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StormCloudsGathering: Could be the Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch

Less than 14 minutes long, this video explains WHY we have seen and are seeing the war mongering in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran.

My apologies to anyone who has posted this here before. If anyone has posted it here, I missed it or ignored it. Big mistake.

This video does a better job of explaining the events we see unfolding better than anything I have ever seen.

In a nutshell, it goes like this:

1945 - Bretton Woods Agreement makes the US Dollar the world's reserve currency, provided the US promises to continue to back it by gold

1971 - Because of war spending and general corruption of politicians, the US refuses to continue the agreement and defaults, making the US Dollar backed by nothing, and stealing gold from other countries

1973-1975 - US enters into agreements with OPEC nations that they will ONLY sell their oil in US Dollars and will invest excess profits in US Treasuries. In exchange, the US military is pledged to defend OPEC oil fields. This creates the era of the PetroDollar, which means the US Dollar is effectively backed by oil (not as good as gold, but better than nothing). This might be why the dollar continues to hold up against other currencies in the face of massive printing.

Due to these agreements with OPEC, all oil importing countries MUST obtain US Dollars to buy oil. This creates an artificial demand for the US Dollar, making the US wealthy through force of military. It allows the US to win the arms race and Cold War. It creates artificial demand for US Treasuries, allowing the US government to borrow money and spend on wasteful projects without taxing the American people as much. It also requires the US to police the Middle East and install puppet dictators, something the people there hate and resent.

2000 - Iraq decides to stop selling oil in US Dollars and instead sell oil in Euros.

Same year, the Project for a New American Century writes it's infamous "Rebuilding America's Defenses" which discusses needing a "New Pearl Harbor."

Same year, George Bush Jr. "wins" presidency amid claims of fraud.

2001 - 9/11

2003 - After war drums beat and lies are told about WMD's, US invades Iraq and overthrows their government. One of the first acts is to go back to selling oil in US Dollars.

2007 - General Wesley Clark reveals that he was given a document back in 2003 showing how the US military was going to invade 7 countries in 5 years.

Mid-2000's - Libya organizes a group of nations to create a competing currency backed by gold.

2011 - US wages a war by proxy against Libya, killing the leader, and one of the first acts is to install a central bank.

In recent years, Iran has been working with Russia, China, and other countries to sell their oil in other currencies.

The US has been plotting (yes, a "conspiracy") to overthrow the government of Iran again (first time was in 1953). Iran's closest ally is Syria.

The US is trying to beat the war drums to invade Syria NOT because of chemical weapons, but to set up the attack on Iran. (The war drums against Iran have not worked, so far.)

If Iran can sell oil in other currencies, other countries will follow. This will be the destruction of the PetroDollar, which is to say that all that irresponsible borrowing and money printing in the US will finally crash the currency and the economy.

And if the US is able to kill off Iran, the next targets are Russia and China. In other words: World War 3.

Some of the above are things I added to the story, but the gist is there. The video does an excellent job of quickly explaining the whole picture.

Everyone should watch it.


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Thank you for providing excellent commentary to your posted

video. I so appreciate when people show consideration to their audience, by communicating a short text overview or introduction to their links and videos.

I knew Syria was about the petri-dollar, but I didn't understand they history. Thank you for sharing.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

One more element to the story

Beginning in 1863, the US congress took over the printing of money in order to finance the civil war, and destabilize the dollar to bring about the fed

Adding more to the story ...

... some veeeeery interesting dates in history.

1971 - OPEC meeting where they decided to use US dollar for oil (exact same year Nixon unlawfully ended the gold standard).

2000 - Iraq decides to use euros instead of dollars.

2001 - Iran switches their reserve funds from dollars to euros.

2002 - North Korea decides to switch all their purchases from dollars to euros.

Hmmm ... "Axis of Evil" ... gee, I wonder why those particular 3 countries are called that ???

2003 - Hugo Chavez becomes chairman of OPEC and proposes that all of OPEC switches from dollars to euros.

Gee ... why was Venezuela added to the "bad guys" list?

*scratching head* Can't figure that one out.


Thats the American plan to bring Democracy to the middle east

If anyone has not seen this yet, its well worth watching. Robert Newman has an interesting and humorous way to describe the petrodollar and geopolitical involvement, in this truly great stand up comedy piece. The history of oil.

One Big


Tee Hee

They said NowOrNever...lol

But seriously, that was a nice summary of the situation, well documented and to the point. Thanks for posting.

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