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If You Send Your Kid to Private School, You Are a Bad Person

I've stopped calling liberals liberals, because they aren't liberal. Jefferson was a liberal. These guys should be called what they are: TOTALITARIANS. Peer inside . It's ugly in there. --Ellie Dee

If You Send Your Kid to Private School, You Are a Bad Person

A manifesto.

By Allison Benedikt Posted Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013, at 5:50 AM

You are a bad person if you send your children to private school. Not bad like murderer bad—but bad like ruining-one-of-our-nation’s-most-essential-institutions-in-order-to-get-what’s-best-for-your-kid bad. So, pretty bad.

I am not an education policy wonk: I’m just judgmental. But it seems to me that if every single parent sent every single child to public school, public schools would improve. This would not happen immediately. It could take generations. Your children and grandchildren might get mediocre educations in the meantime, but it will be worth it, for the eventual common good. (Yes, rich people might cluster. But rich people will always find a way to game the system: That shouldn’t be an argument against an all-in approach to public education any more than it is a case against single-payer health care.)

So, how would this work exactly? It’s simple! Everyone needs to be invested in our public schools in order for them to get better. Not just lip-service investment, or property tax investment, but real flesh-and-blood-offspring investment. Your local school stinks but you don’t send your child there? Then its badness is just something you deplore in the abstract. Your local school stinks and you do send your child there? I bet you are going to do everything within your power to make it better.

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How public are public Schools?

How public are public Schools?

Government "public" schools are funded by money extorted from the public at the point of a gun, either through "real estate" taxes or state "income" taxes returned in the form of grants to cities and towns to "offset" the "property" taxes that "have" to be levied to fund the schools.

Extortion is not a "public" function or a part of any legitimate "public" purpose. It is a private act!

Therefore, I say, so called "public" schools are not public schools at all, but are more accurately described as Municipal Corporate Schools. You may live in a place with a name like Boston, but that is different from the municipal corporate government called: "City Of Boston." There are "Bostonians" who live there, but they may or may not be members of the municipal corporate government.

The point is that there are several, sometimes overlapping, entities: 1. Boston, as a geographical area, 2. Bostonians, as the body politic of the geographic area, 3. the City of Boston as a municipal corporation (MC), and 4. the Members of that corporation, also known as citizens, who vote for the officers of the MC, and for whom the corporation makes rules and laws, and meters out privileges and penalties.

Being forced to "pay" taxes because you live in some municipal governmental district and have consented to being a member of a local MC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of a state municipal corporation, which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of the federal municipal corporation, is all part of the "privilege" of membership.

Now the issue is: Are you member of a municipal corporation? Do you have voting rights in an MC? Do you take benefits, or enjoy privileges from your membership in an MC? Are you a "citizen of a Municipal Corporation... State of... City of... ?

If the answer is YES, as it most likely is, you are bound by statutory law to follow the corporate by-laws or be punished. You are ruled by that corporate structure, and by those who hold positions of authority within it. It is just as if you were an employee of General Motors Corporation. If you don't abide by the corporate by-laws, then you are punished.

As an extrapolation therefore, this also means that you are a corporate federal 14th Amendment subject citizen of the US, and not one of the de jure native peoples to any of the states in the union.

State Citizens, or Nationals, are referenced in Article 4 Section 2 of the Constitution. This is who, in law, all the free peoples of the Union are.

It is still true today. It's just that you are not one of them because you have unwittingly chosen to be a federal, Roman Civil Law, citizen. You are a slave.

Slaves have no Natural Rights, only Civil Rights and privileges granted to them by the government. "if you take a benefit, you must pay the price" is a maxim in law.

If you want to be free, and bestow that freedom to your children, read the Red Amendment and contact the representatives of PAC to help you out.


~ Engage in the war of attrition: http://pacalliance.us/redamendment/

Damn Collectivists

Personally I think ANY person that willingly sacrifices their child's future simply to help out the public system IS the bad person. Your child and family should always come first, I am all for improving the public system, but it is NEVER going to be at the expense of my child.

I'm sorry but I can't keep

I'm sorry but I can't keep reading. This article is absolutely stupid.

-But it seems to me that if every single parent sent every single child to public school, public schools would improve. This would not happen immediately. It could take generations. Your children and grandchildren might get mediocre educations in the meantime, but it will be worth it, for the eventual common good.

Why the hell would I want to send my children, right now, to public school, to get a sub-par education when I can send them to private school, or home-school them, right now and they get a great education. Which in turn would yield their children a better education, and so on and so forth. Why would I even consider the eventual common good, when I can have the same outcome sooner. Why waste the time/money/effort when there is a better alternative available.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.

You made it longer than I did

I couldn't get past "I'm just judgmental". Yeah well so am I, and I judge the author as being a Nazi. No, not in the "you big meanie!" sense, I mean in the "ein volk, ein kampf, ein sieg" sense.

Literally everyone I've ever come across who has described themselves as being 'liberal' or 'progressive' (totalitarian) are judgmental control freaks who think of the federal government as their personal goon squad.

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with being judgmental, but when you go around thinking you have the right to tell other people how to raise their children...wars have been started over far less. I've had it with this "there is no I, there is only we" crap morons like the author and her ilk vomit 24/7.

Call it close-minded, but I've begun ignoring anything and everything they say lately, because almost none of it ever makes any consistent sense, and the few parts that do, serve only to spread hate towards anyone who isn't part of their dumb little club. It's just emotional bullshit and doublespeak and I refuse to further pollute my mind by entertaining it anymore.

In case anyone can't tell, I'm not a fan of the article. ;)

EDIT: I did once again attempt to read the article, and came across what is most likely the reason why any of the nonsense she wrote would make any sense to her whatsoever. "I went K–12 to a terrible public school."

It certainly shows.

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Start saying "government schools"

instead of public schools. The problem becomes obvious when you say that by realizing that government officials (aka public school teachers) preside over the kids. Also why are government schools restricted by location? The public parks and public libraries don't do this.

Personally, I prefer "GRICs"

Government-run Indoctrination Centers. ;)

I forget who here came up with it, but it works. May be a bit 'extreme' sounding to some, but who doesn't love a catchy acronym?

In any case, it's a good move to avoid calling them 'public' if you (the general 'you') can.

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Just Because You're Kids are not in Public Schools

it doesn't mean you are not investing in the system. Your taxes are still being taken from your check and given to the gangster/welfare factory which is public schools. Not only are you paying for your child's education at a private school but u are still paying for your neighbor's little brats indoctrination.

That's what gets me

Almost 70% of my local taxes go towards funding GRICs, though I will say that the 'public' schools here in NH are surprisingly competent...mostly because the parents keep a constant eye on what the schools around here are up to.

I honestly wouldn't mind GRICs so much if I weren't forced to pay for something I don't even use, haven't used, nor will ever use.

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totally agree

I pay for 3 different school systems,paid out from taxes,and yet
have none in school,it doesn't amount to too much,but that is not the point
They still are invested in

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

It only takes one bad assumption...

to make a perfectly logical chain of arguments into BS.

The bad assumption here being that government-run schools are somehow essential.

If you assume they are as necessary as oxygen, then you can come to all kinds of wild conclusions with no basis in reality.

If you assume 1+1=1, I can conclude that I am Tipper Gore. I am one, Tipper Gore is one. We are one. I am Tipper Gore.

Author of Shades of Thomas Paine, a common sense blog with a Libertarian slant.


Also author of Stick it to the Man!



I guess we're bad people because we homeschool, I always thought we were just unsocialized.

It is amazing how leftists ...

... cannot see the false premises within their own arguments, and also cannot extrapolate to figure out the end result of their nonsensical positions.

By this leftist's own admission, Obama, Clinton, Carter, the Kennedys, and numerous other leftists are "bad people" because they did in fact send their kids to private schools.

And if removing kids from public schools by sending them to private schools hurts public schools, then it stands to reason that private schools are better than public schools. Therefore, if private schools are better than public schools, it stands to reason that all kids would benefit if all were sent to private schools, while all kids would be harmed if all were sent (forced) to public schools.

The premise is false. The argument is dumb. The conclusions are ignored.

Typical "logic" of a leftist. They DO NOT CARE about their own arguments because they do not care about results. They just want someone to pat them on the back for being "compassionate," never mind it is a false compassion.

Nothing else matters to them. Not logic. Not results. Not morality. Nothing but false compassion.

And their belief that

they simply need to throw more money at a problem to fix it. Why, then, does the US spend more money per-student on government education than any other country in the developed world (save perhaps Luxembourg), yet the US is dead-last in every metric.

Hugs from Chile.

Stop calling them public schools

Start calling them Government Schools. The majority of people know that the government is at best inept and at worst corrupt. I think a lot of people fail to make the connection that the government is teaching our children.

“Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves.” - Norm Franz

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This is just propaganda

This is just propaganda leading to the inevitable forced-public-schooling.

home schooling and truly private/small schools will no longer exist, the government will want complete supervision of the children from pre-kindergarten years. The day 'everyone sends their kids to public school' is the day no one has kids of their own anymore, just children to give up to the state to brainwash how they see fit.

I went to public school through my whole education. F PUBLIC SCHOOLS. They were barley functioning when I was a kid, I can't imagine how they are now(I don't want to)

If and when I have any kids, they will never step foot in a public school except maybe, with me, on a trip to see how retarded it is.

Well, all I know is I live in one of those well to do small

New England towns where 80% of our tax dollars go to the school budget.

Just so you have an idea what that is - I pay over 6000.00 per year on an 1100 sq ft ranch - built in the sixties - with no real upgrades. Just your basic ranch - 6000 per year - and climbing. I know people in town that are paying - wait for it - over 30,000.00 dollars per year. That is just on the house people. My 2011 Nissan Titan - almost 800.00 dollars this year in property tax.
That is a lot of money people.

Now - you would think in such a well to do town, will such a huge school budget - people would scoff at the private school idea - I mean - hell we have the best school's there are right? Our average teacher is paid 85000.00 per year!!!!

Well - you would be wrong - there have never been so many kids going off to private schools. We have two very big, very well respected private Catholic high schools one town over - and we send a good handful of kids there every year.

This BS narrative about parents involved and all that is just crap - our district probably has TOO much parental involvement LOL. Yet - the private high schools just do a better job - and with that - those kids are getting into better colleges.

Unfortunately for me, I am really not that well to do in a well to do town - we do ok - better than average - but not enough to pay the taxes AND the 10-15 thousand per year for private school.

Oh and by the way - we CANT get invested in our schools the way we REALLY want - the government mandates(we are paying extra teachers to teach English as a second language so kids from China - whos parents are here on h1 visas taking my job - can be taught English) and teachers unions(every budget year its the same things - only way to lower the budget is to cut positions - not pay on people making 85000 for part time work).


I second the motion for homeschooling. At times like these, when Congress is BEGGING the president to at least read the constitution, it is most apparent that we have SOME BASIC THINGS to learn. Kids apparently are not learning these things at public school. I worked as a public high school teacher, and can tell you that there is a serious lack of focus on critical thinking skills.

If we can't even understand or defend our principles and our constitution, you might as well throw it all away. And people are worried about the "institution" of the public schools. These people can't even find north on a compass.

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This isn't satire?

I thought it was satire and hilarious. The left is now lampooning themselves they have went so insane.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

We don't send ours to private or public

we home school.

this is so naive

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Consider the source

Slate is propeganda profiling top to bottom.

I Think Slate Makes These Ridiculous Articles

on purpose because it gets both liberals and conservatives to click on their article and read it. Liberals because they believe this garbage and conservatives because they are angry at the title and want to read this trash and argue in the comment section. Slate has some of the most outrageous and extreme liberal articles i've ever read and they continue make money because of it.

that was

well said BRAVO!!

I'm surprised there are that many up-votes


Does anyone here

know how much bond debt your school district is carrying? The number might shock you. Wonder why your school taxes increase from year to year? Check the interest paid on all this bond debt, and understand the school districts roll over debt and borrow more.

In the meantime, public schools are crumbling, teachers want more pay and children receive a sub-standard education. Keep this in mind when you finally get to the bottom of all the bond debt.

Schools getting 30 year bonds to pay today's operating costs.

Why would voter's agree to a 30 yr bond that buys technology that will be consumed and obsolete in 5 years?

Pay interest for 30 years on something that is used up in 5 years.

Are school boards ignorant of this deception?

Free includes debt-free!

My district did something interesting

We had purchased brand new ceiling mount projectors back about 3 years ago. We had used them for about 2 years. They were all pretty new and still functional. We just needed replacement bulbs after two years' of usage. Then the county replaced everyone of them with brand new projectors and control systems. Don't know what happened to the old ones, and don't know how much more money we spent instead of just getting replacement bulbs! Unless there's something I am missing, I think it is a real waste of money!

Could be suspicious.

Paula Dargel hounded the Burton Twp Board for 40 years, even though lame with polio. God rest her soul. Now she's gone, her job's undone.

I heard about a gang over at the Byron School Board that worked hard to keep them honest.

Up in Seney MI a long retired government official keeps and eye on things, and has been for 100 years.

Whose going to take on a thankless job?

Why did these people do them for so long?

Free includes debt-free!

As a former...

As a former public school teacher I wouldn't recommend anyone sending their kids to a public school. If you do, stay active in your child's education so you have the ability to vet the information that is being taught to them and make sure they understand that what is "correct" on their test might not jive with reality.

Also, for those who live in Pennsylvania, EVERY child in the state that goes to a public school has the right, by law, to an Individualized Education Plan. This means that you can essentially control, to a degree, how your child is taught which could include getting an advanced copy of lesson plans to go over with them. However, school districts will not tell you this and it is up to you to initiate the process.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

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Should I have to pay school taxes?

I have no children, I'm 51 years old. My highest tax is school tax, Since I do not use the system why should I pay a tax to propagandize other peoples children?