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I Can't Stand CNN


Nuff' said

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I saw a clip the other day

where they were calling the church that had a measles outbreak a "faith-healing church" and claimed the church was "anti-vax", showing a clip of the pastor's dad saying parents should research anything they put into their child's body. They couldn't even come up with a "don't vax" clip, it was a "do your research" clip.

Defend Liberty!

But hold on...

wasn't CNN the channel that Glenn Greenwald and his "spouse" gave an exclusive interview to, through Anderson Cooper?

Uh oh! "No you didn't..."

Uh oh!

"No you didn't..."

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Positive life changes since qutting TV watching.

1.Exercise! Doing more walking and saying hi to my neighbors.This stimulated me to quit smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey,I still like a few beers with my neighbor on occasion.Vastly better feelings and thought patterns.
2.Fixing up my home.Now everything is repaired and better than before.My garden has become more productive because I spend more time with it.
3. Job.I have improved my drawing skills dramatically.My tattoos have become much much better and my genuine good nature and honesty with my clients have become something I am very proud of and I have found a new interest in people and look for the good nature in them,conversation and my curiosity about there lives has become boundles.
4. Living in the present.Connecting with nature.Huge savings of money.Realizing new ways to connect with friends and make new friends.More hope for the future and realizing some of my desires for travel and exploring the world will quite possibly come true.
5. Feelings of anxiety and fear have been replaced with love and appreaciation for the life I have.JOY HAS RETURNED!
5. Finding lots of new interests in learning subjects that fascinate me,especially Liberty and Freedom.Many thanks to Dr.Ron Paul and the good souls that contribute to The Daily Paul.Much inspiration has been found here for my journey.
As for CNN even listening to it would be like biting into a dry dog poo... cant stand it anymore,no sir cant stand it.I hope you have a good day.

I love liberty like fresh cool air in my lungs.I love freedom like fresh cool water on my tongue.I love peace like the smooth skin of my sweet lady.And Dr.Ron Paul is the hero I believe will change the world.

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Great Post! Especially the

Great Post! Especially the thought pattern stuff, I hear ya. Good for you :)

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"


I appreciate that!

I love liberty like fresh cool air in my lungs.I love freedom like fresh cool water on my tongue.I love peace like the smooth skin of my sweet lady.And Dr.Ron Paul is the hero I believe will change the world.

Just as bad as a FOX news or

Just as bad as a FOX news or MSNBC... All bad.

That's Right

Communist tyrants


I closed my account with Charter in Feb. Reason being? (and they asked why) I told them the programs offered were downgrading the public to dependent mindless slaves.
The main reason I will not support the MSM in it's many different shades. I was told by them they were all owned by the same group.
I feel better not seeing the crap!!!


I saw Commie Wolfie "Blitz" Blitzer on earlier...

The Marxist traitor-Jew was pushing a propaganda story about Israel preparing for gas attacks by stocking up on and distributing gas masks. They ran out.

They accentuated the story with graphics behind little Wolfie's head, of an Israeli flag on the left and the Syrian flag on the right.

They went on and on about how Israel is worried about Syria, Israel is preparing for war in Syria, Israel, Syria, Israel, Syria, etc...

But it's not Israel who is planning on attacking Syria. It is Obama's Globalist regime.

The Israeli people do not want a war in their backyard. They do not support Obama's globalist faction controlled US bombing of their neighbor Syria. They will have to bear the brunt of any blowback for a US attack, and they want nothing to do with it.

The globalist factions that are backing "both" sides, or all angles really, are setting up the world's populations for WWIII. The people don't want it. Globalist forces want to shove it down our throats. They want Israel to be scapegoated, so it will finally be attacked. Then Obama the Anti-Christ can role in as Savior. Bam! World Government... After a little WWIII to bring the Peoples of the world to their knees.

The globalist puppet-masters, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, etc., are not sympathizers to Israel or Jewish people. In fact they hate them because, as Karl Marx (traitor-Jew) said, the Jews represents the religion &/or idea of 'one true G-d', and therefore represents an authority greater than the State, and so they must be eliminated. These people are like Pharoah. They want to be god, and they believe they are. They have played god for a long time. Now they want to replace Him altogether.

Commie Wolfie 'Blitz' thinks he'll side with the big strong scary governments owned by the Elite Satanists, and he'll be safe. They'll cut him loose the second he's no longer useful to them.

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Wolf Blitzer is a stand up guy? Maybe he's a libertarian, constitutional conservative? Maybe his loyalties lie with the American people?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

History of modern television

CNN will be and is less than a paragraph. Who in their right mind views this garbage?

Even leftists make fun of it. Its kept on at the campuses and McDonalds.....must be the mercy rule lol

Besides Morgan and Blitzer....I do not know one show on there :/


Every one

every one who works for CNN is my enemy.

CNN with it's 500k viewers

CNN with it's 500k viewers are of no threat anymore. Just a nuisance.

Can you imaging how small and insignificant Wolf Blitzer must feel with virtually no audience? Back in the day Larry King would get 15 million viewers at primtime.

Are you in the GOP?

They're boycotting CNN

Good Idea

Lets boycott CNN here too.

I'm not game

I'm for freedom of speach.

Hey, maybe that's where your ideas

Hey, maybe that's where your ideas originate, all that free CNN speech!!!

Hey, maybe not

Maybe my ideas originate from a variety of resouces which CNN is a fragment?


to lie to our Country? What they have done is illegal. They misinformed us. They have supported false flags. These people are criminals. Just because its their job doesn't mean they get the pass.

I am sure I could find laws they have broken.

And the liberty to get paid for it

You have no proof where the chimical weapons came from, and I do not think they are the rebels.. we don't know the whole truth, Russia is giving Assad all kinds of weapons. What doees Assad want weapons for? To stop his protesters who cut off the internet, became a brutal police state the Syrians said ENOUGH, but ant-war says, GO ASSAD DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH THEM. Putin is the criminal, abetting Assad.. he should stay out of it? Can't Assad manage his country?

I've seen many false flags about Isral violence on Palestinians.

Granger, I finally understand

You care NOTHING about the truth, you aren't real, you post things to distract people from reality.

It's your mission and the Truth to you is like Holy Water to a Vampire. LOL

Not once have you recognized Ron Paul's Principles, but your 'account' was here early.

Things that make you go hummmmm.

God Bless everyone that UPvoted you to stay. Your message has been one to define Liberty for what it is.

And Michael N. I KNOW you are OK and ;) we just have to avoid the tail of a thrashing beast.

Because of Ron Paul, I'm in the GOP

There's my principles.

My account was months after finding and supporting Ron Paul in 07.

I didn't agree with Ron Paul 100% when he began campaigning for president, or after, but it gave me perspectives to think about.

What I really liked about Ron Paul is his RESTORE THE REPUBLIC, but now he seems to have gone past that and is standing with a brutak dictator who murders his own people.

I like Rand Paul much better than Ron today, and I think my new hero is Pat Condell, and if we're going to have a global government, and we will, I'd vote for Pat Condell as president of the world.


cares what you think?

I do

Because I'm a caring person. Thanks for making the point that you are not a caring person.


saying that you want the U.S to intervene?

If so, don't call your self a caring person.

Yes and no

I think the US should let Israel lead.

I care. The next time you hear yourself say, that you don't care.. remember what you told me.. won't be long.

I'll remember

I'm not like most people on here who hate Israel. I think Israel should lead too. They can make their own choices. The U.S has nothing to do with this.

I thought you was religious? If so, than you should be well aware of Israel and How Jesus will return. So being pro war is not a good thing. I wouldn't doubt if Jesus is shaking his head at you right now. War is never a good thing. Killing people doesn't create freedom.

I am pro-peace

I believe in the right to defense.

I am a believer, who believes only God knows, so follow your heart and trust in God, use your head.. think things through so you can accomplish your dream, which also takes guts.. to follow your heart.

It's noce to know that you are so close to Jesus you can see Jesus judging me, shaking his head at me, shame on me.. because when they came for the rebel protesters of Assad, you were not a reble poster for Assad, so you did nothing...

When they come for the rebel protesters in America, and there is no place to run.. what will you do?

I said

I said I wouldn't doubt if Jesus was shaking his head at you.

What if the U.S was a third world country and China gave our Government chemical weapons to use on us? How would you feel about China? What if China gave weapons to people in America who cut out hearts and eat it? How would you feel?

And do you have proof chemical weapons were even used? Or did you just take some ones word for it? Do you know any one who lives in Syria? Because I do.

So you're betting on what Jesus would do?

What if there was a protest and people were arrested and killed, a child was killed, people are seeing things and chatting so the net goes down, phone goes down, food is running out, illegals began pouring into the country to loot and and kill people Assad can't kill himself, just leave the door open for them..

Over a million people have fleed.. have you seen videos of what Syrian forces are doing to Syria? Hope your friend in Syria is alive.