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Ben Swann: Is Alternative Media Preventing A War With Syria?

"We are only two weeks away from the anniversary of 9/11 and how far we have come. The Obama administration has been making the case for using cruise missiles to strike Syria. Unlike 12 years ago when the U.S. entered Afghanistan or in 2003 when the U.S went to Iraq to prevent Saddam’s WMD’s (which were never found) this time, American’s aren’t buying it.

Two polls conducted this week make a strong point about how the majority of American’s feel about the U.S. carrying out cruise missile strikes against Damascus. The first poll, conducted by Reuters found that only 9% of Americans support any U.S. intervention in Syria.

The second poll, conducted by NBC News finds 79% Americans, including nearly 70% of Democrats and 90% of Republicans say President Obama should be required to receive authority from Congress before taking any action against the Syrian regime for its suspected use of chemical weapons in the ongoing civil war.

It is important to note that the demand for the President receive “authorization” follows the Constitution but is not something President’s have done since WWII. This is a significant shift and one that likely reflects an American electorate that no longer believes whatever claims its government makes about the need for military intervention."

Read the rest of the article at - http://benswann.com/is-alternative-media-preventing-a-war-wi...

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Alternative media is kicking

Alternative media is kicking MSM butt.

Its a good day for

Its a good day for alternative media

Its a good day for the peoples voice

As usual I'd want to check into the poll methodology

and I wouldn't mind seeing more of them. But I'd heard about this and kinda been pondering....what changed? And what the heck is going on here anyway?

I see this as the beginning of proxy war with Iran and us playing brinksmanship with Russia and China. Scenarios range from a form of corporate hyper-competition to "cold" or "soft" war. I can't imagine anybody wanting hot war in the mideast as the tendency to go global is way too big. Can you imagine war between any of us three superpowers? That would be a global disaster by definition.

On a popular opinion note, one thing that's always been used to sell war in the region is building the case for an "existential threat" to Israel. Not only have they not done so in this case, the existential threat to Israel might be said to be Syrian support for Iran which supports Hammas. But that's not likely to spring to the minds of yer basic Amurkin citizen.

For another thing, nobody has made a great case for attacking them to begin with and they could hardly have found LESS passison in their arguments. I'm beginning to wonder if Obama thought he could just kinda sneak an invasion in there and nobody would notice. He's deploying troops and hardware on the one hand and on the other making this great show of hemming and hawing and he hasn't made up his mind yet.

OK that's not exactly the full-on sales pitch used by his predecesors. Where's the whole flag waving, stike up the bank, get up there and hoot and holler thing? Are they even trying to sell this? John McCain is in the corner in an increasingly rupled suit banging away on a bass drum. We should get an accordion for him to stomp on because he really is a one-man-band here....except for John Kerry. How's that for ironic? We should get McCain and Kerry puppets and get pics of them together in a bed on the Capitol lawn.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.


obviously Obama is a puppet, and obviously he doesn't make the decisions. I'm wondering what's going on behind the scenes.

I'm thinking Obama doesn't want to go to war, but knows it isn't his call to make.
-As you mentioned there is a lack of passion in their arguments.
-During O speech today he kept re-enforcing that this is "his" decision. He mentioned it multiple times, it seemed over-done, like who exactly are you trying to convince.
-Karen Hudes has made comments that indicate O maybe sympathetic.

Let me put it this way, if romney had been chosen as the director of public relations for the US branch of the NWO instead of O, do you think bombs would be flying???

I don't know, TPTB want to be dropping bombs (IMO), but for some reason they aren't yet. I wonder what's going on behind the scenes

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Thanks to Ron Paul

I have never once read about or heard anyone else even suggest we follow the constitution and get a declaration of war from the congress. 70% of dems and 90% of republicans ...wow this country is waking up and all because of one man. Amazing.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

I think he'll be in the

I think he'll be in the history books 100 years from now.

Yes, If

We need to preserve history in digital format, because if you read paper, it never happened.

I hope Michael Nystrom will authorize some books based on the documentation on this site.

I go through my lists of YouTube videos, and "Ron Paul Songs" and it sad to see so many of them have been deleted.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Paper records

Paper records are better IMO. Digital records can be erased, modified or otherwise manipulated. We see it here almost daily. Books and other paper records are bulky and inconvenient but are not subject to "editing" and can be preserved for hundreds of years.


We can have bothThink of it

We can have both

Think of it this way, a paper copy can be the gold standard of a digital copy, with periodic "auditing" to make sure everything "adds up"



and you own the book.