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Similar to the nightly jam session, I was thinking we need a permanent thread to handle things associated with job opportunities and the like. I am currently hiring and decided to make it generic.

If we keep each top level comment restricted to a job opening, and responses to that comment only inquiries on that specific job, I think that makes the most sense.

I'll post the first one. And let's restrict the job opportunities to -paid- work only. There is nothing worse than someone saying, "I have an idea, will you work for free."

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painter wanted

i m a painting contractor in northeast pa and i need to hire a painter or someone who is willing to learn . i figured i d try here before placing an add

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I apologize that I haven't had a chance to get back to everyone.

The response has actually been far greater than I had expected and with holiday plans I haven't had a chance to sit down and go through everything.

Thank you again, and I promise to get back to everyone early this week. You all are awesome... :)

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Hi, wolfe, I thought I'd

Hi, wolfe,

I thought I'd check in to see if you're in need of a copy editor still. I don't have the time to write, unfortunately. At this point, writing would take me more time than I have if I wanted to submit the quality of work I want. Because I haven't written for a publication since 2005, when my health problems became burdensome, I consider my quality and speed of writing to be below what they would be if I had been writing for a publication since then. My editing, however, remains in tact.

So, if you're searching for an editor still, just message me here and I'll e-mail you or, if you want, talk with you on DP chat. If you prefer DP chat, just let me know here when you want to meet in chat and I'll reply here to notify you whether I can meet that date. Regardless if we talk on this issue further, wolfe, thanks for your time.

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Front-End Web Developer

I would love to work on a project that promotes liberty, or even just work alongside liberty-minded individuals. It's something I'd probably be willing to move just about anywhere for, given the right situation.

I am a Front-end developer with heavy Drupal experience. I have done design, UX, theme development, JS/jQuery. I have also worked with WordPress, though it's been a while.

I can provide samples and a résumé upon request.

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Have you ever messed with Joomla at all?

Drupal is obviously a similar technology so the experience probably crosses over at least somewhat.

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I haven't really worked with

I haven't really worked with Joomla at all in the past, but you are right, they are similar. There would be a period of unfamiliarity with the best practices of Joomla but given my background in HTML and CSS there would be little difficulty performing front-end related tasks.

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work in Houston area

I am looking for an opportunity to trade copy writing skills for help with a web project that needs to happen now, should have happened last year. But only in the right hands...

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I completely agree!

I have been out of work since early 2012, and the reason, to sum it up, I live in California. All I ever do anymore is look for work, 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. 70 percent of the jobs I qualify for I have to apply online, along with hundreds, sometimes thousands of other applicants. But I keep truckin away. :) I've been in office/clerical/administrative assistant/management work, kind of a 'jack of all trades' type of employee. lol

Tech Writer

I used to be a technical writer and can take up that mantle again.

We need a picture of the product for placement within the advertisement. A general description of the product.

If electronic, does it use batteries, what type of power source etc.
If a lotion, tincture, salve, what are the ingredients of your creation.

Physical size, weight of package with what type and style of packaging.
Bigger than a bread box, smaller than a toaster.


'bump' for later

Good idea. I think RobHino tried something similar a while back too.

Depending on how the next few weeks go, I'll either be looking to hire writers, programmers and graphic artists...or to be hired as the latter if things don't pan out.

Also, if anyone here lives in MA/NH and wants to invest in an up-and-coming auto dealership, let me know by replying here (don't PM me since I won't get it). It's not my business, but I'm close with one of the owners and I see the kind of business they do month to month.

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We should be trading some LinkedIn exposure too...

Frankly, I am more apt to trust a fellow dper...

I believe my linked-in profile can be found here http://lnkd.in/iMdPVV... I am in the software/website/art fields

In case San Diego ex- mayor Bob Filner stops by the DP...


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Writer/Author for Web/Marketing content.

I have attempted to out source with little luck.

I am now considering hiring someone. If someone on the DP is interested, it is for marketing and general copy writing for a website.

Please contact me via PM if you are serious, need work and have better English/writing skills than myself.

It is a paying job and not a phantom project or request for free labor.

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My husband and I both write and have plenty of time now...

You can read some of my writing by checking out the link in my tagline, or check my posts on Nathan Hale and other Patriots. Personally, my favorite is :

However, this one is more of a 'fun' piece. I am willing to write from another's perspective as long as the perspective is made clear.

My husband may even be a better choice, as he has 'ghost written' for a major independent news website.

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I work about 35 hours a week,

I work about 35 hours a week, so I have time to contribute. I know very little about marketing, but I was a writer and editor, and I would like to return to those crafts, especially the latter one.

Before I commit to a project, though, I want to be sure I have the time for it. Would you mind describing it -- what it's about, its purpose and how much writing and editing you think will be involved daily or weekly? A timeline would be handy, as well.

If you want to test my editing, I welcome taking a test here. Perhaps you could post excerpts of compositions (or compositions) you're considering posting to your website and let any DPer edit it. The DPer would copy and paste it into a comment box and edit it, making each comment a submission, a test, for employment.

Whatever you do, wolfe, I wish you well and bid you luck. By the sound of what you've written here and from what I've seen you write on the DP, you'll need little luck. Have a good one and talk with you later.

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Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton

" By the sound of what you've

" By the sound of what you've written here and from what I've seen you write on the DP, you'll need little luck."

Sounds like an insult for someone who wants to hire...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

It didn't sound like an insult to me

It sounded like a genuine person who is compassionate and wanting to help because they assume you actually NEED help.

What this post from you looks to me is that you don't need help, you're a spider attracting flies.. no "heros" to actually help needed.

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lol... Kinda sounded that way to me too... :)

But I have a thick skin and come off as forceful myself... And it helps that the reason why I am in a position is because I have previously been successful in business and have no doubts that this will be as well... So I gave it the benefit of the doubt and assumed I misunderstood the intent of the statement.

Just a few slight changes in any given sentence, via typo/braino or deliberate can drastically change the meaning of a statement. If you change the word "need" to "could use" or any number of similar words then it changes from an insult to statement of support.... Who knows. lol

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Yeah, that was a bit of a

Yeah, that was a bit of a weird statement to make. Even if it wasn't meant that way, it came off that way...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

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Short version:

I have about 15 products that I want to offer on the website. Each one needs a product description, as well as category description. I need several larger pieces written such as some simple documentation and basic website stuff like "About Us", etc.

One of the benefits to considering people on the DP, is that there is some history of each other, even during disagreements etc, that makes it easier to skip a lot of the preliminary work relationship assessment, so no test needed.

As far as timeline is concerned, I am in all honesty under a little pressure, but believe it takes the time it needs to take. It could easily be managed in a part time fashion so that would work out well. And weekly interaction would fine and daily would certainly not be needed.

"By the sound of what you've written here and from what I've seen you write on the DP, you'll need little luck."

Not sure how to take that... :) But it is what it is. It took a LOT of pressure from my girlfriend to consider re-entering business, even in this limited fashion. And the only reason I finally gave in, is because I believe in the product, and I need something to keep me from spending so much time on the DP. lol.

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..... and looking for work I can perform online as writer, editor, journalist, analyst. 20 years experience in financial media as financial fixed income analyst with Thomson Reuters writing real time market commentary. See my comments here on DP under The Rombach Report.

Ed Rombach

By the sound of what you've

By the sound of what you've written here and from what I've seen you write on the DP, you'll need little luck.

Aside from accepting the luck being at the right place (at the right time) to find your writer and to achieve success in your endeavor, I think you'll need little or no luck in that search and achievement because people such as you don't rely on luck but do work diligently and hard. The sloppy person needs a lot of luck. You're not sloppy, wolfe. You're perspicacious. Sorry for the confusion, my man.

I'm very tired right now and I'm going to go to bed. I'll reread your comment tomorrow and we can talk more about it in this thread or in DP chat then or on my next day off, Monday. Goodnight, wolfe, and, yeah, I agree with your statement, the less time on the DP the better, lol. :-P

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton