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Ben Swann - Breaking News: Did The Federal Government Just Legalize Marijuana?

Ben Swann - Breaking News: Did The Federal Government Just Legalize Marijuana?

7 hours ago | Politics, US | Posted by Michael Lotfi
August 30, 2013

As states continue to nullify federal laws against marijuana and hemp, the federal government has been faced with an important question. It’s been more than 75 years, and marijuana and hemp still remain illegal. Never mind the total lack of reasoning behind the federal government’s ban. Is it time to end the law?

Less than 24 hours ago, it all came crashing down. According to the Associated Press, the justice department said that states can allow citizens to use the drug, license people to grow it and allow them to purchase it in stores. As long as the drug is kept away from the
black market, children and federal property– It’s a go!

Read more: http://benswann.com/breaking-did-the-federal-government-just...

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The Regime

The regime is currently throwing all of its resources into gun confiscation, and (I'm guessing) there probably isn't a very strong correlation between potheads and Second Amendment lovers. Other than the fact that we all just want to be left alone.

Watch the gun confiscation battle at The Truth About Guns.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Ben Swann?

This post is by Michael Lotfi, not Ben Swann... why not put Michael Lotfi on it?

I Agree!

Thanks for posting. So MANY people are getting confused!....Especially on his website and FACEBOOK pageS. When there are 2-4 other people writing articles for him, and 2 other people posting for Him, the author is not always listed (or people don't notice) and the words don't make sense to those that know him and his beliefs, values, points-of-view, quality, etc. Some readers have gotten REALLY upset not realizing it wasn't him speaking. Check back 2-3 months worth clicking all the links to find the author (if available) and you'll see.

Then there is also the problem of HIS stories that HE wrote and/or 'broke' not listing his name at all and the news going viral under names many have never heard of. I think he needs a new system. Too many hands in 'his' cookie jar. ;)


No gun rights for you if you are a pothead!
Theres always a catch.


forget Monsanto's big slice of the pie.
Owning and mutating the worlds seed supply.
They are ready for it now! Bastards!


Mexican drug cartels and

Mexican drug cartels and Prison Corporation of America are not going to be happy with this development.

Expect a BIG PUSH

for legalization (highly taxed, highly regulated, highly permited, certified, labels, prisoner releases, black market dips)

I expect the GOP to protest.. this is going to be the new big GOP stand, so they can shake the Ron Paul GOP out, and continue to kill the party, to give us a ONE DEMOCRATIC PARTY to representus at the UN NWO.


Light 'er up!

looks like the feds have

looks like the feds have figured out they cant win that battle. Now the states need to do the same thing on the gun control laws.