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The Highwaymen - Live Forever

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Great Song!

Billy Joe Shaver, one of the original 'outlaws', wrote the song. I got to meet Billy several times when he toured in California. Great guy. He lives in Waco, Texas.

Also had the good luck of seeing The Highwaymen in Southern California. Sneaking backstage, a required concert-going experience when I was younger, got to meet Waylon, Willie and Kris...great experience. After the show, I remember seeing Kris helping a fan with a flat tire outside the venue. Type of guy that he is....

"Honky Tonk Heroes" album by Waylon has many great Shaver songs. One of my favorite albums.

Here's a later version of Shaver's "Live Forever":


"You Asked Me To" written by Billy and sung by Waylon (Billy Joe Shaver is sitting to Waylon's right on the album cover.):


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'Live Forever'

always gives me a tear.

R.I.P. Eddie Shaver

Right on time

Thanks, I needed that.

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VR.. love you... and your posts