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Obama asks Congress to OK strike on Syria

WASHINGTON--- President Obama said on Saturday that he was ready to take military action against Syrian President Bashar Assad, but that he will seek the approval of Congress before carrying out a military strike.

Obama says congressional leaders have agreed to schedule a debate and vote when they return to session. They are scheduled to return from their summer recess on Sept. 9.

The president did not say if he'd forgo a strike if Congress rejects his call to action.

"This attack is an assault on human dignity," Obama said with Vice President Biden standing by his. "It also presents a serious danger to our national security."


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A vote so incredibly

A vote so incredibly important and could start ww3....

and we all have to wait another week until everyone gets back from vacation!


“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul


So, I was browsing online, and in the background the news came on after the football game. All of a sudden Obama said I will seek authorization from congress...I choked on my water, and had to rewind and listen to it again... Immediately I came to dailypaul to catch reaction...then was let down to see he still said he has authority to act. Oh well...I'm glad to see at least some acknowledgement that the constitution still exists, even though I think mentioning that is 100% political on Obama's part... Interesting to see what comes of this.

And here come the politics...

Now that O-Bomba realizes that he has committed political suicide he is going to try and get the NeoCons to jump off the cliff with him so that the disaster that is coming can't be used against the Demoncats in 2016.

Of course the uhmerikan likudniks in the Congress will oblige.

Pass the popcorn please....

The window is now open! We

The window is now open! We need to raise hell to our congressman and tell them we dont support this war. If congress says NO and Obama goes in by himself this will be the perfect moment to start impeachment. In the chess game of politics we have them cornered.

For how arrogant and overly confident the elite of this world think they are, there agenda is now not going to plan and they are having to do what they can to maintain public support but it is growing too late for them, they are growing desperate.

I honestly believe this is the event that could turn the tide. Once people wake up there is no going back asleep and people are awake and pissed in numbers never seen before. Even Obama's bread and butter liberals wont support him over this.

An ideological victory here and now would be the single most important political event in the strive for Liberty.

I am 25 and never before have I had such hope and excitement for the future.

Whether it is expressed through the Apocalypse of the Bible or the resurgence of spirituality, there is a certain awakening going on now with every person on this Earth. The second coming of Christ will be though our hearts and conscious, it will percolate itself into our awareness ever building through every small deed of kindness and act of Love before it crashes like a wave washing away the filth of the synthetic and counterfeit reality that has been presented to us so callously as Truth. As long as we hold on to Love and hope and take action on it humanity cannot and will not be defeated.

Fate itself will shudder at our will.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

After the British Parliament turned down the war initiative

Obama is looking for authorization through congress. Then he goes on to say the authorization is not needed, he can act on his own. Congress gets to vote on WWIII, this is crazy.

I'm Excited To See This Vote!

I'm confident Obuma will get his war but, this will be huge going into 2016. This will expose the Republican candidates, who may be true conservatives and who are the Neo Cons. Christie and Rubio will most likely vote for war and Rand hopefully will vote against it and people will see how different Rand is from the rest.

Just to let you know

Christie is a Governor. He doesn't get to vote on this.


nice catch. thanks


Since when has Congress ever not wanted to go to War?

What is the definition of National Security?

What is the definition of National Security?

I guess that is for us to define

when we talk to our Congressmen.