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Bad News: Miley Cyrus has a biography for youth written about her. Good News: So does Ron Paul

Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and many other "awesome role models" have biographies written about them that target youth. This is one of the biggest reason I felt the need to write the book, "Meet Ron Paul." We can do better.

Sure, Dr. Paul was never president but neither was MLK, Rosa Parks, Ben Franklin, or Thomas Edison. Ron Paul deserves to have a spot on that bookshelf. More importantly, our kids deserve to have a Ron Paul biography to read in contrast to Miley, the Bieb, or any other of today's role models.

Check it out if you have not seen it and please feel free to pick one up for your kids or kids you know.

Thanks and sorry for the rant.
Mat Blankenship


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