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Video - Obama's speech on Syria today - Updated w/ Boehner response

Speech starts @ 2 Min mark.


Highlights -

- 'overwhelming evidence'
- Blamed Assad off the bat
- Citing dead children to appeal to emotion
- These attacks 'Harms our National Security'
- Possibility of 'Assad giving weapons to terrorists'
- United states 'should take military action'
- 'No boots on the ground'
- 'Limited duration and scope'
- The US needs to 'hold Assad Accountable'
- We are prepared to strike 'whenever we choose'
- Not time sensative, but prepared,
- President calls our form of gov't a 'Constitutional Democracy'
- He WILL seek authorization for use of force from congress
- Spoke with the 4 congressional leaders to schedule that 'hearing'
- Comfortable with going forward WITHOUT UN, citing them being 'paralyzed'
- Obama is mad about UK not supporting
- He then cites that he has the 'authority' to start a war without authorization
- A few closing quotes
'We must acknowledge the costs of doing nothing'
'What message would we send if we do nothing while children are being gassed!?'
'I know well we are weary of war... thats why we are only going to pressure Assad regime... After WWII, We built an international order to establish peace, so I ask you congress to take a vote FOR authorization of force ... to keep the peace'.

Here is the Response from John Boehner, Citing the 'week of September 9th' Is when the house will vote on the resolution.

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Brace yourselves, this

Brace yourselves, this probably isn't over.

Let's look at what we have available. I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but damn if TPTB want a war in Syria, they aren't going to give up that easy just because the grass-roots and alternative media are calling for unity against it.

They will get their way. Whether it be by congressional blackmail including withholding of campaign funds to out-right blackmail to get authorization, or staging another false flag to justify the war before congress votes on the resolution, they will continue with the agenda.

They will cite Libya as precedence for the action against Syria. They will cite that we are not 'invading' like Iraq/Afghanistan. They will say its just a few bombs here and there to 'stop the chemical weapons'.

What scares me is the international blowback from those pandering against U.S. intervention. Whether planned or not, we lose.

If anything this speech is a circus act to create the illusion that we have a say in the matter.

Stay agorist.

Well, if these alleged

Well, if these alleged attacks "harm our national security", then the USA is truly an empire. How can our NATIONAL security be harmed by international events? I laugh at the idiotic claim of harm to our NATIONAL security by the Obama administration if the USA doesn't unilaterally attack Syria. Well, maybe the USA should finally consider the prospect of shrinking its empire back within the confines of its 50 states along with a concomitant removal of troops stationed on foreign soil, eh? ;)

Obama really means that failure to unilaterally attack Syria means possible harm to our INTERNATIONAL security. Anytime a goon in government claims possible harm to America's national security by refusing to meddle in foreign affairs, just correct their twisted argument into its true meaning, i.e. potential harm to America's international security, and then expose the cost and danger of sustaining America's international empire.

Lastly, Boehner's idiotic refusal to recall the House of Representatives in the face of an imminent and unconstitutional act by the POTUS is just another reason to remove Boehner as Speaker of the House.

It's a crisis, we have to act now!

Then, Cameron gets smacked down. Now it's, congress needs to vote, but I want to do it any way. This does distract us from Benghazi, the IRS, Fast & Furious, etc. scandals and the revelations from Snowden on the NSA. I'd like to think it is a house of cards that is falling but, I'm not so sure.

THEY ARE......

...the largest "Continuing Criminal Enterprise" the world has ever known and we just let them do it. Shame on all of us.



Caesar would've been jealous

Caesar would've been jealous of a modern day president.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke

Obama falsely believes he can

Obama falsely believes he can attack anyone, anytime under the guise of stopping them from potentially giving weapons to terrorists. More pre-crime Minority Report stuff that doesn't fly in the real world.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul


Worthless Scumbag!

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

couldnt finish it...

Doesnt need congress? Best thing for our democracy? keep chemical weapons from terrorists? HES HELPING THE DAMN TERRORISTS! THE USA CREATED THE TERRORISTS! For fucks sake! I am going to loose it. Everything is a lie...... I hate the USA. Fuck this I love my country and hate my government bullshit. Fuck it ALL!

"What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man."
-Robert Green Ingersoll

I Find It Amusing That He "Calls For Debate" In Congress

Obama automatically seems to call the congress HIS ENEMY, or the opposition; does he not? When he presents his view, and then "calls for debate?" He is starting from a point of disagreement.

Just like he calls for

Just like he calls for "openness" AFTER Snowden gives him no other choice. LOL! The prez really needs to spend more time away from Washington.

We Fly Our Attack Drones....

We are flying our US attack drones around the world, and somehow THE US is outraged by the use of chemical weapons?

We are the epitome of disgusting war tactics.

Good comparison

Good comparison

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He certainly doesn't have the

He certainly doesn't have the votes in Congress, right? This makes me a bit suspicious. It is totally out of character for Obama to do the right thing.

What are your thoughts? Do you thing Pelosi, Boehner, and the crew predict enough votes? OR is the Prez. doing this because he has no other choice?

Unfortunately, yes he does...

There's only about 180 in Congress who don't support it.

And, of course, the Party Leadership (Boehner, Pelosi) always, always vote in favor of War, War funding, and pressure and blackmail the other members to "fall in line".

It would take something quite unprecedented for the Party Bosses to suddenly become pacifists.

Meanwhile, Obama has already indicated that he'll bomb regardless of the outcome of those votes. Unlike the U.K, in the United States War Powers are always the prerogative of the President (i.e., whatever the Joint Chiefs, the CIA, and the Bankster-Globalists want him to do).

So don't expect to be saved by Congress....


has seen the US people overwhelmingly is against attacking Syria, however he painted himself in a corner by drawing the line in the sand, and using Kerry to promise a US retaliation. He can't attack Syria on his own now so he is turning it over to Congress. If congress agrees he can say Dems and Rep. both voted for this (like Bush did with Iraq)so blame them, if congress votes it down he can say its congress's fault Assad goes unpunished. Doing the "right thing" was his only option because he failed at handling this situation politically.


The big "O" asks the world for their approval to go to war and when they said NO, he then is asking Congress....What's wrong here?



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Email this to your congressmen. Might as well try this.

Congressman _______ :

With the President's speech today, Congress will soon be asked to approve of yet another war of aggression this time perpetrated against Syria. Going to war should never be done lightly, especially where evidence is lacking. In the case of Syria, there is no evidence implicating the Syrian government in the recent chemical attacks, and even if there was clear evidence, Syria poses no threat to our national security. We have been the world's policemen for decades, which is why both the UK and NATO are not supporting our war plans to attack yet another country. Why should they when they know that we will most likely take this unilateral military action anyway whether they are with us or not. This hypocrisy of a Nobel Peace Prize winning president taking us to war under the guise of providing humanitarian assistance is nothing short of stunning.

I urge you to vote NO on any resolutions or bills that commit this great country to war against Syria.

Thank you for your serious consideration,

Best quote of 2013

"Has there been a bigger con artist in the White House than Barack Obama?" - Ralph Nader

....no Ralph. Some good contenders in the past, but be is the all time undisputed champion of lying.


Okay, people are going to vote me down, but Barack Hussein Obama just did something right!

Now THAT is how you do it.

You want to go to war and think it's in this country's interest then you MAKE A CASE and get the people through Congress to agree with you.

Like Dr. Paul I am NOT a pacifist. I'm prepared for our country to go to war WHENEVER we all agree, as the Constitution outlines, to do so. Now we just need to let Congress know we don't need to strike Syria.

Congress and Obama are just puppets

This is just another part of the show. Whatever he is doing it is because he was told to. They just don't want people seeing that it is actually a show, so they have to keep the illusion going! Rothschild bankers are pulling the strings...


Obama "seems" to have done the right thing For now I give him props. He wanted badly and could of simply let the missals fly last week before he said a word about it but the downside is just too huge, a total mid east war.

Like I said Im happy and surprised he walked this back and he deserves a high five. Good job Mr. Obama.

“In the beginning of change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

Mark Twain


go congratulating him too much. This is his "out"...his only out.

He's gone out on a limb and taken the whole "red line" stance....now the entire world is against military action in syria (nato, UN, arab league etc. etc.) plus a bunch of congress, plus all the people in the US....plus the freaking UK.

So he's hanging out on a limb by himself looking like a complete jackass.....how do you get out of this position? What political move do you take? You take it to congress to paint a picture of a president who wants to include the american people and do things by the law....and if it doesn't pass in congress...he can just put the blame on congress and deflect all the big tough guy red line crap.

Politically brilliant....his only out.

But hey...even if it is politically motivated....it does set the bar for future presidents to perhaps follow in these footsteps....perhaps.


last sentence is all I care about.


i agree...hell if we're moving in the right direction even though it's because of selfish political motivations...it's a plus for us.

So now they have to convince the public. Get ready for the propaganda overload the next few weeks....they're gonna be nuking the emotions of everyone in this country.

did you miss the part where he said he does not

need congressional approval? That is disgusting. Congress is bought and paid for, as we speak I am sure their arms are getting twisted.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I didn't

miss it. I heard it.

BUT he is allowed an opinion. He is the president. We are the people. He has his opinion and we have ours. What I'm celebrating is that he is ACKNOWLEDGING the Constitution is the ultimate judge for how to resolve it. He's saying he will stay within the confines of the Constitution. That deserves kudos for ANY president.

Listen again.

He said he believes he already has the authority to do it and doesn't need Congress approval. But he's going to go to them to avoid criticism.

He's not the

first president. Ronald Reagan invaded Grenada without a congressional declaration of war.

Look how this country celebrated Reagan.

It's not about politics or party. Both parties have become the same. Our country needs to return to Constitutional rule of law. Anybody that pushes us in that direction should be congratulated.

he is only taking this stance now

because he's backed into a corner. Not because he actually wants to honour the constitution.


It doesn't

matter. Doing the right thing deserves recognition. I don't care what anyone says.

This doesn't mean I don't think his policies like Obamacare are not completely off the mark and horrible. I'm giving credit where it's due. When anyone refers to the Constitution, I don't care who they are, they will get recognition and congratulations from me, at least.

In this day and age, that stands out.