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I Can't Stand CNN


Nuff' said

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Yeah I am

Betting on what Jesus would do. Is that wrong? I also have videos of the Muslim Brother Hood stabbing innocent people, burning down churches, pulling out hearts, eating it, shooting people, people getting their heads cut off. Its EVIL vs EVIL out there, yet the U.S wants to jump in the middle of it? It makes no sense at all. We are not the savior of the world.

Is Putin the savior of the world?

The US had discussions because what Assad is doing to his people in what has become a civil war.. the rebels are just like us.. the Muslim brotherhood is here in the USA already. 32 states are being challanged for Sharia law. We could easily become another Syria.

Don't call me

one of them. Rebels are nothing like me. I don't kill people.

Rebels go after government and military

I apprefciate that you don't kill people.. most Americans don't kill people.. yet, if America became like Syria, then you would either run, or shoot people to stay alive. Syrians split. Even Syria girl ran.. and whan Assad decline them rights to return, and make it a Jihad haven to enforce Sharia Law and building a human bridge between Syria and Iran.. there will be no more rebels. no more seculae Syria.. just Russia getting oil and state government employees for Assad, the dictator.

I still

don't like America getting involved. I'd hate it if China got involved in our civil war.

I'm with you

When it comes up to facing the truth.

Evil burns down churches, pulls out hearts, etc.

It's not Evil, VS Evil. ;)

It's YOU Liberty Or Death for not understanding your foundation of your own being.

You are supporting this crap EVERY DAY.