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Isn't it funny progressives love Keynes?

Seriously, don't they hate the banks? Why wouldn't they hate the federal reserve? They're the banks! I saw some media matters post of Facebook that was making fun of people who want to balance the budget. "it's not the same as a household budget". With a bunch of Keynesians touting their intelligence and making fun of your lack their of... Ugg... I hate arguing with people.

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Got another progressive on my

Got another progressive on my FB list who was gleaming with love for Obomba and MissShell to back off today. This Syria thing is opportunity for us to make a major push against liberal dems for their leader being just as much a war monger as Bush was. My feed is spewing with dems and reps saying no war in syria.

I live in LA and I work in the recording industry. It's nearly 99% liberals and they will HATE you if you're not one of them. You may wonder why I didn't think to move to Nashville.... me too....

When you say LA, do you mean

When you say LA, do you mean LA RAZA?

Southern Agrarian

Bill Maher:

"But it's not like a household budget" -- or something to that effect.

And he's right. When it comes to the U.S. Treasury, there is no bankruptcy court or other recourse for the lender.

They've got the best security money can buy.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

American progressivism is a mishmash of logical fallacies

It's infuriating. Their intelligence and education becomes their own self justification for elitism. They oscillate between logic and emotion, dependng on the issue, but cannot distinguish them. They use the scientific method to confirm their own bias. Progressives attack dogma with their own dogma.

Progressivsm is a paradox that is painful for a rational thinker to analyze.

Is it just me

Or does anyone else have the overwhelming urge to flip off every car that drives near mine with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker!?

No, I want to give them a

No, I want to give them a thumbs up, because they deserve to get everything they wanted in their leader.

Southern Agrarian

Here is a suggestion that sometimes works.

When speaking with a democrat, ask if he/she knows the difference between corporatism and free market. Chances are, they will oppose corporatism [as I do], and that is where you come to agreement. Once they have that information groundwork, slip in some examples of free market, and then a seed will be planted :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

He's a pretty well versed guy

He's a pretty well versed guy for a progressive and I'm not a very good debater. I just wonder why they stand for this? Maybe because they think they're intellectuals? Maybe because some republicans are for balanced budgets? I don't know. I'm just confused.

I spoke with a law student

I spoke with a law student last night when I went to see Jim DeMint last night. This guy was a walking encyclopedia, dictionary and thesaurus rolled into one. He insisted that only people with law degrees could and should interpret the Constitution. No matter what I said entered his thick brick head.

So, I chuckled, and then walked away. I and the group that I was with had excellent bacon-cheese burgers in the restaurant next door.

All in all, the evening was a whole lot of fun :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Some "law" students are awful.

Nothing worse than someone who thinks they're smart, yet is willing to spend an extra hundred thousand dollars on a piece of paper after already spending around a hundred thousand dollars for a piece of paper.

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Where did you go to see

Where did you go to see DeMint at? I like him a lot, would like to meet him some day.

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

Down in

Down in Pittsburgh. I like Jim too, but last night we got into a little scuffle; he promoted moving forward with immigration, but failed to caution that biometric identification was in a few of the bills that are floating around. So, I called him out on it, and informed him that marco rubio was all in favor of bio-id. Jim was sort of taken back by what I said.

We shook hands at the end, but I reminded him that the reason that the youth are upset and not attending his events is because they are not getting all of the story, no matter who it may come from.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul