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What has Bashar al-Assad done?

The other day I read a comment here with words to the effect that, ‘there’s no doubt Assad is evil,” and that made me wonder. What has Bashar al-Assad done that makes him so evil?

Apparently he’s a dictator. Well, I hate to break it to everyone, but what leader of any country isn’t a dictator nowadays?

This randomly chosen 2012 article in the Telegraph is a perfect example of hype without facts. The author, Theodore Dalrymple, creates a murderous narrative for Bashar that never happened in an attempt to turn fiction in fact. He claims ‘modern dictators’ have no legitimacy, even if they are hereditary. Look out Prince William! He decries al-Assad’s ‘extreme luxury’ because the people are suffering hardships. Does Greece not exist in Mr. Dalrymple’s world? Is he blind to the fact that Obama is living large while millions of America can’t find work, need handouts to feed their families and are also suffering hardships?

Putting aside the geopolitical strategies working under the radar, there is a war going on in that country that Bashar did not instigate by droning villagers somewhere. Protests led to violence, not unlike what happened at Kent State only on a larger scale, and we must never forget about what happened in Waco. To call Syria’s war a civil war is no longer factual now that we know the majority of rebels are invaders from other countries. It is true that soldiers under his command are killing people, but that’s what happens in war. To me it sounds as if there’s a crazy new ‘law of war’ that says only rebel forces can kill but legitimate soldiers of a country have no authority to kill back. We also hear the warmongers cry, “But women and children are being slaughtered,” and see another new rule applied which says that when Syrian soldiers kill, the casualties become women and children but when American soldiers kill the dead women and children are not casualties but collateral damage.

Thanks for clearing that up for me, but I’m an educated consumer and don’t buy it.

So what have I found during two days of researching the terrible dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad?

He’s friendly with Iran.

But so is the Iraq leadership. As a matter of fact, just last year Maliki said, “The Republic of Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iran, as two Muslim countries and with rich cultural and historical background, have friendly and brotherly relationships.” The MIC must be so proud that after decades of mistrust and hatred they were finally able to bring these feuding families together.

What else?

He hasn’t fixed the economy.

Oh my. That certainly supports a reason to intervene and throw him out. Maybe the so-called ‘international community’ can support Mugabi when he comes to toss out Obama for not fixing America’s economy. Or King Jong-Un when he tosses out Cameron for not fixing the U.K.’s economy, too!

What other evidence proves Bashar is so very evil?

He shut down YouTube and facebook..

WHAT?! OK, I can agree with shutting down facebook, but YouTube? The guy’s gotta go!

Please. It’s ridiculous.

Bashar may be surrounded by nasty people (what leader of any country isn’t?) his father was undoubtedly a ruthless murderer (some of us have rotten fathers), he may be a weak leader (Cough! Cough!), but at least he’s not a psychopath like (fill in the blank).

So please, someone enlighten me, what has Bashar al-Assad done that makes him more evil than any other dictatorial leadership we all suffer under in our current world?

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From what I have read, there

From what I have read, there was a time in Palestine when there were Muslims, Christians, and Jewish people living in harmony without one killing or persecuting the others due to their religious beliefs.

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