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I've been renting a room from this lady for a couple years. There is no lease. Four months ago she said I should move out at the end of August, and I said that is unlikely because I cannot afford it. Even so, I said OK. Well, today she asked for my keys and said I have by the end of the day to get all of my belongings off of her property. Even though it's some verbal rental agreement, does she still not need to give me a written notice that gives me like 10 days to vacate? The PA law leans towards that she might be running a boarding home (even though I'm the only one paying rent here) and that requires zero notice nor a written notice.

If it makes a difference, today is the day rent is due.

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You need to go to the post office

tell them what happened and ask what they can do, like I think you can get pick up/ on call.. for free for a limited time.. you should cut your cable, and go to the DMV.. every place you go, ask for help.

with all the downvotes flying

with all the downvotes flying around this thread, it is a miracle that the Granger hasn't been hit. Halleluja.

Well ...

At this point ...

If you ignore the situation ...

She is going to call the cops and say you are tespassing.

And you have already read my advice on that.

You could drag this out for months if the cops cooperate, or you could be arrested tonight if they don't.

Having said that ...

The lady obviously doesn't want you around anymore.

I would make plans to move.

I have seen this situation hundreds of times.

My best guess is that she is also having some financial problems and your lights are about to go out and the water going to stop running soon.

She could be trying to do you a favor.

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God Bless.

Rhino may be correct, I am only going by present laws here

at home. While many here say buck up and leave, if you simply cannot there are laws in place to protect you, and because you belongings are at the residence it may lean more in your favor. One thing they look at here is mail records, did you receive mail there, and for how long, but again I am not sure how much legal weight a verbal contract holds there.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an

he is also going to have to get to a court room.

If she calls the cops, then stick a finger in the wind.

If the cop is sypathetic to the lady then he gets arrested for tresspassing.

If not then he walks away and tells the lady to get an eviction.

Sometimes these decisions come down to jail space and police department policy.

I would beg for a few more days and then beg or borrow some cash to move along.

God Bless.

If the cops show up ...

and it sounds like this is probably where this is headed, unless you negotiate a few more days, but if I were her I wouldn't do that ...

Then try to get her to admit that at some point in the recent past you have paid her rent.

That might be just enough to get to cop to walk away from the situation.

God Bless.

Can you please answer my poll questions I posted below.


One other thing ...

Lie to the cop and tell him that this is first you heard that she wanted you to leave. You have been a good tenant and would be more than happy to leave and that all you want is written notice and the legally required 30 day window that a landlord must provide.

Try to hold back the lie until you get her to tell the truth that you have paid rent. (Assuming that you have paid rent).

If you get caught in the lie (cops are good at getting to the truth) then say yes she did tell me that, but I forgot and at the time I assumed that she would give me written notice if she was sincere. When I didn't get the written notice then I thought she had a change of heart.

This will confuse the cop and probably get him to walk away telling the lady to get an eviction.

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She should have given you "offical" notice in writing. (30 days)

When it comes to having rowdy, rude and unbearable tenants, there is nothing more a landlord can do than evict them. Fortunately, in some States there is also the ruling that allows the landlord to evict the tenant even if nothing has happened, and if something has happened, well then it is just cause for the effect to take place. There are three types of eviction allowable by the Landlord and Tenant Act.

A landlord can use a three day eviction notice if a tenant violates the terms of lease or rental agreement. There are different types of three-day notices in use. For instance, you can use a Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit. The notice asks the tenant to pay the rent in full within three days before the landlord could take a legal action. The notice is cancelled if the tenant pays the rent before the expiry of this deadline of three days. In case the issue is not related to rent and is about violating some other provisions of a rental agreement, the landlord can opt for a Three-Day Notice to Perform Covenant or Leave. This notice requires the tenant to correct any violation within three days; however, it should clearly state the violation that the landlord wants stopped.

In addition to these three-day notices, you will also find some landlords use a 30-day notice. One can perceive that this notice is as severe as the 3-day notice but has relatively more room to breathe simply because the tenant has time to respond to the eviction notice. Even after receiving this notice, the tenants can find a way to avoid eviction. But at the same time, the 30-day notice also gives the landlord more time to think exactly how they want their tenants to behave. All the conditions that apply for the 3-day notice also apply for the 30-day notice, but some stipulations may vary a little. For instance, some States don’t require the landlord to explain exactly why they want the tenants to move out – it means the State’s laws give full rights to the landlord regarding the eviction process. However, in other States, evictions can be unlawful, and that’s usually when they are discriminatory or retaliatory.

What it means is that no matter what type of a notice you want to send, you should always take your time and first learn a bit about the laws prevailing in your State. Remember, if your tenants are actually wrong and have done something, the process will favor you and if you are wrong, then you cannot expect the court to favor you, even if you have used the right notice to inform your tenants about the violations.
- See more at: http://blog.landlordstation.com/when-to-use-a-3-day-or-30-da...


There is no lease. One person's word against another. I still say just leave gracefully and avoid the hassle of being thrown out by police.

A verbal agreement is considered a contract...

And since you are and have been living there you do have legal protection from being thrown out into the street. She must file an eviction notice with the local municipality, even on a verbal agreement. This will get you an additional 30 days, but after that has expired she has only one route, and that is to file a complaint and take you to court, and if the court deems you "evicted" you usually get 90 days free rent to find another dwelling. Not sure about PA, but here that is the standard.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an

The point is, everyone, I

The point is, everyone, I have no money and nowhere to go, and it's a holiday weekend. I'm looking for legal solutions, not people telling me to honor my "word." This is business. Real business is done on paper, not on verbal words.

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Grow up.

It's too late to cry business is done on paper. You did business verbally in the first place. Learn your lesson and move on.
I still say she will probably give you another month if you approach it wisely.

Undo what Wilson did

Thanks. I am grown up. You

Thanks. I am grown up. You have no knowledge of the situation. Grown ups don't go around throwing people out on the streets. If I was some drug addict or late in rent constantly, that would have been easily handled with legal force a long time ago.

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I have the knowledge that you posted. Is there more we should

Save the pity party; she gave you 4 months.
Accept responsibility for not acting during that time.

Undo what Wilson did

Screw you.

Screw you.

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I am taking a little poll.

Can please asnwer Y or N to the following.

1. 9/11 an inside job?
2. Sandy hook was an inside job?
3. Is the old lady a zionist?

Thanks in advance.

God Bless.

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She gave you 4 months.

What have you been doing to secure another place all this time?
You gave your word, even if begrudgingly. The time to fight it would have been 4 months ago. Are you now trying to weasel out of your word and lean on legalities to define your ethics? You gave your word, so honor it. If you are in a jam, offer to pay her for just one more month and promise you'll be out end of September.
Bottom line, you both entered into a verbal agreement, and she gave you much more than due consideration with 4 months notice.

Undo what Wilson did

That sucks

Dang man, that blows. I don't know about the law but you did say she gave you 4 months notice, way more than 10 days. She should have reminded you or something anyway!

What a shitty situation. Good luck!

Should have "reminded him"???

She's not his mother, for heaven's sake!

I guess I was just being

I guess I was just being nice. I would have reminded him.

She wants you gone

...do you really want to stay somewhere you're not wanted? Leave gracefully, do what you must.

There's nowhere to leave to.

There's nowhere to leave to. I could leave and live in my car, but my belongings have nowhere to go.

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Get off the computer

get some boxes, put as much as you can into the boxes to take to the salvation army or good will and ask about homeless shelters (go to several places.. bring a box, ask for help).

If you have a friend or relative, put no more than ONE box of important, worthy, things for them to hold.

Box up your best clothes, personal items, blanket, small cooler, pillow,, soap. in your car, and prepare to find where you can park without having your car confescated for being in the wrong place at a hard time.

Face it, you have procrastinated to your own demise, and now need to make sacrifices or you will hit a bottom from which you may not recover.. give as much away before it's taken away anyways at your cost.

GET OUT.. you are not welcome and your stalling is not going to ever help you, only increase your suffering.

YES YOU WILL SUFFER this weekend unless you can couch surf.

Tuesday you need to go to social services and see what help they can give you.. you need to find some work. If an illegal can do it, why can't you?

Today is the day.

So, turn off the computer, wrap it all up.. get as much out as you can.. the party is over and the nightmare is about to get very dark. DP will not save you.. save yourself.. get those boxes filled up and OUT today.

You are in my prayers..do not be afraid.. good things WILL happen if you start making moves.. who knows.. you could have GREAT LUCK VERY SOON.. get out there and claim it!

You all assume I have

You all assume I have procrastinated. To what? Not winning the lottery? I have no freaking money because I don't make enough to save.

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You have legal rights, but should take some action

Unless you two get into serious fighting and the police are called one or more times, I don't think you will be removed; however, you could be locked out at any time and the locks changed....and the police won't help you either. So, always take absolute necessities with you any time you leave premises - water, warm clothing, food/bedding?, valuables, phone, cash/money, phone numbers, important papers/id, laptop?, proof you've been living there, etc.


Talk with owner for some extra time. Offer help in return if possible. If not, let them see you packing so they know you're taking action but don't give details. (Things are unsure.) (Get free legal consults from landlord/tenant attorneys or your city legal dept., if necessary.)

Cancel cable/internet, etc. asap and try to get a pro-rated refund in person to pay for a storage unit. Moving companies have specials with 1-3 months free. Storage companies have specials, too. Trade labor for moving and storage?

Get an emergency cell phone plan for about $5/month: Virgin Mobile pre-paid unused minutes roll-over; Cricket and net10...I'm about to check out their new plans since years ago. Also, maybe T-mobile?

Try to get some boxes for packing - grocery stores and moving companies may give you used ones for free; or ask a box store that sells new ones for help. Otherwise, buy some large sturdy trash bags to put your 'must-haves'/'must-keeps' in...and then pack up.

If you have no money, trade your furniture for a place to stay or sell for as much money as possible. Unless you qualify for tax write-offs, try to trade/barter/get cash for as much of your belongings as possible before donating anything.

Change your banking and other stuff to paperless/online only so you can keep all your necessary accounts and access them online in the future. Change your address as soon as you get a new one if you can't afford a po box for $35 for 6 months. Sign up for online dmv renewals if your state offers it....you'll get notifications via email in lieu of postal mail.

Sign up for free GENERAL DELIVERY for up to 30 days at your local post office. They'll hold your mail at no charge...you can pick up any time during business hours at counter with id. After 30 days, have your necessary 1st class mail forwarded free up to 6 months to a family member or friend if you don't have an address by then. After 6 months, you can extend once for another 6 months.

If you can stand for long periods, apply for a job for $6-$8+/hr at McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, and grocery stores. Turn-over is high....they usually have openings, plus you can get discounted or free food. You can also try city governments for jobs, including their free training...they usually need drivers for their seniors/disabled program.

If you cannot afford a car and insurance, check into discount cabs or get a bicycle or manual scooter.

If you don't leave voluntarily, there's a high probability you can stay there 'til tuesday or past. Use your time wisely to take action. Post on craigslist for 'housing' and to sell your stuff. If it doesn't happen in 3-4 days, try a different route.

Talk with family/friends/acquaintances. Barter with people and businesses. Grocery store courtesy counters may help you with free phone calls, copies, food; hotels with free local calls.

Restaurants may need dishwashers or hosts; Dominos and Pizza Hut often need drivers. Both may help with food...frees your cash for other things.

Get help from city, county, state services; charities, churches, and food banks. If your survival and safety depend on it, that's what they are there for. Hospital parking lots are usually lit and safe if you need to sleep in your car...and lavatories are 24 hrs. (But may not be good if you have low immunity...you could literally catch a virus being inside.) There's also hotel parking lots, and other 24 hr places.

That's all that comes to mind off the top of my head. Hope it helps.

Good Luck! Well-wishes. Safety.

Good Ideas

At least you've provided some worthwhile info for the guy instead of dumping on him like most of the other posters. I'm disappointed with our fellow DPers.

No, that is a fact

You've had FOUR MONTHS to improve your situation and you chose not to, because you're paralysed by not having any money, because you can't save enough, as maybe this was never the answer to your preceived problem?

My guess is that there is a great place waiting for you that you can afford and will improve your life tremendously, if you get out there and get it.. and because TODAY IS THE DAY.. you've KNOWN about this day, and you're making excuses to prolong your agony in fear of a greater agnony.. well, many times what ever agony we go through winds up being for the best.. it's why I don't believe in kharma. Shit happens, and that includes GOOD shit.. go through this shit and find the GOOD instead of making excuses that are only your responsibility.

It's not easy, but it's WORTHY, so do what is WORTHY and trust that there is GOOD.. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND.. so get those boxes filled.. make moves to GET IT DONE.

You are leaving the room of HEll by YOUR choice because once you pass this gate of hell, you will advance.. I've seen it too many times.. GOOD shit happens when you make moves.. MAKE MOVES.

Do not be afraid. TAKE ON HEAVEN ON EARTH AND GET OUT OF HELL TODAY. Do it NOW. GOOD LUCK.. ((((((((((ramico)))))))))) YOU can do it.. you should be able to log in at Goodwill there are resources out there, and if you use them rather than let them use you, you will ADVANCE to a better place in this world.

Please.. take some deep breaths.. focus! Take on the weekend.. plenty of people in the parks to meet, ask about places.. when it comes to being homeless, you are starting at the TOP of the game.. don't be gamed..

Follow your heart.. not your fears False Evidense Appearing Real, following your heart means do what you love.. go places that you love.. use your head.. and be real about what you LOVE.. what are your dreams.. GO THERE NOW.. it takes guts.. find those guts to follow your heart.. use your head.. you're no dummy.

Look forward, not back. Be like water.. don't stagnate in a crappy situation.. come clean.. SEEK WHAT IS GOOD. You have a mission, GO FOR IT!!! YOU will do better than survive if you follow your heart.. go make your dreams happen, and stop the nightmare from getting in the way.

You will be OK. It's time for YOUR adventure.. take it on.. work it. fill those boxes, move that STUFF out.. start asking people if they know of a place where you can get on your feet.. MIRACLES HAPPEN WHEN YOU FOLLOW YOUR HEART, not stuck in your fears.

Being mad is a good thing.. be angry.. but don't take it out on those who are not prepared to help as YOU see help.. use that anger to fill boxes and meet people at salvation army, good will.. trust me, there's already been people there in your same situation.. you are not alone.. we all have our adventures.. some of mine were so outstanding, I feel I was lucky.. and this can happen to you, if you spend your anger packing boxes and seeing what is out there and going for it.. even if you have to sleep in your car.. some walmarts have places where people sleep in their cars, protected by security.. free.. find out what's out there.. it's labor day.. great weekend to start your adventure.

I don't make money because I

I don't make money because I refuse to work a job that is wrong. That's all there is to it. Money is the issue.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

Follow your heart

Begin searching what you love about life and begin going there.. money will come. maybe not so much at first.. but it won't matter when you love what you are doing.. music, art, talking, something you like doing, you will find the roght place if you just look.

Jump and the net will appear. ((((((((ramcico))))))))

This is HUGE.. it's OK.. make it work FOR YOU, not me. You're in my prayers.. I KNOW you can WIN!

I love nothing about life. I

I love nothing about life. I don't even want to work, much less do something enjoyable. Trying to make money from music and art is for libtards.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

Where did you get that idea?

Making money from music and art is for those who understand that it is business, and that is why so many very talented people get nowhere.

Maybe you can search your soul and admit to ONE thing you can love?

At this point in your life, maybe I'm asking a lot from you.. I hope not, because I KNOW.. what goes up must come down, and what goes down, will come up.

For example.. People on DP like to point out the downvotes I get. No one wants downvotes. I must appear as the most disliked person on DP.. and I bet that is absolutely true for some folks here who pressure me to leave DP, they insult me, call me names, twist my words, and some have taken the time to go through my posts long before they were on DP just to give me a downvote. So why am I here?

Because I'm not here for them, but I'm here for myself. I'm not here for upvotes, but to learn.. find other reasources, read thoughts that are not my own, I'm not perfect. I don't know everything. I have feelings and my feelings lie... my feelings tell me things that wind up not being true.. so I have to check my feelings. Have you checked yours lately?

Are your feelings lying to you, sabotaging you, taking away your pleasure for life? Are your thoughts accepting your feelings as true? Are you at bottom? I've been there many times..and I have learned that very successful people don't quit..

Expect a miracle (something to blow your feelings away and give you a break for some peace and happiness).