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Ron Paul: Why Are We On The Side Of Al-Qaeda In Syria?

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think more appropriately, the headline should read:

Ron Paul: "I think it's a false flag!"


The Doc, actually said that, IN the above Cavuto interview!!!! YES!

Ron goes full-on hardcore, 'mainstreams' the notion of false flag!

Our favorite septuagenarian? The 'baddest' mofo around!

RP = Bruce Lee-Roy! Awrwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Sho'nuff: Am I the meanest?
Lackeys: Sho'nuff!

Sho'nuff: Am I the prettiest?
Lackeys: Sho'nuff!

Sho'nuff: Am I the baddest mofo low down around this town?
Lackeys: Sho'nuff!

Sho'nuff: Well who am I?
Lackeys: Sho'nuff!

Sho'nuff: Who am I?
Lackeys: Sho'nuff!

Sho'nuff: I can't hear you...
Lackeys: Sho'nuff!

Sho'nuff: SHOgun of Harlem!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

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Disappointed that Cavuto apparently had marching orders.

I thought that he was beginning to see the truth. Get this story back up on the FP or keep it bumped.

The Problem With A 2-Day Surgical Strike on Syria...

President Obama's 2-day surgical attack plan on Syria was supposed to be finished in time for Obama to go to Russia for G20 meeting on Sep 5-6. Problem is that the US could be at war with Russia by then.

Ed Rombach

Ron ended strong!

I love it - straight to Facebook for me.

Yes Indeed..Neil Cavuto Was Acting Like An A-Hole

Why? Who are his sponsors for war...Humm...ah yes you know..

Bombing Syria

Bombing Syria will create a lot of chaos, which will give the extremists countless opportunities to seize those chemical weapons, this in turn will be the catalyst for going deeper into war in Syria. We will then have to stop those extremists...with the deadly chemical weapons...
Every extremist in the region will flood into Syria when the bombing starts in hopes of getting their hands on the prize.
Let Russia and China have Syria if they want that place.
America needs to stop fighting wars and get back to being the economic leader in the world...We will pay for these sins.

I cant get my finger on it

What's going on? What's their plan?
Obviously they can't take us to another war with such strong opposition. I'm starting to think that much, much more chemical weapons (or worse) will be used if we don't intervene. Just to show the American people that we could have stepped in to stop it. So when the next scare comes (Iran nukes??) they can point to this situation as evidence to get involved BEFORE WMDs can be used.

The one thing I do know is that the government always looks for more war.

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We spent over a trillion

We spent over a trillion dollars fighting Al-Qaeda. Now we're paying them for their services? WTF?

Neil was a little

Rude. Ron was a little feisty.

Ron Paul Was Right

Neil usually is not such

an a hole with Dr. Paul. Has me wondering what's up. He tried to set him up with the Rumsfeld comment and then the question of who is actually gassing whom. Both times Dr. Paul smacked him down.