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WTF is up with all the false flag zionist/israel/destroy the DP/ brought to you by WTFK bs? What is the point/ goal/ agenda behind these posts?

I am not the only one noticing... Spirit of '76- http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/3184574

"The 8/30 DP Two Minute Hate... having nothing to do with liberty or the Pauls.
Specifically designed to solicit anti-semitic response to put on permanent record so the MSM can reference it in the future to smear the Pauls."

EDIT- I love the DP... The Mods are on it. Sorry.

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The problem is not Zionism it's American foreign policy

Zionism is no better or worse than any other nationalism. Every nation is founded on ethnic purges. If you reject one you reject all. The only thing we can do is judge what American interests are. If you pick a side in judging Zionisn then you just want a vote in which race will rule. That has nothing to do with liberty. If you don't want US foreign policy to support Israel then make a case but don't try and sell me that the choice is Zionism or democratic republic. If that's what you believe, prove it. The sooner you realize it will be a racist country who ever wins the sooner you can direct your internet activites somewhere useful.

Zionism = jewish supremacism.

Supremacist ideology is antithetical to liberty. Therefore, I call out ALL supremacism when I see it, whether it be from Stormfronters or Zionists.

If you don't like that, tough beans.

Perhaps we should replace Zionist with something else...

I am voting for Lord Voldemort as my best foot forward so from now on instead of saying Zionist Israeli interests took down the twin towers and WTC #7 and Fukushima I will substitute "Lord Voldemort" instead or perhaps "He who should not be named".

I hope that makes you feel better...

Warning- Random long musing

Warning- Random long musing follows - please be advised
Words are meant what their meant to be meant, how one word can be taken, may not nesecarilly mean the way it was meant to be implied, in the science of words, we cant call something "that thingy me bob", one intance to describe various DIFFRENT things, when we try to pass a meaning through words, to describe a specific thing, we need individual descriptions, so when somebody doesnt know the particular description, precisely the meaning they are trying to get accross, they do what many others do, they either try to describe it, or use a very similar term, and when many words can be taken many ways, what may tend to happen is an unattended meaning, the reason i say this, is, that words may not mean the same thing they mean to everybody else, what i have always thought as zionism, is a bunch of individuals from israel who got together and thought it was fun to start playing with peoples lives, i dont think religion whatsoever.........why, because i had no other dominant description to describe israels "elite".......yes and i realise elite is one description, a description i'd probably use today instead, but i know i have used the word zionism before, as described above, when i first started caring enough to listen. Im not saying all folks who use the word zionism, mean it the same way as i do or did, as a simple description of an entity you have no other name for, at the time of writing, but maybe some do........i try to understand the persons meaning, then focus on the specifics of words, when dealing with text, as there is no indication, face to face communication to try and judge the meaning of the word......not always, some people say what they mean, the meaning matching the words, but i open my mind to possibility of the meaning not matching the words......i guess thats because i suffer sometimes from finding the right words to express my exact meaning, and sometimes i give up and go for an approximate word, that i think maybe im not the only one.......but im learning, as i think others are too

Sorry, if that was TOO ...."all over the place" thinking

I'm just letting

you guys know, using the word Zionism is a big fat TURN OFF. Does not matter how many facts you have, it's instant disregard.

How furking hard is it to just not use that word. Do you hear Ron Paul using the word Zionism, hell no! Stays far away from that ish.

I dunno. It just makes you sound like you are some crazed christian extremist.

You guys got to get better at public relations to get people to take it serious.

I'm not even saying you're wrong or right, it just sounds nutters. Blah Blah ZIONISTS MURG AHGHAHAGDJSKS!!!!!

People don't want to hear it.

Words people don't want to

Words people don't want to hear are still allowed to be spoken. If you dislike certain words that is your prerogative, you can't force a blanket censorship on one word, a real word, with real impact on the real world. Zionism has been a clear major force in world affairs like WWII and the creation of Israel. Zionism is a real thing, its not a conspiracy and its not a bad word, some people claim the title proudly.

Maybe Opednews is the place you ought to be?

Any article submitted there with the word zionism will be rejected by their bot. Safe and secure. History scrubbed.

Yes, censorship of that word should definitely prevent war, corruption and everything else that ails us.

oops, forget the link


They do allow the word Libertarianism...


But you know what... libertarian has a different meaning for everyone so inclined to define it. So does zionism.

We pick and choose our definitions and go from there. As we should. As we do.

I thought there was a chapter

I thought there was a chapter about Zionism in "Liberty Defined"? could be wrong.

This is you

Funny fonz... until you find out I was right.

have fun fonz

Yes, the mention of Zionism

Yes, the mention of Zionism or Israel must be an agenda to make Dr. Paul look bad. Everyone knows the mention of these two words makes you anti-Semitic, racist, hateful, a Hitler lover, Holocaust denier, and so on. Lets not question why so many have something trigger in their brain when they here these words. Ask why so many want to quickly slap a label on the messenger while ignoring the message. Is Zionism responsible for all the worlds problems? I would say no but it is responsible for some. Do they have heavy influence in our gov, media, banking, so on>?? Yes! Should this be ignored? No! The goal of all these posts??? Maybe to break some of the automatic hands over ears, la la la, type responses when these subjects come up. Maybe because billions a year get sucked from the Americans pockets to go to Israel. Maybe because many in gov who are supposed to represent the people, hold duel citizenship and put Israel first. Maybe because people who respect the Constitution, want us out of wars, and want to end the Fed, have their message demonized through media and AIPAC.

I have never recommended that anyone come to . . .

the DP, because everyone I know (except the other half of 1988vote and a few close family members who already look at DP)--

is still stuck in the left/right/republican/democrat paradigm--

I call them neo-conervatives, and it sounds like a dirty word, but I don't know a better word for it--

is there a more accurate word for people who blame welfare recipients and illegal immigrants for the present state of the U.S.--

and never mention global corporations, the FED or nation-building as possible culprits.

Just yesterday I was talking to someone about something completely unrelated to politics, and I began to hear the: People say that things were better during Clinton's administration and that Bush destroyed our economy, but the trouble is that there are just too many 'users' in America--

*blah, blah, blah*

I don't doubt that there are 'users'; I don't doubt that at all, but I know that a lot of jobs have been stolen and taken overseas--

and I know people who are un and underemployed who feel desperate who do use government programs--

and I know what poverty from long term un or underemployment feels like, even as you work to sustain yourself without government help--

so I really get tired of hearing the present state of the U.S. being blamed on the 'poor'--

This person tried to bring up Islam, and I said, "just don't go there"--

no other religion was mentioned, besides the Christianity which the person with whom I was conversing and I share--

and how there are Christians who are not real Christians, etc.--

that is as far as it went towards pointing any fingers at any particular group, and it was *our* group, and that person shares membership in my particular church congregation and knows there are some powerful hypocrites there--

people who profess Jesus Christ but treat others with cruelty--


blaming groups--

you honestly don't think that a person's values CAN change for the worse when he/she becomes a corporate CEO?

Do you think corporation is truly free enterprise. There are some bad ideas that have taken over America--

and those who profit from them don't want those ideas exposed or threatened--

don't want to lose their prosperity, even if they gain it over the dead bodies of other human beings--

are those people a 'group'? I don't know; I think they come from every religion and every ethnic group--

so I don't know that they are a group, but I think that corporate monopolies and 'crony capitalism', as Ron Paul calls it, is to blame for a lot of the wrong in this world--

not all of it, but a lot of it--

if Dr. Paul calls it out, then maybe it's worth looking at--

but whenever I blame huge corporations that are without soul--

for the mess in the world--

whether they are chemical manufacturers or food companies or banks--

I get told that I don't believe in the capitalist ideal or in free enterprise--

Do I believe that these monolithic corporations are more powerful in the U.S. than in other countries? Not really. But I do believe that the U.S., for whatever reason and whoever is behind it--

has an out of control military industrial complex--

Why? I wish I knew.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The irony is strong in this one

Instead of blaming a whole group of people for the downfall of DP, because of posts that blame a whole group of people for the downfall of the world, take a deep breath and step back.

How many of the active forum topics relate to your complaint? Let's see....not a one. Cloud judgement confirmation bias does, hmmmmmm?

EDIT: Ok, I see that one post does pop up now, something about some zionist plan nonsense. Gee, I wonder why I didn't click on it.

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

FYI I posted this Friday.

Also since when does "some people" translate to ANY WHOLE group? Or where did I ever blame a "whole group" for anything?

I could send you plenty of examples re my "complaint"... Here is one now. http://www.dailypaul.com/297647/i-am-rooting-for-syria

Need more?

yes, I need more

cause that post does not exist anymore, apparently :)

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus


WTF is up with all the false flag zionist/israel/destroy the DP/ brought to you by WTFK bs? What is the point/ goal/ agenda behind all these posts?

You really haven't done your homework have you?

After all, you are just a dumb (and ignorant) carpenter.

Get lost.

off topic, rp for prez, but

I was wondering what the line through your name means. I've seen that line on other posters' names, kinda got me a little curious. Thanks.

Been here a whole 2 months have ya?

What a surprise seeing you commenting on this... Thanks for proving I'm not the dumbest here (or did you really just prove something more important?). I know I'm an idiot... Whats your excuse?

Not that this isn't a pretty rough little gin joint

but now and then we get hit by waves of Stromfronters and other anti-zionists collectives. I'm informed a corresponding wave of BAN HAMMERs came down. But they'll be back.

I do tell visitors to kinda be ready for sharp words and coarse people.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

The whaaaaambulance

is en route. Hang on.

I thought Michael said he was changing houses.

That can take a month or more in my experience.

Free includes debt-free!

Yeah, i hear he's currently

Yeah, i hear he's currently having some issues with some high and mighty squatters

Smell ya later


When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Not if I smell you first



Someone can still smell you later, even if you smell them before they smell you.


Especially considering some of the aromas I am often emitting

Odors linger


Probably enjoying

his long weekend.

I don't see where the post have changed that dramatically.

We still have the war, gold/silver,Israel,MSM lies,Shady weapons deals,
Over the top cops,terrible president,home school scandals and chem trails.

Seems to be the same forum to me.

Only thing that is going to stop the any of the concerns above, is to regain control of our money.

If they have no money, then they have no reason to operate.

Still the best site on the inter-tubes, no matter who is running it.
If its the NSA then they got most of us already.