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Dr. Ron Paul, 1988 : "Who owns the Federal Reserve? What makes it so evil?"

"Ouch!" ... as early as 1988...


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Ron Paul is a modern American hero

I believe his interest in the immoral and unlawful destruction of the US monetary system by the Federal Reserve IS WHAT INSPIRED Ron to enter the political arena.

Look at how far a man can go based on A SINGLE INTEREST.

Ron Paul interview, 1988. Succinct, adroit answers on government

http://youtu.be/anmlPvmd1Ew 8 minute interview.

"Get rid of income tax. Ger rid of the Federal Reserve System..." - Ron Paul Opening statement of this interview during his Presidential Campaign, 1988.

6:40 time mark ~ Q & A: Rapid fire quick questions; adroit answers.

1. What to do with our public schools? Competition. Vouchers. Tax credits...

2.Social Security?

3. Death penalty?

4. Star Wars Defense?

5. The most libertarian country in history? USA.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

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^^^ BUMP !!!

^^^ BUMP !!!

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

"We don't need a nanny state" - Ron Paul, 2007 Presidential Race

http://youtu.be/5_oFJqetqQ4 1 minute. Ron Paul, Presidential Candidate, circa 2007.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Both private and public ...

... this is part of the intentional confusion. You will find people say the Federal Reserve is private and others who will say it is public. Who is right?


The Federal Reserve SYSTEM was created in 1913 by Congress.

There are 12 Federal Reserve BANKS, who have a MONOPOLY (government-granted) over banking operations in their sector. These are PRIVATELY owned.

There is the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) which was NOT part of the Act of 1913. It was created in 1933 (year sound familiar?). It is a committee that "sets policy" for the privately-owned banks, but it is considered public because the President appoints the FOMC chairman.

The Federal Reserve has been sued under the Freedom of Information Act and guess what? The Federal Reserve BANKS claim they are PRIVATE and therefore not subject to FOIA requests, while the FOMC has agreed to release information.

So, when Bernanke is asked if the "Federal Reserve" is a public agency, he can say yes with a straight face. But the REAL power and wealth is not within the FOMC. They only set policy, which the banks themselves want and the banks carry it out for private gain.

The reason it is evil is because the government has granted these private banks a monopoly on creation of money, which is also debt.

Just end the Fed. Allow banking to be 100% private with NO monopolies and NO secrecy. If that happened, people could choose which currency they want to own. Maybe even the Libyan Gold Dinar. Who knows? But it sure as hell would not be Federal Reserve Notes backed by nothing.

And if people just can't handle the thought of 100% private banking system, then have the US Treasury issue debt-free currency, backed by gold and silver.

Once again conspiracy kooks just

can’t get out of their own way. The point Dr. Paul was making in 1988 is not that it was private…..the point is that they get their power from government. Conspiracy kooks just refuse to wrap their heads around the fact that the problem is government and not private banks. Dr. Paul even states it himself starting at about the 30 sec mark to 1:07 mark. Those that just want it to be the evil bankers rather than the evil politicians just never seem to grasp that the bankers are doing what bankers should do…..try and make money, they are capitalist…..isn’t that what we want…..for people to be capitalist? They are not elected to ANY OFFICE that states they are there for the interest of the public. The politicians on the other hand are exactly elected for that purpose looking after the public interest and are the problem not the solution. Your logic of the Fed is evil because it’s owned privately is so naive and immature and it is laughable. Dr. Paul lays it out for you and you still refuse to accept it for what it is….you are an insult to his work.

Even at the end of your video he states……..He not upset that the private owners won’t give him access……he upset that the bureaucrats won’t give him access…….it’s upside down…the bureaucrats are in control.....THE BUREAUCRATS ARE IN CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are twisting his words and I wonder what your motives are to do that…..what is your agenda because if it to expose the truth you are failing and misrepresenting Ron Paul's agenda…….are you a plant by the enemy or just a troll.

Your certainly part of the problem because you are definitely not part of the solution!!!!!

Private vs public cartel

A distinction is sometimes drawn between public and private cartels, though there is no evidence that public cartels are less harmful to the general good, and being government backed, they are much more effective and, hence, potentially more harmful. In the case of public cartels, the government may establish and enforce the rules relating to prices, output and other such matters.

Public cartels were also permitted in the United States during the Great Depression in the 1930s and continued to exist for some time after World War II in industries such as coal mining and oil production. Cartels also played an extensive role in the German economy during the inter-war period. International commodity agreements covering products such as coffee, sugar, tin and more recently oil (OPEC) are examples of international cartels with publicly entailed agreements between different national governments. Crisis cartels have also been organized by governments for various industries or products in different countries in order to fix prices and ration production and distribution in periods of acute shortages
Murray Rothbard considered the federal reserve as a public cartel of private banks.
In contrast, private cartels entail an agreement on terms and conditions that provide members mutual advantage, but that are not known or likely to be detected by outside parties. Private cartels in most jurisdictions are viewed as violating antitrust laws.

You're out of your mind!!

Who bankrolls the politicians??!!??!!

Why did the private media destroy his campaign??!??!!?

This is not a kooky Idea! How have you become so indoctrinated to revile "conspiracy kooks" that acknowledge the reality of our political system?!?!?!

You're right, the problem is systemic. The names of those responsible font matter. But holy crap dude, they do have names and do have agendas. How the hell do you intend to expose corruption without exposing the corrupt?



NUMBSKULL......WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The definition of corruption: is the intrusion into the free market through government regulation............Milton Friedman

Ron Paul just said it in that video.......what more proof do you need!

So we are not allowed to give examples?

You're an idiot.


You can give all the examples you want

But why would you need to beyond how this government was formed…… the process was corrupted from the beginning……..the Constitution not the Declaration in Independence.

Have you ever heard of von Mises description of praxeology? Praxeology begins with a true axiom, A, all the propositions that can be deduced from this axiom must also be true. For if A implies B, and A is true, then B must also be true. Therefore the antithesis must also be true, that if A is false this implies that B is also false.

Do you know anything about Robert Morris……probably not….once you discover the truth and his association with Alexander Hamilton and how it was the two of them that formed the United Stated Constitution starting with the Annapolis convention then you will have to make a decision……..will I continue living in the fairytale that we are the greatest nation in the history of the world with a few bad apples or just another failing empire. According to von Mises praxeology it has to be one way or the other……you can’t have it both ways. Empires do awful thing to maintained the Empire, A benevolent government would not have any conspiracies because they would not allow it……..that’s the difference between the people that live in reality and conspiracy kooks.

And please when you are researching the Constitution don’t use Wikipedia…….all you will find there is more of the fairytale. I suggest starting with the Federalist papers vs Anti Federalist Papers. If you are unaware of the debate……study the context before reading them……look for why they were written and by whom and in what years…..Then come back and insult me by calling me an idiot.

My perspective comes from and economic angle first and foremost which allow me to be more objective…..can you say the same?

I am a devout follower of austrian economics

But the federalist papers are not accessible to most folk. Their jobs are, and their inability to get jobs are. The blame for this can be laid at the feet of the big corporations that bankroll our politicians. The biggest corporations are the banks, and they control policy. People can understand this.

Then they can wake up to the propaganda wing of the corprotocracy, and there brain washing will come to an end, and they will be able to start thinking for themselves.

My problem with you is you attack people for being in the earlier stages of a journey that you have already traveled on.

Just for the record, bringing up Alexander Hamilton and Robert Morris sounds an awful lot like conspiracy talk. If it's not a conspiracy then why is it hidden, even on an open source encyclopedia like wiki.


It’s hidden in plain sight

the information is there for all to see......you just have to take off your rose colered glasses.

This is what you said to me…..isn’t this just a bit hypocritical on a couple fronts.

My problem with you is you attack people for being in the earlier stages of a journey that you have already traveled on.

First….the kooks are on the same path……and further down it then the newbies are, yet when the newbies question the kooks ……man the kooks come unglued......which I kind of enjoy watching....well reading!

Secondly …..the kooks DO NOT like to be challenged by someone like me……but if they looked in the right place( the von Mises Institute) they would know that they are the lunatic fringe!!!!!!!!!

Thirdly as far as “me being further down the path”……and thank you for recognizing this…isn't it my responsibility to make sure that if I am further down the path then I not only have more correct information……but I have the experience and knowledge of what the puzzle looks like and should show it for what it is…….which is why I do not deviate from the message…..LIBERTY!!!!!!!!!!

It is hidden in plain sight If you open your eyes and look at it. The competing philosophies are the State vs Liberty and Liberty has been getting it ass kicked for 225 years. Read “Our Enemy, The State”. If you are a Devote Austrian then you would know that the conspiracy kooks hurt the cause of Liberty.


Watch the Video: “The State is Too Dangerous to Tolerate”

Sorry about the break in the conversation….took my teenage kids to see the new movie “Closed Circuit” ….it is about governmental conspiracy….well conspiracy if you believe in the virtue of government. Turned out to be a great teaching tool for them…..the discussion afterward was great. Just to spoil it for you in the end the lawyers discover how corrupt their government really is and they end up with a new set of eyes.

sorry....on my way out to a movie with the kids

i will comment later

The title is who owns the private fed

as always no names.




Secret forces huh?

I wonder who 'they' could be? .....


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