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Miley Cyrus Apology Letter Going VIRAL! (Satire)


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We know what duties a parent should do,

but we also know that many, many parents don't.
I'm not putting my personal morality into your life at all, just stating that children are being sexualised younger and younger, to the detriment of the children.
People are free to watch what they want, I have no beef with that, but there are some things that shouldn't be "sprung" on kids, and other things that are entirely inappropriate....and the sweet faced Hannah Montana acting like a stripper for a targeted young audience is one of them.
As for your last paragraph, are you saying that 8 year old's doing the lap dancing move of "twerking"
is liberty? Yeah, Right!

When I was a kid, they were

When I was a kid, they were doing the Electro-slide. Its going to happen and so long as you raise your kids right, its not going to hurt them. As for those parents who don't... you can't save the world with laws. Life is not fair, and the more you push back, the they want to break the bonds. All we can do is worry about our own friends and family and try to be a good example. Personally, I don't find Miley's dance routine to be offensive and my kids have the sense to know that celeberties going for "shock value" does not give them some kind of green light to become hookers. The stupid will be stupid, in the end, its not the stupid who move the engines of the world.

In many ways you are right Magwan,

but I have to disagree on the Miley issue.
I didn't comment on Lady Gaga's "performance", as she is older, and has an older following, whereas Ms Cyrus has been hand reared by Disney to a large catchment of of little girls, who now worship her, as they are meant to do.
Have you noticed how out of control "Star Worship" is now? How the masses are so hyped that when Ellen or (shudder) Kris Jenner walks out on stage, people are almost hysterical?...swooning?...crying?
Miley is already a damaged, unstable girl, and I find it deeply disturbing that the adults in her life are willing to exploit her to the max. That is what I find offensive.

I wonder if she's one of

I wonder if she's one of those Disney MK Ultra sex slaves? I see where you're coming from. Its not the sex that bothers me, but if her rights are being violated against her will, thats cause for concern.

Thanks Magwan77,

I'm still "out" on MK Ultra, but the more I dig, the more possible the whole seemingly bizarre behavior of "young Hollywood", is pre-planned.
Britainy Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Justin Bieber, Micheal Jackson, the list of severely damaged, dead eyed young "stars" is too coincidental.
The present seems to be a repeat of 1920's Berlin.


Maybe those teen moms should pay attention to what they're kids are watching.

Maybe you should expand your thinking...

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

If people did as they "should"

in regards to children, we wouldn't have Sophia Grace.



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Without Miley Cyrus

I would have never had to look up the definition of "twerk".

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Same here!

Same here!

I had to ask the wife. And man, that was a bad idea!

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Oh for Pete's sake who can

Oh for Pete's sake who can bother?

Geesh. What a skank.

Just another product of our deviant society and another bit of fuel for the fire. And that fire can come none too soon for the like.

I agree 100%. Those who think

I agree 100%. Those who think this is just all in fun etc. are morons.

I think its all fun etc. Oh

I think its all fun etc.

Oh dear. Sexualized dancing. Quick, nuke baby gay whales for Jesus to save our poor eyes from having to view the human coupling act ritualized in dance. That's never happened before... well except in every fucking culture on earth since humans figured out how to make organized noise by beating on stuff.

Its sex. Get over it and start worrying about the asshole globalist banksters who are trying to erradicate you and everyone you love.

It says

right at the bottom that she didn't write this.

Miley Cyrus?

What the hell is Miley Cyrus?

Should I give this my attention?

please do!

please do!

In Liberty

Whether or not Miley wrote this..

Kudos to Miley :-)

Do not get old too fast, it will come plenty soon enough. Enjoy youth, craziness and freedom to its fullest, as long as it does not INFRINGE upon others. If they do not like it, they do not have to look or listen.

What a dull world this place would be if you begin to listen to the politically correct PRUDES who have nothing else to worry about.

Of course, if they do pick on you for your indulgences, maybe there will be a point and time when you can turn the table on them. And then see how they like it; as in, more regulation(s).

There is an old saying that is wise and true: "One can not legislate morality."

Miley, ROCK ON!!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Who exactly is proposing

Who exactly is proposing passing a law to try to stop Miley Cyrus from being a slut? Liberty doesn't mean that we don't have the right to speak out against immorality. You have a warped view of liberty if you think that liberty means using force to try to stop people from speaking out against immorality.

Sexualized dancing is only

Sexualized dancing is only "immorality" in the minds of abberations whose biological responses and morality have been twisted by fake belief systems. Cry all you want about young women dancing in a sexual way. Miley Cyrus isn't hurting anyone, and you aren't going to get anywhere insulting her for doing her thing. You're far better off just changing the channel and worrying about things that matter.

America needs freedom and natural law, not stuffy puritans who can't handle humans acting like humans.

Not I.

I never said that anybody specific is trying to pass a law. Indeed, as precedence is set, legislators will look for ways to further restrict what is permissible and what is not, as has been shown throughout history. You have been forewarned.

Furthermore, I have never suggested using force to stop people from speaking out about anything. You, sir, are twisting/distorting my words.

The more Liberty minded one becomes [I am that example], the more people rebel against [you are that example]. However, feel free to carry on.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Of course she didn't write it

Thou shall not steal, shall not kill .. so that isn't legislating morality? you post is beyond idiotic .. so YOUR morality is as long as it doesn't INFRINGE on others .. my morality is i TAKE what i want .. figure it out

I meant what I said.

And what I said was, whether or not Miley wrote that, my statement stands.

Beyond idiotic.. each day that I visit this place and read posts such as yours..

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Each Day

I read stupid posts like yours .. Where do you think morality comes from?, who decides morality? .. That is why your post is idiotic it makes NO sense

No sense.

Note to self: dialog with a brick wall leads to nowhere. Well, most of the time.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

my feelings exactly

great job

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thank you very much!

thank you very much!


You little rascal you.



Ok, for a second I thought it actually was written by her


Thanks for Sharing!!!!

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