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Liberty Republican TJ Fabby Is Now The Front Runner in race forTexas State House District 10!

State Rep. Jim Pitts, R-Waxahachie, the powerful chairman of the Texas House Appropriations Committee is retiring.


This makes his 2014 primary opponent T J Fabby.. the front runner.! Fabby ran in the 2012 primary against Pitts, and garnered 26.95% of the vote in a 4 way race, coming in 2nd.

he is a big supporter of Liberty, he is running on a platform of the 10th Amendment, and ending Property Taxes in Texas!

he is opposed to "ALL gun legislation that gets in the way of a law abiding citizen owning a gun."

so if you live in District 10 (Ellis County, or part of Henderson County Texas), help out T J Fabby!


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Excellent news for Texas

I had the pleasure of meeting TJ and his wife during the 2012 RNC and he's definitely one of our Texas Liberty leaders.

Way to go TJ, we are with you man!

"Liberty For All"


If he wins this, he will have a good shot at US Congress someday, we need more good incumbents! :)