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Alan Grayson: "It's Not Even Clear That It Was A Chemical Attack' In Syria"

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that is the best argument I have seen and he attacks not only the specifics but the overriding philosophies.

He is smart.

But he is a politician, not a statesman.

He's doing the right thing because he want's to be re-elected. And he sees the winds of change happening because of people like YOU.

Ron Paul was a leader because he did the right thing for a long time when nobody followed except for those in his district that he educated.

(I wish Granger would have lived there instead of CA)

But that is beside the point. We have very few statesmen, but all the politicians FOLLOW, and the smart ones get on board the train first.

I support him as long as he does the right thing, and from what has been public, I'm impressed.

I love this guy.

I don't understand why there are only a few people with the ability to think independently in Congress. Alan Grayson is one of them. I'm very glad that he managed to be elected back to Congress.

notice how all of the plastic man's questions guide toward war

All his question are like a well-crafted script guiding towards military action. What would it take, Mr. Grayson, for you to be in favor of this strike? Just give us the conditions, and we will make it happen. UN approval? We'll get the votes with promises of foreign aid. Some proof of Assad's involvement? We will conjure some witnesses. Nice circling by Grayson so he doesn't get cornered into giving some conditional approval.

That interviewer.....Seriously, where do they get these injection-molded automatons?

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

What US interests in Syria?

Obummer says that our national interests are being affected, but no one has the guts to ask him what those interests are. Seems like an obvious question to me. I'm glad that a few of our Congressmen and Senators are opposing US military intervention in Syria, but I also hope someone forces Obummer to elaborate on what / how US interests are being affected.

A government big enough to provide you with everything you need is powerful enough to take everything away (from you).

Bravo to Grayson!

That was an eloquently articulated explanation of the most logical position any sensible thinking American would embrace. I appreciated how he was able to break down the issue of “undeniable” use of chemical gas as claimed by Kerry into its finest, most precisely detailed components relegating Kerry’s sophomoric ‘slam dunk’ overreach to a simpleton’s approach. I would like to see him go one on one with Kerry. Rarely do we see a pol articulate with the kind of logical clarity and common sense Grayson demonstrates. Shades of Ron Paul. It’s a refreshing contrast to the usual demagoguery. As stated below, yes, let’s not forget how he teamed with RP on the Audit the Fed bill. I would hazard a guess that together they comprise at minimum far more brain power than any other two combined heads in DC and possibly half of them added together. Grayson bucked his fellow Dems who tried to stonewall Audit the Fed as did Obama’s administration. For that he gets a giant thumbs up! I don’t go along with everything he supports, but when he’s good, he’s very good!


Grayson is no dummy: Wikipedia: Bachelors of Arts summa cum laude degree in economics in 1978. After working two years as an economist, he returned to Harvard for graduate studies.In 1983, he earned a Juris Doctor magna cum laude from Harvard Law School and a Masters of Public Policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government. Additionally, he completed the course work and passed the general exams for a PhD in government. While in college Grayson was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

An Ally

Alan Grayson was one Ron Paul's most staunch allies during the early stages of getting the Audit the Fed bill some steam and his questioning of Bernanke is some of the best grilling I've ever seen at the national level. I would recommend you-tubing that if you haven't checked that out.

It's true he does come from a liberal perspective, but his ability to actually use critical thinking and no bs attitude make him a great ally to have in the anti-tyranny department.

I'm glad Alan Grayson sounds

I'm glad Alan Grayson sounds like he at least graduated high school. Those CNN reporters sound like they're still in forth grade.


Grayson sounds Home Schooled.

The others sound Indoctrinated from reality.


that was great.

find your local peace rally for tomorrow 72 cities and counting.

My new friend Alan Grayson

the more I hear what this guy says the more i like him

full transcript plus video here,


I heard him for the first time on CSPAN one time , and a caller asked about the 9-11 attacks , he said something to the fact that its been 10 years and all of the evidence should be declassified and out in the open for all to see. Fat chance for that but at least he said it.
I'm sure he has bones in his closet as most congress critters do , but what the hey!

the exact opposite of grayson would be ENGEL

rice , hagel, Kerry conference called with all the israeli-firsters, schumer and engel were on that call of course

pure scum

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Why pick on Israel?

How about UN firsters, their budget is bigger, how about Afghanistan firsters, or guam firsters.. Israel Firsters are more concerned with Israel, as Americans should be for America Firsters.. Israel is THRIVING, we are hardly sustaining, so maybe we should be doing what Israel is doing?

Interesting point by Grayson ...

... he says that ...

(a) If a chemical attack had occurred, then some of the responders would have been affected by the chemical residue on the victims (they would have gotten sick and/or died), and

(b) that did not happen.

If both of these statements are true, then was there even a *chemical* attack at all?

Anybody know if ALL chemical weapons leave residue that would harm responders?