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David Cameron/Britain will NOT take part in military action against Syria

"It is very clear tonight that, while the House has not passed a motion, it is clear to me that the British parliament, reflecting the views of the British people, does not want to see British military action.

"I get that and the government will act accordingly."

Cameron forced to rule out British attack on Syria after MPs reject motion<<<<

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Make no mistake my American brothers,

This victory for non-interventionism was not solely on the principle of itself. Cameron's motion for action on Syria was a hastily bundled together pack of jargon that many MPs had very few clues as to what Cameron actually wanted to do. A lot of them didn't know what the yes vote was actually for, and therefore decided against it.
There was 13 votes in it, and if Cameron made his case properly, perhaps the pendulum would have swung against us.

The "no" vote was as much Cameron's own doing as the principle of non-interventionism.

This should have at least 100+ ^ votes.


Representatives actually

Representatives actually representing the sentiment of the people they represent. Imagine that.

The Brits should be very

The Brits should be very proud of themselves - truly. Might does not make right. They probably just saved thousands of innocent men, women and children with that vote.

So Mussolini had his hand slapped by Parliament, but

our own Hitler, Jr. wants to charge ahead to kill some more innocent citizens of another country. How much more obvious could it be that Obama is a psychopath?

Where is the US Congress? Oh yea, I forgot; they will do nothing because they almost all suffer some degree of sociopathy or psychopathy themselves. Enslaving people and killing indiscriminately seems to be quite acceptable ordinary behavior to them, else wouldn't they have done or now do something about it.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Thank God for Nigel Farage,

Thank God for Nigel Farage, the UK Independence Party is 3rd in the polls, replacing the LibDems as one of the "Big Three" partys in britain

To add a few facts

UKIP are a party with a leader that describes himself as a Libertarian, and I'm sure he is deep down, but a lot of UKIP policies are simply not up to scratch with Libertarian ideals. Let me make this abundantly clear: Farage will NEVER make it in Scotland. This is disappointing, as a Scot myself, as everyone up here believes UKIP are an innately racist party. Whilst I know Farage himself isn't racist, there have been a lot of mishaps in the media suggesting a few of his party members are. Whilst their hearts are in the right place (Stopping foreign aid to places it is abused by governments), the way they go about it doesn't look great in the public eye ("We need to stop sending aid to Bongo Bongo Land" is an actual quote from a member of the party).
I'm undecided on UKIP. I can't tell if they're really just simply incompetent and don't understand Libertarian ideals properly, or Farage is compromising on a lot of principles in the hope that Libertarian ideals can become popular through his party as a stepping stone to those principles. I would vote for UKIP if I knew it was the latter, but I don't, so they are still big bumbling mystery to me.
There is a Libertarian party over here in GB, but it actually came dead last in the latest election.

Anyway, enough speculation on UKIP. Lets bask in the feeling that justice has overcome hasty, emotional propaganda over here. I hope Obama realises he obeys the people who put him in charge; The people.

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UK is officially out! House of Commons rejects war: 285/272

Moments ago the UK House of Commons, in a razor thin vote, rejected the Cameron proposal for military action in Syria with a vote 285 to 272.

Cameron looked glum

As he announced his dictatorship has been cancelled by the people.

Hopefully we can also prevail here over Obama, as we should have done over Bush.

Hurray for the British

Hurray for the British people. This is the biggest news of the day next to NSA black budget revelations.