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Obama’s War on Syria Based on Lies

All wars are based on lies. Claims about Syrian forces using chemical weapons are false. They’re malicious.

They’re bald-faced lies. They’re repeated anyway. John Kerry wrongfully accused Syria of using chemical weapons.

It’s “undeniable,” he claimed. It’s “a moral obscenity.” He’ll provide evidence, he said. He has none. It’s invented. Don’t expect him to explain.

Vice president Biden lied, saying:

“There is no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons, the Syrian regime.”

“Chemical weapons have been used. Everyone acknowledges their use.”

“No one doubts that innocent men, women and children have been the victims of chemical weapons attacks in Syria.”

“We know the Syrian regime is the only ones who have the weapons.”

“They’ve used chemical weapons multiple times in the past, they have the means to deliver those weapons, and they’re determined to wipe out the places attacked by the chemical weapons.”

Assad “must be held accountable.”

No evidence suggests Syrian forces used chemical weapons any time throughout months of conflict. Plenty points fingers the right way.

Insurgents used them multiple times. They’ve been caught red-handed. They’re responsible for last Wednesday’s Ghouta incident.


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You know its really bad

When even Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Britain are staying out of it.

I hate these filthy liars.

I hate these filthy liars.