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Is "Campaign for Liberty" SPAM?

I'm fed up with Campaign for Liberty's email communications.

My server's new spam software has been quarantining Campaign for Liberty emails for months, but I've dutifully had them passed on to my inbox and at least skimmed most of them. I've never been impressed, but I'm starting to be offended.

This latest one declared in the subject line that "Dr. Paul needs your advice." It used the abbreviation C4L over and over, not even identifying on the first use, a writing 101 skill. It went on for 1,900 words -- the size of most full-bodied magazine articles. It was repetitive and insulting. I reminded me of the Amway salesmen I've had the misfortune to meet.

I clicked through just to see how the dismal story would end, and...sure enough, the big advice Dr. Paul needed from me was whether to chose Audit the Fed, civil liberties, or targeting the 2014 elections. Oh, wait, also, all of the above. After making my choice, I got a big donate come-on.

The whole spiel was a ruse to try to get money.

These "C4L" emails and letters are sticking in my craw. Whoever is doing these (in this case David Warrington and John Tate are a disgrace. I'd love to be on the email list of a real Campaign for Liberty and do what I could when I could, and be treated as a person with a brain. Not as some desperate Amway-sucker.

Who is running this show? Why are they such imbeciles?

I remember several months ago, reading about how Doug Weed was getting into some multi-level marketing scheme. I'm just wondering why such sub-standard intellects rise so far in the Ron Paul movement.

I'm wondering if there's something that can be done about it. I intend to respond to the latest "C4L" email with a lengthy edit, but it will only be for myself, as I'm sure none of the Amway-style-writers at C4L even read, let alone could question their approach. It is quite clear that whoever writes that drivel isn't thinking about his partner (the reader) but only masturbating with words.

It really makes me question the sort of people who are drawn to Ron Paul. It makes me question Paul's discernment when it comes to those around him.

I'm disgusted with "C4L." Please, someone tell me that Ron Paul isn't involved with it and that his name has been, once again, shanghaied.

After getting past my irritation and reading everyone's thoughts, I replied to the latest C4L with the following suggestions:

Dear Authors of C4L Communications:

The way you are communicating with me is highly ineffective. I rarely open a letter or click on an email anymore. This particular letter was almost 1,900 words, contained six repetitive clickable images, and was written in the style of a used-car salesman.

I will just point out a few of the most egregious bits on the off chance you are seeking feedback that would lead to more effective outreach.

1. I’m offended by the early and oft used word “statist.” The word adds no meaning — the “statist IRS” is like saying the “male boy” — and is needlessly pejorative. You name call in the first sentence, which risks giving readers a cringe moment. Several IRS branches have done a terrible thing; you don’t need to name call to make this more true. And, when you do, it gives the impression you don’t believe the facts are egregious enough.

2. Over reaching makes your words suspect and diminishes credibility. The IRS’s goal is obviously not to shut down C4L. It’s to collect taxes. The fact that several agents and administrators have targeted conservative groups, does not make that the IRS’s goal. Look at this breathless, credibility-killing language permeating this correspondence.

“…goal remains to shut up and shut down organizations like C4L who dare to criticize radical assaults on our freedom…”

“…facing decisions right now unlike any other I've ever had to make.

”…GUT every last shred of American liberty… more afraid… than ever.

”…your advice is absolutely essential.”

“…I can't think of anything worse.”

”…absolutely vital…critical reform…do battle…”

”…loss of every last shred…”

I’m sure you get the idea. This barrage of excessive language has a little-boy-who-cried-wolf quality that causes degrades you. And frankly, the reader begins to feel degraded by his/her association with you. Credibility, matters. I beg you to re-think the use-car/Amway salesmen tone.

3. The ruse. It becomes apparent that this “Dr. Paul Needs Your Advice” come-on is a ruse. If it were, in fact true, that C4L is fearful of being an IRS target and that having members fill out a directive would help guard against an assult, it follows that you wouldn’t tell members how to vote.

Right? Because if the above were true, telling them how their beloved Dr. Paul wants them to vote would taint directives to the point of being without value.

Ah, but when one takes in all the breathy, salesman language, sees the scaling of issues, and then…the big one — Dr. Paul wants (actually prays) I pick them all. Hurrah! Yes, I pick them all!

But…always the but, and always the truth must come out. Money. It’s all just a lure to disguise the hook — give us money. I don’t consider giving money to something I believe in a hook; I don’t need a lure. And I’ll get all rebellious if I feel you’re playing me. Like I do again and again with your correspondence.

5. Repetitive — 1,900 words. Come on. I could cut that down to 600 and lose nothing that matters (and a lot that turns people off). Please take the time to value our time by making every word count.

6. On the first use of a “C4L,” you must write it out. Like this: Campaign For Liberty (C4L).

I would, of course, be willing to edit/comment on any future communications from C4L before they go out.

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I was getting two or three per day. All were marked "URGENT."

I only support Campaign for

I only support Campaign for Liberty financially locally or helping out first hand at events. Support your local C4L & ignore John Tate


Has become a joke, I would never support them, unless Ron gets rid of that clown John Tate.

Dropped from their list a few weeks ago.

After a couple of years of getting these sales letters I got fed-up and unsubscribed. And that's what they really are... the tackiest kind of fundraising. The letters are manipulative and follow a deliberate format of exciting your feelings about liberty or your outrage about attacks against liberty and then sets about trying to milk you for money.

Its crude and kind of vulgar and encourages a feeling that our movement is dominated by "BIG LIBERTY' and vulnerable to the same kinds of weaknesses that big money brings. Its not grassroots, but it pretends it is. I don't like it.

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson

My only problem with them is

My only problem with them is that they will send an email, then 3 more saying check out that email we just sent. I will read any email from C4L. I'm well aware of how effective they've been in lobbying our causes to Congress. However, there have been multiple times where I've deleted a brand new C4L email just because I'm used to deleting 70%if their emails which are forwards.


It's a deceitful way to sell things, trying to stir up emotions, its the way propagandists talk. What does C4L even do? I get all their emails and I don't even know. But I feel like you would try to sell things that way when you are trying to sell a pile of crap. Its an immediate red flag. I automatically don't trust you because you are talking to me like your going to try to rip me off.

I stay subscribed though because I think they are funny.

Post reminds me of a famous quote

“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”

Groucho Marx

Groucho Marx for Libertarian Party President!!! (maybe the LP would win one finally!!!!) (50 Years and still NO WINNER!)

I would refuse to join any

I would refuse to join any club that would have you as a member too ;)

Just kidding, but it was too easy.

50 years ago the word

was hardly spoken. today people can't cite it enough.

what does that mean? it means the message is spreading and gaining steam like never before..


It means, by looking at WIKI, the word was hijacked, like Ron Paul's message..

How many LP meetings have you been to?

Who on the DP is on a LP committee?

Is an officer on a LP committee?

Is an elected anything in the LP?

Has gone to a LP convention?

Has a LP By-Laws?

Running REPUBLICAN Gj again (since he is not what I would call a libertarian, unless being a libertarian means, "I'm liberal when it comes to ending ALL wars and marujuana(MIC/PIC). And I'm conservative when it comes to having NO government (anarchist to minianarchist), NO religion (Atheist or acting like an atheist), adopting Sharia law because some people can not (refuse) do constitutional laws, our government is corrupt and this is what we want to replace , err get rid of it, or keep it and make sure this is carefully watched, because as a libertarian I believe there should be NO state, NO problems, just PEACE and happiness, without working for it, but making lots of gold (money) because you exist"?

And no GMO, please.?

Reminds me of Obama gaining steam.. he offered Free cell/phones, and the LP offers, freedom from civilization.


Thank you downvoters for proving my point. Three down votes and NOT ONE could answer ONE question (((((downvoters))))

thanks for making my point

in your two posts you mentioned it 11 times. let me repeat that: 11 times. LOL

oh their are plenty of phony ones, and variations, and the philosophy and the actual party are different
but if it isn't the buzz word in the political world for some time now (thanks ron paul!) then what is?

even in screwball hollywood. insiders say being a republican is still considered gross, but if you refer to yourself as a libertarian it's considered kinda cool.

your man rand sure likes to use the term enough.

I mentioned it 11 times

and asked six questions. You counted how many times I said LP, but never answered one question, so let me answer for you, NONE.. You have not dont anything I asked about and still rah rah the LP. So how strong is the LP? Ether on DP.

(thanks ron paul <- cause you stole that to do nothing with it).

Of course MSM says the GOP is gross, they want to end the GOP and give us a global government with ONE party, the Democratic Party, to be The Party, as in communist China, there is ONE Party, or North Korea there is ONE Party, to represent the US at the UN.

So beith cool ether is better than being a MSM gross. OK. How is that going to materialize the ron paul's message? It doesn't, because like you, anyone can steal a message, but if they have no way to materialize it.. what was the point, feeling cool?

My man Rand is teaching people what they are about to lose.

this time

only three times but you just can't stop.
you crack me up granger

not MSM, hollywood, but yeah MSM is also addicted to the word, although they don't have a clue.
you think fox wants to end the gop you're dreaming. besides it's really only one party. ron paul taught us that.

what did you think of the ron rand interview?
ron looked and sounded quite presidential next to the junior senator.
don't get me wrong, i applaud the work rand is doing as a senator.
and now julian assange is n the RPC. looks like your prediction of the channel is all wet. it's the talk of the town.
don't you feel silly now?

I don't want to stop

glad that cracks you up, truth is funny.

MSM is covering up the implosion of the GOP.. one reason they censored Ron, why GOP has a boycott now.. killing the party to make it ONE Party.. how does the LP work then?

I haven't seen the ron and rand interveiw,, tried to log an and it wouldn't, and thanks for reminding me.. need to try to watch that.

That's good Ron looks good and is happy.

Rand is doing great. I didn't predict anything about the RPC, I said it was BORING for me, I'm not learning anything new.. I look for ward to seeing the Rand interveiw, but honestly don't expect much. I HOPE it's a great improvement, however, Assage is just another MSM excuse for another brick in building the UN Agenda.

No, I don't feel silly. I feel hopeful for Ron and great to know that if I'm bored watching his intereveiw with Rand, he won't miss me as a supporter.

everybody censored ron

right & left. and that speaks volumes.

it's been one party for quite a while on economics, personal freedom and foreign policy.

if assange wasn't important ron paul wouldn't praise him and interview him.

well then congrats you made it through a post without mentioning libertarian.

rand sure like to use it: libertarian republican.
the libertarian wing of the party. etc
the word and philosophy is growing and growing...

says we'e all still being programmed

yes, it's been one party unofficially.. just waiting for it to become official.

I'm happy for Ron Paul. If it wasn't for Ron Paul, I would not be in the GOP.. and the issues he talks about have nothing to do with restoring the republic, assange didn't tell me anything new.. I assange, manning, snowden are all fabrications from top to bottom.

I don't see Rand using it much..

Let them grow.. it's their money for nothing or a Republican in a LP tea shirt who will kinda talk like Ron Paul and everyone can smoke pot and smile.

you talk in circles

you contradict, you forget much, you seem to always have trouble making links work during a debate, and yet they work for everyone else. what kind of computer do you have: early sears?
you seem to enjoy your down votes, and yet display grandiosity at time. occasionally you even make some good points or at least counterpoints. you LOVE israel. you dis, and bad mouth lew rockwell, justin raimondo, edward snowden, julian assange, libertarians, glen greenwald and ron paul. you spend countless hours here at DP. why? to recruit for the GOP? for rand? how's that all working out for you.

if the judge is drafted and catches fire all bets are off.

Napolitano/Johnson 2016 the dark horse ticket that takes the colleges and then the nation by storm.

i like rand fine as a senator, but do you really think he'll be able to raise the passion and numbers at colleges like his dad did. could he even speak at berkeley like his dad?

what if ron blew everybody's mind and ran? Ron Paul/Judge Napolitano 2016
he hasn't ruled it out. he said he isn't planning on it but big money can change everything

just some things think about.

I will not draft the Judge

I have no idea if Rand is running and until I know, I stand with Rand, because I like what he says, and how he says it, represeting the GOP.

I would draft the Judge

in a heartbeat. No matter who is nominated, Rand, Judge, Amash, would bring honest debate to the stage.

Did you read your email within the last minute or so?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I know

I don't support MSM personalities no matter how wonderful they are.. he will get his support.. he has FOX as a BOX to stand on.

nice front page bump you cowardly mods

And telling.

Anybody who has ever joined any civic action group should expect emails, letters, donation pleads, and phone calls.

the fact that you are complaining about "spam" emails means that you are ignorant/inexperienced, too lazy to opt-out, cowardly arm-chair blabbermouths, and/or professional whiners.

Of course I expect emails,

Of course I expect emails, letters, calls from C4L. I signed up for it. I was excited to get those first communications (gave some money, did some of the to-do items). After reading many of them, I'm not only no longer excited, I'm irked. Now I'm questioning whether it's worthwhile, or whether I should treat it as worthless, i.e. SPAM, and unsubscribe.

SteveMT's picture

Their phone solicitations are also spam.

They use the name of Ron Paul in a predatory manner to render the listener (or letter/email reader) vulnerable to guilt-trip donations.

The only thing that bothers

The only thing that bothers me is the triple emails. I'll get one from the main C4L and then I'll get two to three people resending those emails to me from C4L saying "Hey, did you see this EMAIL?" uh, yeah the first 3 times you sent it. Honestly I get enough spam from other people that C4L isn't that big of a deal, however they should rethink their email strategy.


All they want is my $$ anyway.

They do inform me

sometimes I read them and learn of issues that I'm not aware of, so they don't bother me. If I don't like what I see, I stop and move on with my life.

Unsubscribe to the mailing list

Yes, unsubscribing to the mailing list works. I agree they send out too much. I unsub'ed 4 months ago, and haven't gotten anything since.



All rights reserved and no rights waived.

doesn't bother me

I get most of the emails sent to my inbox but sometimes they get sent to my spam folder. I get metric f... tons of spam but it's easy to take them out and place them back to my inbox. I have a half dozen email addresses I use for different purposes. Two of which revive C4L, NAGR, right to work, congressman, senator, and the blaze's firewire emails.

I am more bothered by the plethora of actual mail Iget that's political in nature. I get C4L, judicial watch, Mike Huckabee... (no idea how that happened), NAGR, NRA, and from my congressman and senators. A lot of the mail I get from C4L and NAGR are duplicates of the emails I receive.

I'm sure there are probably others who receive even more than I do lol.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.