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Discussion on the Iran, Iraq, Syria Pipeline - James Corbett interview Pepe Escobar

Roving correspondent and frequent guest Pepe Escobar of Asia Times Online joins us once again to discuss the geopolitical machinations behind the latest developments in Syria. We discuss the possibility of an Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline and how the regional players react to such a proposal, Prince Bandar of Saudi and his role in orchestrating the terror in Syria, the reason why the chemical weapons attack in Syria was a false flag attack and why Syria can’t come out and deny it, the closing window of opportunity for Obama and friends to launch their strike on Assad, and much more. Don’t miss this in-depth interview with one of the world’s most insightful geopolitical analysts.


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Bump for importance and discussion.

I was going to post something on this, but you beat me to it!

This is a pretty big piece of the puzzle.

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