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Libertarian In Virginia Governor's Race At Or Near Ten Percent!

We could be seeing one of the most remarkable stories of the campaign cycle this year: The rise of Libertarian Robert Sarvis.

In each poll where Sarvis is asked about, his numbers keep rising. From five to seven to now NINE Percent in the latest PPP poll and TEN in the Emerson College poll.

For more read this post from Virginia Right:


To learn more about Sarvis, go to www.robertsarvis.com

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Virginia is a purple state. The northern half is blue and south of the James river red. Actually I think Sarvis is drawing from both other parties equally. The democrat is a classic big government sleazy looter and Clinton flunky who has no popular base. The republican is an out and out theocrat whose "states rights" agenda included mandatory trans vaginal probes and is repulsive to all but the most fanatic right to lifers and religious fundementalists that make up a majority of the virginia GOP He is also corrupt taking money from outright scam artists.

Sarvis is highly qualified (check out his resume) and is running on a classic "socially tolerant fiscally responsible" platform. This represents the actual majority of voters. Given his opposition with money he could win.

The best move for cuchinelli would be to have him in the debates as he would draw far more support from democrats and republican who cannot support his theocratic agenda.

We shall see


The 10% will probably come

The 10% will probably come mostly from former republican voters and ensure a democratic victory.If he can get up to 34% then that would change everything.

Thinking Like That

Thinking like that has given us 40 years of the status quo.

Whenever Libertarian candidates earn enough votes to match or exceed the margin of victory (i.e., "change the outcome" or "steal the election"), they change the way incumbents vote and which candidates the dominant parties nominate on the next round, trying to "recapture" "their" voters.

If we keep playing politics based on one single race, as if it will win the war, we're doomed to a stalemate.

1. The incumbents and their dominant party machines make changes to re-capture or capture the libertarian voters they lost. (Case in point: Obama going to Congress re Syria--and if you don't think Libertarians deserve some credit, you haven't been paying attention.)

2. The bigger the LP number gets, the more people "throw their vote away" next time, if 1., above, doesn't happen. The size of that number is an unmistakable signal.

3. Candidates and their parties don't have any claim on votes. Only the individual voter owns his own vote.

4. One LP party won a few percentage of the vote, but, later, it was enough to call up incumbents and convince them to vote against a tax hike in the legislature; the LP threatened to run against them if they voted for it, and a few percent was enough to scare them into voting against the tax.

5. Without votes, LP candidates can't qualify for future ballots. The status quo would just LOVE if voters buy the idea of voting for the lesser evil, because it means they won't have to stray from their cliche' positions in a real debate.

6. If the GOP can count of keeping "their" votes, no matter what, why would they ever change? Why would they even care what those voters think or want? If you want to change the GOP, voting for a better candidate--"win or lose"--is the only way to get them to pay attention to you!

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Those arguments all sound

Those arguments all sound good on paper but Ron Paul learned the hard way in 1988 that the two party system is firmly entrenched. If the libertarian party keeps growing at its present rate then they might be a major factor in 100 years or so. I am not sure the usa will still exist then.

sadly :(

Yep, he is running against Republican Ken Cucinelli, a man who was endorsed by Ron Paul in 2009, and would be the most pro States Rights Governor in modern history.

It is sad

That both parties are more interested in negativity and the GOP is tainted by scandal and division. Sarvis might be a refreshing alternative this election. Wonder how he'd do with money!

Sandy Sanders

According to wikipedia Mr

According to wikipedia Mr Sarvis has $38,736 as of June 30th. Cuccinelli raised $7,671,604, and Dem McAuliffe $12,683,556

Do you own Va Right? I think I read some good stuff on that site last year.

I do not own Va Right but thanks for the compliment

Ton White owns Virginia Right but I am honored to have blogged there for four years. Thanks for the kind words; we try to have high quality posts and Technorati has given us high marks for several years in US Politics and Politics, in the top 100 in both categories.

Please come back again to Va right and consider if Sarvis is worthy for your financial support.


Sandy Sanders