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How to find your nearest Anti War Rally!

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I was riding through Jacksonville last night and BOOM! there were a hundred or so folks jumping and screaming along Beach Blvd.. waving Syrian flags and signs with antiwar messages. Horns honking, the busy Blvd. sounded their agreement. I hadn't seen a rally that big in a long time. (Jacksonville is very sleepy for such a big town) There's another Anti War Protest in Jax at Hemming Plaza, 2PM Sat.

There is one near YOU! Just go to Facebook....Oh Yeah, cool Patriots don't use Facebook. Don't you get it? The government already has your face and number. You don't have to be active, you don't have to protest or say anti-government things. THEY ARE WATCHING YOU ANYWAY! By refusing to use the tools we have to organize, they have effectively shut down the Internet.

Continuing. Go to Facebook and type in the subject line No War in Syria (and then your town or a city near you) If you don't find one, make one. Here is a nice web page where someone(Occupy, Oh My!) is working on it.


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Thanks for the heads up. I

Thanks for the heads up. I found one in my neighborhood. Should I bring my Ron Paul Revolution banner?

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Sure, why not?! Wear the Tee Shirt while you're at it. :)

I saw an article claiming that the same guy that organized the Cal. protest against Monsanto had organized this. Only partially ture. The same guys that organized the Ron Paul rEVOLution are also the ones organizing this.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Protest a possible ww3!

Everyone needs to be spreading the absolute truth that nothing is conclusive and definite when it comes to this war.

Plant the seeds and get people doing their own research!

Protest protest protest, for peace!

You couldn't pay me to go

First, I am not ant-war, I am pro-peace, which means I believe in a strong defense.

Second, I fully believe after Assad abused his people, cutting off the internet, using brutal police tactics against protesters which hurt a child, and why the civil war started.. Assad had adopted the NWO and he had rebels... nwo is the UN, and why they are not getting any help.. un will be the hero of the world, welcome nwo.

And since Americans sided with Assad and not Obama, we can have an Assad kind of leader to bring us to the FEMA CAMP level, where Syria is now so to speak. Assad can not manage Syria, but he will because this is about removing all guilt.. Obama administration would have NO guilt to begin doing to Americans what Assad did to his people..

You will be far from alone.. as far as I'm concerned, if I see any protesters, I will think they are cheering for a NWO Assad style.

That's interesting

I was going to ask if I could pay you to stay away. Thanks, you just saved me a lot of money. :)


Good to know I'm worth the consideration of your good money.


Assad may not be the nicest guy in the world, but how is killing innocent Syrians with Cruise Missiles going to improve the situation? Has God assigned you the authority to decide who lives and who dies in this world?

Since youu admit Assad is not the nicest guy around

and you see what he's done to Syria, why would you give Obama the idea that Americans like Assad better than they like Obama. It's a global slap in the face to Obama who is standing for people who are being abused with Russia backing them up and controlling the media.

I think the whole military story is a false flag, Obama and Kerry have both said they are in discussions.. news media is going off news media admitting it's "confusing", as if they are not the ones muddling information to give the world a global view of America slapping Obama if you think the US is going to save innocent people from a NWO.. so.. if that's what Americans want is Assad.. well, there's the pictures of you asking for it.. power to assad, no power for the people! There's your sign (at least the one the world will see).

When a person dies it is by the hand of God.. I know this because I've known both, people who died suddenly, for no reason, and people who tried to kill themselves rereatedly and live, maimed to various degrees, but still walking, taking, loving..

I find it amusing that those who want little to NO government here, stand for Assad.


Did not eat the heart and liver of his rivals, he did not behead Christians and laugh, he did not down the WTC.

Ne did shoot protesters

he did shout down the internet, used military police tactics on his people the way the US does, actually worse, becuse he was killing his own people and how he got rebels. The war has been "complicated" because of terrorists/jihadists taking the opportunity to kill rebels.. for who Assad? Syrians have Assad the murdering brute on one side, and Jihadists murdering them on the other, the Christians are siding with Assad to save the Chruch, not the people, so they are attacked by Rebels on both sides and Assad is doing nothing to protect them, just blowing up Syia.

And that's what you stand for because Obama is worse than that?

Obama is saying he wants congressional approval, and he won't get it, but he should.. and while he's doing that to show his strength to Islam, because that's the way male's think, he needs to let Israel defend herself, pull out of the UN, and begin restoring the constitution.. but I fear instead, he will become more like Assad because the people of Ameria, shamed him in front of Islam, as the Syrians did to Assad by protesting.

You project a false dichotomy:

that because Americans oppose initiating atrocities against the Syrian people, that they "stand for Assad." Are you really that simple minded?


Yes I am that simple minded, because I am capable of collecting a number of simple minded issues, compare them, and pick which MSM theme works best for the global message MSM will give to the world about how Americans feel, about Obama helping the Syrian people who have been abused and neglected, under Assad's military police state, who are being abused by Assad, which is how the rebellion began.

Obama needs to get out of the UN.


Your puppies ain't all barkin'.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Betty Liberty

Who made you the ear for my puppies?

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This is NOT the same link as the other post on Rallies.

There are now so many Rallies planned that no one really knows the count.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

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Did this just slide

right past you?

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.