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I've been renting a room from this lady for a couple years. There is no lease. Four months ago she said I should move out at the end of August, and I said that is unlikely because I cannot afford it. Even so, I said OK. Well, today she asked for my keys and said I have by the end of the day to get all of my belongings off of her property. Even though it's some verbal rental agreement, does she still not need to give me a written notice that gives me like 10 days to vacate? The PA law leans towards that she might be running a boarding home (even though I'm the only one paying rent here) and that requires zero notice nor a written notice.

If it makes a difference, today is the day rent is due.

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Holy crap! What the hell is this, a joke?

I posted two comments and after wasting time on this damn site I see this thread was started in August; well it's November.
Looks like the jjoke is on me.

This thread was started "Sat,

This thread was started "Sat, 08/31/2013 - 10:43." You can see that up at the top. All threads show when they were started. Give it a bit more time and you'll get the hang of it.


Sounds like yet another....

False flag.

do you pay rent? If yes, then

do you pay rent? If yes, then she must give you notice even though you do not have a lease, it is a month to month rental lease even though not in writing. Notice must be presented before she can evict.

You're short of cash and need to know your rights --

Get in touch with the LEGAL AID SOCIETY in your area immediately; if you don't make contact keep trying several times daily until you do. Once you get an agent assigned to you ask if he can call you back pronto if your calls are expensive to you.
You will get free professional advice, and learn what rights you have and what is correct lawful protocol for a landlord to evict.
Call now, it will give you some peace of mind.

God bless all libertarians.

I've been in this situation, it sucks

I had a girlfriend and a kid at the time. We seemed to make mistake after mistake. We ended up living with her mom until personality conflicts ended up with us leaving, infant in hand, at the direction of police officers. Our stuff was already in storage because we put it there when we moved in. We never intended to stay very long, just until we got on our feet again. We were homeless at that point. The lady at the storage place was trying to get us a job at another location as a manager couple. That didn't pan out. Then again, you don't have much time to wait for things to pan out when you have nothing to do but sit at a park bench and watching squirrels. I ended up going to LaborReady and they paid cash daily. Problem was it wasn't much cash but it was enough to get a motel room complete with a door for the night. I repeated that a few days until another family member was able to put us up. We got jobs while staying there but even with three jobs between the two of us, our hosts were not going to babysit our kid and so we had another ultimatum to find our own place. Well, we couldn't. We ended up going to a friend's house and staying there where I did finally pick up gainful employment and got things back on track.

Now here comes the advice part: Don't sit at a park bench feeling sorry for yourself. Get to a phone book or search engine and find a temp labor place that pays cash daily. When you fill out their w-4 form, put single and several deduction exemptions to avoid the least amount of tax so you get as much of a paycheck as possible because the paycheck will probably be just enough to get a motel, buy a little food, and a little gas. If you don't have friends you can stay with, plan on doing the motel thing until have enough saved to get an apartment. There are also places that will help with getting you a job such as jobconnect, etc. I don't advocate getting on welfare, but you can pop into the office there and ask them if they have any job leads, etc. Find a food bank and get a food donation so you can save more of that daily pay for getting back on your feet. Talk to local churches, search Craigslist, etc. There weren't cellphones back when I was homeless so having one should be an advantage but you need to get down on a very small plan. A $1 soda at McDonald's will make you a customer there and you can use their free wifi to search for a job without running up your cell data plan. Put in an app while you are there. Don't sound desperate at your interview, no prospective employer cares about a hard-luck story.

Finally, you need to recognize the fact that this landlord gave you a lot of notice to vacate. I'm sure you can find laws that would protect you if you arrange the facts favorably. However, this is a libertarian website and you are going to get libertarian medicine here. That medicine is to respect this landlord's wishes to no longer have you there. She did her part to give you time to prepare and whether it was done in writing or verbally, you are aware of her wishes and it is time to respect her property rights. To claim that she hasn't given you proper notice is just you lying to yourself and you should respect yourself more than that.

I've been there, and I have a good life now. Suicide is defeat, running to the nanny state is defeat. You owe it to yourself to keep on swinging at life. If you need help, seek it out, because even the best boxer has a coach in his corner.




Find a shelter or get a tent, if any place allows camping.

Chalk this up to experience. When you have no lease a landlord can throw you out at any time for any reason. I do not mean to sound unsympathetic, but the corporation that owns my apartment complex is forcing us out after 13 for no better reason than our formal complaints to HUD for violating the Americans With Disabilities Act. Fortunately, for us, HUD negotiated a settlement in which the Corporation is paying for our move and not penalizing us even if we move out months before the end of our lease. Your landlady did you a favor by giving you so much notice, but you apparently did not take advantage of her generosity. Since both me and my wife are handicapped, we have to rent a first floor apartment and they are scarce at the present time in our local area. I spent seven months finding this apartment 13 years ago and now we have less than three to find another.

not sure what you're situation is

from your description, but if you are trying to say you were subject to a retaliatory eviction due to complaining to HUD, then you should talk to a lawyer about that.

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Ramicio, please contact me....

...through my user name here on DP.

I'll see what I can do to help.

Please include in your EMAIL the zip code and area code of where you are so I can look up things near you.

Include a phone number where I can reach you.

Perhaps a grocery store, hotel, or pay phone that allows free incoming calls?

Maybe some times edt that I can reach you?

Please hang in there.

If you can buy some quality

If you can buy some quality St. John's Wort tea and brew it and let it get real strong. Read up on it. If you can lift your spirits that will help.

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New Ayn Rand superman?

After tackling principled architects and self-actualized steel and train magnates, Ayn Rand could tackle a novel about a perfect libertarian superman who couldn't figure out how to move out of a house in four months.

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It is the homeowners personal

It is the homeowners personal property and if she says move out... YOU MOVE OUT. She gave you 4 months notice. Now you have admitted to this on this blog. Pack your crap and leave.

I've heard North Dakota is booming

lots of good oil and gas jobs there, well it's 3rd hand info. But worth a look.

If your mom says you are out

you are out.

Does she cook for you and do your laundry??

Personal responsibility is the foundation of FREEDOM.

It wasn't my damn mom. I

It wasn't my damn mom. I rented a room in a house.

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2 More Ideas

Hope you were granted more time to stay.

Would like to hear what happens, if you don't mind sharing.

You may be able to find a 24-hr gym with memberships $15-$35/mos., lit parking lots, and bathrooms with showers. You can go there to get away from the weather....take classes....get a job?

Truck stops are also 24 hrs with showers, food, etc.

(I heard there was a shortage of truck drivers if you wanna train for a job doing that. It can pay well.)

I have a job, which I now

I have a job, which I now have to quit because it's a 100 mile round trip every day. I still haven't found anywhere to stay and have just been burning through what little money I have at a cheap motel. No one is returning my calls or e-mails for Craigslist ads without numbers.

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100 miles at 20mph ...

is approx. $17 per day in gas.

That is $510 per month. (assuming you work every day)

Add that to your current rent, whatever it is, will get you a decent apartment.

Cancel cable and that is another $100/month.

Cancel cell phone and get a pre pay ... that will save you about another $25/month.

Move to the city, sell the car, and walk everywhere or take the bus.

I don't know what you are paying now, but add $635 to it, plus a few grand from selling your car.

Just a few ideas.

God Bless.

surprised you would quit your job

rather than move closer.

got to be somebody to share a room with if necessary. college campii are full of people needed to reduce living expenses

I'd rather die than live

I'd rather die than live around party people and have my ears be assaulted by people having sex in neighboring rooms.

I work so far because where I live the cost of living is decent but you need to travel to find work that isn't minimum wage. The closer I get to work the more cost of living goes up. Anywhere 10 miles within work is at least 3x the cost of living compared to my area.

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Hi ramicio, a suggestion for you

There are a lot of elderly people or disabled that need some help with household chores/errands/company that look for people to live in as a sitter/helper. Perhaps you could advertise you would be willing to do this in exchange for room and board and a reasonable fee? I wish you the best outcome during this temporary hard time for you.

P.S. Are there any camping grounds nearby? You can get a tent, stove and cooler and camp out for a while. Most of the campgrounds have shower/toilet facilities and the nightly charge is very minimal.

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Well, I had a job. No job

Well, I had a job. No job and no home. Will somebody please just come put a bullet in my head? Whatever I have to do, get a letter notarized to say that I wanted to die, I'll do to keep someone in the clear.

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You got more than enough notice.

It's her house, get out. You should have started hunting the day she told you about it months ago like a good self responsible individual should. If you don't see things that way then you have learned NOTHING here.

What do people here not

What do people here not understand about me not being able to afford to move? I was never given some free ride by mommy. I've had to pay rent since before I was out of high school, so I don't need people trying to accuse me of being lazy, or that I'm renting from a parent. It's rude.

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In case you missed my earlier post,

call LEGAL AID SOCIETY in your area immediately. If the offices are fairly close, go there even without notice; you wait on line, and they will not throw you away. Please take action and lessen anxiety.

Take responsibility for your actions

You completely procrastinated the issue until it was too late. Congratulations, now you're homeless.

Now you can pout, bitch and moan at people who are trying to help, and end up making your situation worse, or you could choose to learn from it and make your situation better.

How am I supposed to have

How am I supposed to have procrastinated? Save money that didn't exist?

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They've Never Been Homeless

Difficult for others to understand how quickly it can happen as a result of basic math working against you. Can you get your job back and just live closer to work? Without income the math works against you even quicker and a "cheap" motel room may as well be a 5 star hotel since neither is affordable any longer.
Some options are to work while living out of your vehicle in order to save up some cash. A gym membership somewhere so that you can use the locker room to shower and change (perhaps even rent a locker). Stay under the police radar by obeying all traffic/parking laws. Don't park in the same area all the time (local residents sometimes complain to the police). Homelessness is more a state of mind for those without family or any sort of support network. Don't let it get you down. Trust yourself and your ability to work through the problem.