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Video - Obama's speech on Syria today - Updated w/ Boehner response

Speech starts @ 2 Min mark.


Highlights -

- 'overwhelming evidence'
- Blamed Assad off the bat
- Citing dead children to appeal to emotion
- These attacks 'Harms our National Security'
- Possibility of 'Assad giving weapons to terrorists'
- United states 'should take military action'
- 'No boots on the ground'
- 'Limited duration and scope'
- The US needs to 'hold Assad Accountable'
- We are prepared to strike 'whenever we choose'
- Not time sensative, but prepared,
- President calls our form of gov't a 'Constitutional Democracy'
- He WILL seek authorization for use of force from congress
- Spoke with the 4 congressional leaders to schedule that 'hearing'
- Comfortable with going forward WITHOUT UN, citing them being 'paralyzed'
- Obama is mad about UK not supporting
- He then cites that he has the 'authority' to start a war without authorization
- A few closing quotes
'We must acknowledge the costs of doing nothing'
'What message would we send if we do nothing while children are being gassed!?'
'I know well we are weary of war... thats why we are only going to pressure Assad regime... After WWII, We built an international order to establish peace, so I ask you congress to take a vote FOR authorization of force ... to keep the peace'.

Here is the Response from John Boehner, Citing the 'week of September 9th' Is when the house will vote on the resolution.

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then when the warmongers criticize him, he can chalk it up to 'obstructionist republicans' or a 'broken congress'.