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U.S. Admits It Has No Idea WHO Carried Out Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack

U.S. Admits It Has No Idea WHO Carried Out Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack

Posted on August 29, 2013 by WashingtonsBlog

One Rogue, Low-Level Officer Could Have Carried Out Attack

Even though the U.S. government claims that the Syrian government is the perpetrator of the chemical weapons attack, it admits that it has no idea who in the government ordered the attack. It could have been a rogue, low-level military officer.

Foreign Policy reports:

With the United States barreling toward a strike on Syria, U.S. officials say they are completely certain that Bashar al-Assad’s government is responsible for last week’s chemical weapons attack. They just don’t know who in the Syrian government is to blame.

On Wednesday, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf admitted as much. “The commander-in-chief of any military is ultimately responsible for decisions made under their leadership, even if … he’s not the one that pushes the button or said, ‘Go,’ on this,” Harf said. “I don’t know what the facts are here ….”

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and by god, why the fuck is

and by god, why the fuck is WAR the only option being given.........if there are times where situations occur where a "outside thinking outside the box" solution is called for, i'd say situations such as these are one of them, and dont give me their rejection of diplomacy, after seing how the western powers view themselves, i would not be surprised to learn their diplomatic skills dripping with outside eliteism, demands based on the destruction of liberty....if back home is anything to go by, why would i assume their foreign relations are actually where they practice liberty......yeah right, thats what im gonna think

NO NO NO, that cant be

NO NO NO, that cant be right, they and msm were so insinuatingly certain only HOURS after the incident, enough so to call for something so minor such as .......WAR

US Public relations: The Tyranny speaks with one voice

"Ask me no questions, then you'll hear no lies!"

Free includes debt-free!

Wao hang on: there's something missing from this:


You're slippin', Emal. Lol good post, Sir.

Your Hemp article is coming soon, to a DailyPaul near you.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

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Have a good one Mykey!

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ZH - US Finally Admits What Ron Paul Said: Nobody Knows!!!

US Finally Admits What Ron Paul Said: "Nobody Knows Who Set Off The Gas" 8-29-13
"The danger of escalation with Russia is very high," Ron Paul warns in this brief Fox News interview. After casting doubts on the government's 'knowledge' and reasoning in the region, Paul gets straight to the point. Simply put, he notes, despite the ongoing headlines of 'proof' and 'dreadful videos', Paul states "We're not positive who set off the gas," and indeed - who is set to benefit most from any Assad-regime-smackdown? Al-Qaeda.

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Death Squads in Iraq and Syria. US-NATO's Covert War on Syria

This is worth a read: Terrorism with a “Human Face”: The History of America’s Death Squads
Death Squads in Iraq and Syria. The Historical Roots of US-NATO's Covert War on Syria

"The recruitment of death squads is part of a well established US military-intelligence agenda. There is a long and gruesome US history of covert funding and support of terror brigades and targeted assassinations going back to the Vietnam war.

As government forces continue to confront the self-proclaimed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), the historical roots of the West’s covert war on Syria –which has resulted in countless atrocities– must be fully revealed.

From the outset in March 2011, the US and its allies have supported the formation of death squads and the incursion of terrorist brigades in a carefully planned undertaking.

The recruitment and training of terror brigades in both Iraq and Syria was modeled on the “Salvador Option”, a “terrorist model” of mass killings by US sponsored death squads in Central America. It was first applied in El Salvador, in the heyday of resistance against the military dictatorship, resulting in an estimated 75,000 deaths.

The formation of death squads in Syria builds upon the history and experience of US sponsored terror brigades in Iraq, under the Pentagon’s “counterinsurgency” program."



If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.