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What has Bashar al-Assad done?

The other day I read a comment here with words to the effect that, ‘there’s no doubt Assad is evil,” and that made me wonder. What has Bashar al-Assad done that makes him so evil?

Apparently he’s a dictator. Well, I hate to break it to everyone, but what leader of any country isn’t a dictator nowadays?

This randomly chosen 2012 article in the Telegraph is a perfect example of hype without facts. The author, Theodore Dalrymple, creates a murderous narrative for Bashar that never happened in an attempt to turn fiction in fact. He claims ‘modern dictators’ have no legitimacy, even if they are hereditary. Look out Prince William! He decries al-Assad’s ‘extreme luxury’ because the people are suffering hardships. Does Greece not exist in Mr. Dalrymple’s world? Is he blind to the fact that Obama is living large while millions of America can’t find work, need handouts to feed their families and are also suffering hardships?

Putting aside the geopolitical strategies working under the radar, there is a war going on in that country that Bashar did not instigate by droning villagers somewhere. Protests led to violence, not unlike what happened at Kent State only on a larger scale, and we must never forget about what happened in Waco. To call Syria’s war a civil war is no longer factual now that we know the majority of rebels are invaders from other countries. It is true that soldiers under his command are killing people, but that’s what happens in war. To me it sounds as if there’s a crazy new ‘law of war’ that says only rebel forces can kill but legitimate soldiers of a country have no authority to kill back. We also hear the warmongers cry, “But women and children are being slaughtered,” and see another new rule applied which says that when Syrian soldiers kill, the casualties become women and children but when American soldiers kill the dead women and children are not casualties but collateral damage.

Thanks for clearing that up for me, but I’m an educated consumer and don’t buy it.

So what have I found during two days of researching the terrible dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad?

He’s friendly with Iran.

But so is the Iraq leadership. As a matter of fact, just last year Maliki said, “The Republic of Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iran, as two Muslim countries and with rich cultural and historical background, have friendly and brotherly relationships.” The MIC must be so proud that after decades of mistrust and hatred they were finally able to bring these feuding families together.

What else?

He hasn’t fixed the economy.

Oh my. That certainly supports a reason to intervene and throw him out. Maybe the so-called ‘international community’ can support Mugabi when he comes to toss out Obama for not fixing America’s economy. Or King Jong-Un when he tosses out Cameron for not fixing the U.K.’s economy, too!

What other evidence proves Bashar is so very evil?

He shut down YouTube and facebook..

WHAT?! OK, I can agree with shutting down facebook, but YouTube? The guy’s gotta go!

Please. It’s ridiculous.

Bashar may be surrounded by nasty people (what leader of any country isn’t?) his father was undoubtedly a ruthless murderer (some of us have rotten fathers), he may be a weak leader (Cough! Cough!), but at least he’s not a psychopath like (fill in the blank).

So please, someone enlighten me, what has Bashar al-Assad done that makes him more evil than any other dictatorial leadership we all suffer under in our current world?

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The real question is, "what

The real question is, "what would the "rebels" do if we helped put them in power?"

He took Asma al-Assad off the market

That bastard.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Great post!

Great post!

It's no big deal?

So If Obama shot and killed protesters including children, and then shut down the net and had military police shaking down your street looking for "terrorists", while he's letting Jihadists into the country who are slaughter your family and because they are not with Assad's arny many have them confused with the Rebels, but the truth ism what Assad can not do with his Army to the Syrians, he is doing with the Jihadists of his religion.

Would you want Obama to do to America what Assad is doing to Syria for the NWO?

Has he not murdered women and children in Pakistan?

Has he not murdered women and children in Yemen? Did he not shut down Boston and invade homes and throw people out of their homes looking for 'terrorists'? Were Boston, Colorado and Newtown false flags? Hasn't he let in Jihadists by not securing the southern border?
BO is already 'doing to America' for the NWO by killing Americans with GMOs and killing the economy. Remove that beam from your eye already.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

I realize that is what he has done

Why is it ok for Putin and not BO? Why cheer Putin for doing the same thing BO has done?

you're the most skillful

you're the most skillful troll in dp history. and you do it all w/ a troll avatar, doubly brilliant. i may not like you, but i respect your talent.

if you're not actually trolling, then i would reverse that. i like you, stupid and all, but do not respect you.

Truth has a way

Insulting me does not address what I said. Seems to me you ewither don't get what I am saying or too horrified by it's truth to damn the messanger and not the message?


we will see what the house does..if the US does indeed have real time satellite proof of rockets,which they certainly are capable of getting, that is now in the hands of members of the house.WE HOPE THE HOUSE WILL publically VERIFY THE REALITY OF THIS.. Putin probably knows but will defend syria to save face while working in the DARK TO MAINTAIN HIS INFLUENCE THERE WHILE TRYING to remove assad.ITS ALL UP TO THE HOUSE..WE WILL SEE.........

Syria may not have a central bank. I think this whole thing...

...must be currency based. Remember - ALL WARS ARE BANKER'S WARS.

Is this just another move by world central banks because Syria doesn't participate in their scheme?

What about the IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve etc?

Just as with Iraq, Afghanistan and Lybia, this is most likely a currency-based military action and has only to do with the bankers wanting control of Syria's money.

Since most bankers are Jewish, Israel will stand by and fully support a U.S. lead attack.

This country must wake up to what's going on.

Otherwise the USA will remain the strong-arm of the world central bankers and our soldiers will die for them - NOT to defend this nation.

Obomba has been sat down and told to pretend this is about chemicals - which is probably a false flag operation - to garner support for U.S. guns-a-blazin'.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

And since most bankers are Jewish...

Israel has asked the US repeatedly to mind it's own business in the ME and not to worry about Israel. Israel is supreme military, tech, ability and prepared to defend itself,, and that's all Israel is interested in defending..Assad just created 5 million refugees from Syria, and the Jewish ones have foled for Amnesty in Israel, along with 1.2 million Jews being chased out of their countries by war and the kind of propeganda brainwashing from YouTube for those who do not discriminate, but believe the 80 anti-Jew (Zionist, Israel) YouTube, there is one pro-Israel.. and so this propganda does not add up but as a lie.. as in The Palestinian Lie.


demonize, demonize

demonize. well they haven't called him hitler YET.

anyone else catch the photo (@drudge) from some years back of assad with pelosi
at some bs function. i'd rather have a beer with assad any day.

Didn't pay mob for protection?


Free includes debt-free!

Great question.

Evil...hmmm...I can think of quite a list and they aren't on anyone's bombing target.

Pots calling kettles black all over the place.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

LIBERTY2ME's picture

I find it a little humorous

I find it a little humorous that Obama it dead set on moving forward on bombing Syria because, supposedly, Syrian govt used chemical weapons on it's innocent people. What about our own chemical weapon problems we are having and people ARE dying as a result. it's just not as "in your face" dying, it's more of a slow profitable death. The chemicals in our air, food and water. obama is VERY aware of it, yet does nothing to help his own INNOCENT people. People dying all around us mostly from things like Cancer and not only does he do nothing but the people that poison are food and water are put in higher ranks with him. And it's not just Obama, its all of congress that passes laws so that the people that are poisening our food are now above the law and protected from any potential lawsuits.
Make no mistake - this is a chemical war on us too, just done more gradually so it's not as noticable. But we are noticing and more and more people are waking up. And people like myself, well quite frankly, wouldnt mind a little help from other countries. Someone needs to stop him and our congress isn't ever going to do it. Maybe the only way to change our gov't is the help of other countries. There aren't enough people in congress to stop the corrupt, greedy gov't. We could use some help too.

If it's definitively proven

If it's definitively proven that the rebels used the chemical weapons, are we going to bomb them? Isn't it a humanitarian crime regardless of which side used the weapons? We should bomb the rebels.

Hama Massacre February 1982

The works of his family.

The family should do the honorable thing and step down from their rule.

They have caused untold suffering imo for their personal benefit.

Just like Mubarak allegedly killed peoples demonstrating against the price inflation of bread.

To send in the military against civilians is an abomination.


"To send in the military against civilians is an abomination"

Hama massacre = 10-20 thousand
Civil War = 600,000
Vietnam = 100000(conservative number of civilians)

hmm- let me dig in my pocket - ohh - here's a penny, ohh and a half dollar, oh and a five dollar bill.

Maybe its time we got off our(meaning the US as a whole) morale soap box and start really thinking about things a minute.

As I replied to you in that other post

I will not blame Bashar for the sins of his father.

Bashar has not massacred anyone and he was elected into office.

But what I find most disgusting about your comment is that you believe the US govt has the right to intervene in other countries' problems. Show me in the Constitution where that authority is established?

You don't seem to know where you are. This is the Daily Paul and we're non-interventionists here.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

I'm Certainly No Expert

But as I sit here in my office in Saudi Arabia let me share some things.

US foreign policy is as complicated as it can get. If you're looking for some rhyme or reason to it, in terms of who are the 'good guys' and who are the 'bad guys', 1) you aren't going to find consistency in our foreign policy and 2) it is awfully tough to figure out who's who in the Middle East.

Why do we hate Iran? No idea. I can't even tell you why we are so strongly allied with Saudi Arabia, except for their commitment to petrodollars. Otherwise, the Saudis would be just as evil if not more so that the Iranians. Do we hate the Iranians because of their adherence to Shia? Is Shia preferable to Sunni? Is there more likely to be respect for fundamental human rights from a Sunni government than a Shia one? I don't think so - for example Saudi is the last place in the world where women cannot drive (this is not strictly speaking due to civil law but religious law and 'tradition'). So why then does the US have bases in the Kingdom?

Not because they are the good guys, but they are the 'good guys' because they are on our side, and that's the only reason. That don't necessarily mean WE are the good guys in the first place, that's for sure.

There is no completely secular government in the Middle East, as far as I can tell, perhaps none that aspire to be so but if any, it won't happen soon. Syria apparently was a last bastion of secularism but even there, the lines are blurred.

It seems plausible to portray Assad as a leader who (in the not-too-distant past) was on a course to liberalize his country, but at a snail's pace, only comfortable to the ruling class, imperctible to his opposition and to the outside world, in a way to maintain 'control' - which in the ME is always an issue. There being many religious and political factions in his country (his Alouite party being one of the many), the minorities and opposition could have finally grown tired of their lack of opportunity, or perhaps more correctly, insufficient political handouts, and were ripe for agitation but not without the support of entities outside the country. For example, a not small portion of the rebels are Sunni, which is the predominant sect in Saudi Arabia, and this is a natural alliance. In this scenario any attempt at reconciliation with the opposition by the Assad government could have been perceived as weakness - hence the crackdowns, which has led to the further escalation of opposition and violence. This Assad wanted stability - not necessarily the status quo - liberalization but not too damn fast, lest crazed fringe elements seek to take power and set the whole thing back 1000 years.

The above scenario is opposed to one which portrays Assad simply as some brutal Saddam Hussein-like evil bastard who imprisons and tortures his opposition, and hoses down the peasants with chemical weapons, as a means of maintaining control, doesn't give two shakes for those outside the inner circle or 'liberalization' of his country. I think this is the scenario that the CIA prefers we believe, especially since Syria has been allied with those GD Russkies and the vile Iranians, for so long.

The truth is somewhere between and, as I say, you can't separate the good guys from the bad over here. Human rights? WTF is that?

Sorry Achilles but you're wrong. U.S. foreign policy is not...

...that complicated.

It is DICTATED by the world central bankers who want control over every nation's MONEY.

Since Syria and Iraq and Iran and Lybia and Afghanistan did not play by their rules, we took them out or will take them out.

Research the "PETRO-DOLLAR" and how any country which doesn't use it gets in trouble.

You can start with a book called "Petro-Dollar Warfare."

And remember - ALL WARS ARE BANKER'S WARS. IT IS that simple.

But they have bamboozled the world into thinking it's always about something else. You know - like Weapons of mass destruction (which didn't exist), or chemicals or bad leaders etc.

NOW Achilles, you know the truth, and uou don't have to be conflicted anymore as to why the USA does this over and over.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

You got me thinking

and I like that.
It's genocide, then. Purifying the ME of everything not... what? Sunni? What about the Wahhabis the Saudis are funding? And it seems the Muslim Bro'hood in Syria has kept Sufi ties though other MBs are Salafis, which may or may not be Wahhabi-ism. This is very complicated. LOL I can't see the point in creating this caliphate under a most probably MB regime and thinking they'll, the MBs, let the Rothchilds maintain their grip unless the deal was just too good for the MB/Wahhabis so they'll play nice with those Jews only.
Wow... my brain is hurting trying to organize all these thoughts I've just thrown out there. Bottom line for me right now is that it makes no sense at all. All this for black gold and natural gas. TPTB really can't see past the dollar signs blocking their view.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Good Points

Bottom line for Saudi, Iran, Iraq: we wouldn't give a f*ck for those places and their religio-political strife if it wasn't for oil.

Good Post!

I too look forward to hearing some of his specific horrible crimes and how they compare to the crimes of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the continued torture of the mostly innocent people sitting in the cages at gitmo.

It sure appears that people like Gaddaffi and Assad are evil mainly because our government tells us they are evil. But of course all the dictators that are just as "evil" like in Bahrain and Saudi...are given a kitchen pass since they support private central banking and the petro dollar.

LOL, The Masters of Evil

Why do such evil-doers always seem to get away with it? I would really like to see Kissinger get his, too. And Soros and Michael Strong. But more than anyone else, I would love to see leadership strong enough to not just take down, but take out the Rothchilds. I think 200+ years long enough for such terror to reign.

I agree, the only reason anyone is our enemy is because some administation says so. I remember as a child once wondering why I was supposed to hate the Russians. They were supposed to attack us at any time, but never did. I met my first Russian when I was in HS and he'd try to hide if anyone mentioned the goings on in the USSR because he feared the KGB would think he instigated the conversation and get him. It was really very sad.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

All governments are evil

So are the heads of those government.

So if Ron Paul had become President

he'd automatically be marked with a 666 on his forehead? Wow.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

If Ron Paul had been elected,

he would not have lived to take the oath of office. The CIA, Mossad or Mafia would have assassinated him. To KEEP it evil.

The power to boss people around and steal their stuff is not an attraction to decent, honest folk -- which is why there are so few people like Ron Paul in politics. Power is a magnet for evil bastards. Governments do not rule for the benefit of those they rule.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

First off, none of us live

First off, none of us live in Syria, we do not know daily life in that country rulled by Assad, what I have read is that in Syria, there are muslim, Christians, and Jewish people living in harmony without one killing or persecuting the others due to their religious belief. This is how Egypt was prior to the Arab Spring and the muslim brotherhood taking over. There is no national interest and or harm that would come to the US by what the Obama administration is contemplating, thus even under the war power act, why does Kerry think that the President has teh constitutional right to go into Syria with military force.

This is like when Al Quida flew the planes into the World Trade Center on September 2001, that was a declaration of war against the US, now we drop missles in Syria, we are now creating a war with Syria for no w reason.