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Alternative Media Blocks Globalist Attempt to Launch WW3

Alternative Media Blocks Globalist Attempt to Launch WW3

Public becomes more aware of government’s constant lies and contradictions

Julie Wilson
August 29, 2013

There is one war the American people are winning, and that’s the info war.

Government and the mainstream media have lost all credibility, leaving opportunity for the alternative media to swoop in and expose the truth, waking up viewers across the globe.

The continued unraveling of government scandals backed up by a clearly biased mainstream media narrative has Americans fed up and unwilling to consent to another war.

Nearly a month ago to the day, Infowars reported the “Department of Defense announced plans to increase its public affairs efforts due to the devastating effect independent media is having on the Pentagon’s ability to control its news, more specifically, its ability to quash negative news stories before they go viral.”

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