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Ben Swann - John Kerry’s War: Syrian Strike Means Big Money For Lawmakers - VIDEO

Ben Swann - John Kerry’s War: Syrian Strike Means Big Money For Lawmakers - VIDEO

5 hours ago | International, Politics, US | Posted by Joshua Cook

The Department of Defense’s missile and munitions budget is $9.2 billion so a missile strike on Syria means a big payout for defense companies like Raytheon and Boeing.

According to DefenseNews.com, the planned Syria strike wouldn’t be cheap. “A cruise missile strike against Syria could cost the Pentagon hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons,” according to experts and government documents.

A report by the Department of Defense states that the unit cost of a Tomahawk tactical missile costs $1.5 million.

Barak Obama, the Nobel Peace prize winning president just added the Syrian people to his kill list this summer and it is a defense contractor’s dream come true. Wall Street has rewarded their lobbying efforts with a positive uptick.

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Link says video

so where is it?

It's in the link provided.

Are you running 'no script'? If so enable it for this page.

Um no

I know its in the link but when you mention video you should have it in your original post. I shouldn't have to click another link to get to it. Do you know anything about internet etiquette?

Yep! I Think You're Right!

Thanks for advising the gentleman..


I really like Ben Swann's

I really like Ben Swann's style of reporting. He doesn't make me feel like I'm in 4th grade.