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No War With Syria Rallies Saturday 8/31!

Check out the time and place in your city.


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Be There

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Im going to the SLC one

Im going to the SLC one tomorrow.


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No Facebook for me...

Any locations in Ohio?

Heath/Newark, Kent, Niles,

Heath/Newark, Kent, Niles, Akron, Columbus. If you are near any of these locations, let me know which one before 11:00 am tomorrow and I will get the location.


Sign idea- Google Blowback

Anyone in Montana or Bozeman

Anyone in Montana or Bozeman please PM me about info I can't seem to find anything anywhere.

Sign suggestions.

Stop Drawing Sophomoric Red Lines.

Take away Obama's Red Crayon.

How about...


"Volunteer Force" - Just say "NO".

No Credibility = No Authority

Even Congress is More Popular than Killing Syrians.


Charlotte NC..


1 pm Bank of America Plaza..

Does anyone know if there is anything planned for Western NC? This is a democratic area and they all got the WH talking points about Obamacare and even veterans for peace has sold out.

Nice! My traveling cousin likes that page also.

I don't see anything going on in my city. We are hosting a free concealed carry class on Saturday. We do anti-war sign waving on a major intersection on Fridays but we are not doing that tomorrow as we have to bake upwards to 200 cinnamon rolls as that is how many people signed up for the class.



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United States Federal Courthouse

501 I Street, Sacramento, California 95814

11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

I will be there!

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I might go to this one

too, May need a ride, or I'll try light rail.