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A plea to make our voices heard before our government engages in a direct military war with Syria.

Yesterday I watched a youtube clip of the UK parliament debating with the prime minister on whether or not their country ought to make a military strike against Syria in the coming days. It was, in my mind, an impressive display of a reasonable deliberation process and how a legislative branch ought to function when the executive power desires to start a war.

You can see a clip of the debate here:

You can see the PM' impressive response here:

After his executive branch did not get the support of parliament he states:

"It is clear to me that the British parliament, reflective the views of the British people, does not want to see military action. I get that and the government will act accordingly."

Wow... now compare that to the whole manner of the interview with our president... he simply states, "I have not made a decision yet.":

Yet even here in our country we have a rare example where the American people overwhelmingly think that the president should get the approval of congress before engaging in direct military strikes against Syria.

The UK parliament it seems won a major victory on putting a check on the executive power to engage in a military conflict. It seems this is an opportune time for this to happen in our country... it would be a major victory to force a vote in congress before engaging in this war... leaving aside the moral responsibility we seem to have to try and force a national debate before getting involved in a civil war that could easily destabilize the region even more and become much more dangerous.

I have just called my local representative, as well as my senators, and started off by saying that I am concerned with the situation in Syria. I mentioned that the majority of Americans oppose an executive ordered military strike. I asked them to provide to me a written response as to as to their position on whether or not they think the president needs to get a vote approval in congress before launching missiles into Syria. Not just to consult with congress, but actually put it to a congressional vote.

The phone calls took only around 10 minutes total... I do think the net calls can make a difference... especially in situations like this where there is currently no sound reason being presented to the public to start war with Syria in the coming days... and thus a written response as to their clear position should be requested.

Of course there are many other actions that can be taken, nevertheless, this seems like a very worthwhile moment to act and let our representatives hear our voices... thus my little plea.

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