syria in December 2007.[who?][39] Foreign Policy magazine editorialized on his position in the wake of the 2011 protests:[40]

"During its decades of rule... the Assad family developed a strong political safety net by firmly integrating the military into the government. In 1970, Hafez al-Assad, Bashar’s father, seized power after rising through the ranks of the Syrian armed forces, during which time he established a network of loyal Alawites by installing them in key posts. In fact, the military, ruling elite, and ruthless secret police are so intertwined that it is now impossible to separate the Assad government from the security establishment.... So... the government and its loyal forces have been able to deter all but the most resolute and fearless oppositional activists. In this respect, the situation in Syria is to a certain degree comparable to Saddam Hussein’s strong Sunni minority rule in Iraq."

In order to promote their image and media-portrayal overseas, Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma al-Assad hired American-based PR firms and consultants


Read how and why the war started, and then morphed.. ask, Would I like it if Obama did to me what Assad did to his protesters, shutting off the Internet, talk about a police state!! MAN has he got one hell of a police state. So, it's amazing how many her, think Assad is cool. Maybe it's that American PR firm he hired?

and there you have it, folks

What made you guys think that you could change the GOP, without the GOP changing you?

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

Yep. She has been neoconned,

Yep. She has been neoconned, and now she is trying to neocon the rest of us. Her blind devotion to all things Jewish, is the same mania that exists in our wider leadership, and is what will eventually lead to the destruction of the western world.

Ask Ron Paul

He's had a hell of a lot more time in the GOP than I ever will.

And should it be found and

And should it be found and proven that it was the rebels, what does that tell you.....that someone somewhere REALLY wants to war with Syria, and they dont care about honesty, they just want WAR......and the irresponsibility of the mainstream media to provide supposition as as proof, to imply fact, when in actual fact there is no fact, THAT fact should be made a KNOWN fact.......to the masses, if and when it is proven

oh, by the way us government......i havent forgotten about your peeping tom spying.....dont worry, we're all capable of remembering your wrongs, so dont fret about it, its all in here (points to head)

Back to current events

Rand doesn't trust the

Rand doesn't trust the Israeli intelligence. Where is Granger?

The Plan,,

Create a problem to fix a problem.
Fast & furious
False flag murders
Supplying poison to mercenaries


Rand Is Right Again

The Syrian Government has nothing to gain by using chemical weapons. How many people did they kill? few hundred? The Government has overwhelming military strength over the rebels why would they resort to using chemical weapons when they could kill the same number of people using artillery or bullets.. Using chemical weapons would obviously garner support for the rebels and cross the "line" that Obama drew.. Assad is not a moron. It is far more likely the rebels used it and set it up to look like the Gov't. They are the only ones to gain anything by it.

Excellent points

Chemical weapons haven't been used in a war since WWI, when they were banned. They really aren't an efficient weapon system, you tend to get "blow back". I agree with Rand, looks like a set up by the rebels (or another interested party) to get the US in the war. You are right, Assad is not that stupid, oh, and neither are we.

You mean John McCain's

You mean John McCain's friends?

Southern Agrarian




PM sent :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Rand should do an interview

Rand should do an interview with Alex Jones.

But But But Rand~!

We got the intelligence from the ISRAELIS, man. You KNOW they would NOT lie to US!

Oh wait there's that thing about WMD in Iraq and all...but that's just a misunderstanding. The ISRAELIS would not BS us, their bestest ally in the Whole World, not even if it is in their BEST INTEREST to do play us....er no I didn't just say that. NO WAY.

The Israelis are God's Chosen People, don't forget it, we need to stand by them thru thick or thin even if it means dropping more bombs on brown people who are NOT OUR FRIENDS.

The slogan of the MOSSAD is

"By way of deception you shall make war." Deceiving is what Israeli intelligence does. The Israelis have pushed for the U.S. to attack Syria and Iran for decades. When Iraq was attacked, we were told Saddam had sent all of his WMD to Syria in an attempt to expand that war to Syria while providing an excuse as to why the U.S. didn't find any in Iraq.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson

Well said, Achilles...

The Israelis are honest, moral and wonderful people who would never lie to the U.S. or anyone else. They have the best intelligence in the world and they would never make anything up. After all, they know the U.S. always thoroughly investigates all their intelligence in an attempt to verify. If the U.S. ever suspected that Israel was deceiving them, they would immediately cut off aid and end the "special" relationship. Israel can't take that chance, especially since they don't have any lobby or representation in the U.S. to fight for them.