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Writing Congress to vote "NO" to war on Syria.

I am formulating a letter for my congressmen and representatives. I have very little time this labor day weekend and from past history I usually have to take three days of reading and re reading...editing and re-editing to get it down to one concise page. I NEED help. If you have a letter you want to share or suggestions you could post...this is my first and definitely NOT final draft after thirty minutes of typing before I go to work....It is way too wordy and not concise enough. I will post the final draft after I finally send it hopefully on Monday...
the appropriate address and salutation,

Seems to me the President wants to continue the WAR ON TERROR by arming and AIDING THE TERRORISTS and ensure they can terrorize us indefinitely. This violates his promise to abolish the Patriot Act which has deteriorated the power of our Constitution and not only threatens, but in fact, has VIOLATED our Constitution Rights to Privacy. He should be impeached as it stands, for security breeches concerning disclosing Seal Team Six as the killers of Bin Laden for political votes which undoubtedly cost them their lives according to family members. He should be impeached for the arming of Al Qaeda and his obstruction of justice regarding Benghazi, the targeting of political opponents through the IRS and the intimidation of investigative reporters who try to shed light on blatant lopsided media propaganda to hide criminal motives against his own people. If he truly understood the Constitution and the Bible he would not propagandize Israel as an excuse to bomb innocent people and Christians in Syria. Israel has to repeatedly said they can take care of themselves and doesn't need to repeat their past mistakes by trusting in the chariots of America and Al Qaeda. If he understood the Bible, he would understand the “Hands off Syria” being shouted by Christians across the globe. Any strike is doomed to fail as sure as the fact we are broke and can't afford another war , let alone the NOT affordable care act your trying to shove down my throats and the mass infiltration of terrorist illegal citizens IS have to face around every corner. The American people are fed up with our tax dollars going to illegals and terrorists, with illegals trampling over our rights to ensure domestic tranquility, because we have NONE..Consider them YOUR friends as Al Qaeda is YOUR friend if you fund them. If you fund them you will be an enemy of the people and it will be reflected at the ballot box. Represent us and not the corporations that bribe you...I pay you more than I will ever earn or will ever want to earn. Say NO...NO...NO to ANY military action in Syria or any aid to our sworn enemies the REBELS and all of their terrorist factions. I don't care who use chemicals on who, but the overwhelming evidence is it was Saudi Arabia and the rebels. The President needs to be removed from office for aiding and abetting the enemy. Call it insanity, treachery or plane incompetent gullibility to be deceived.... we need a leader who has understanding. If you continue down this road we the people will be filing and petitioning the White House to secede from the Union. I understand this puts me in jeopardy of the NDAA ,but that was unconstitutional too.
Sincerely yada yada yada

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emailed my rep this morning.

Luckily he apparently reads them. Before questioning bernanke he thanked me for giving him information and he actually used it in his time. Basically said why do we support al- queda, didnt we learn the lesson from Benghazi?

I sent it

Very depressing and disgusted...I shortened it and threw it sat them in disgust.
Dear Honorable .......
Vote absolutely NO American intervention in the Middle East please. We are acting uncivilized for a nuclear power, stirring up a hornets nest against allies that refuse to get involved personally in their own state of affairs. It will not be easily forgotten. Have the President go before the United Nation Counsel if he is so sure about his evidence against President Assad. Have a World Court set the precedent for war judiciously. Assad is reasonable we are not. We have secretly and now openly funded sworn enemy terrorists to terrorize someone we don't like.. We will be destroyed if we respond with military options. Have the UN evaluate this so called secret evidence that has he and some in his administration believe implicate Assad without a shadow of a doubt. Let the UN decide on World War our intelligence is lacking let them evaluate it. Think about how wrong we were on Benghazi,(video), Kuwait(incubator babies), Iran (WMD). Let the UN try to sift out a war zone to see if Assad ordered them (doubtful), or if a rogue General, soldier or the rebels. The UN is very capable, we are NOT. We can't afford it and it is immoral. The UN was set up after Nuremberg because of a war criminal named HITLER...IT WAS DONE TO AVOID A WORLD WAR LIKE OBAMA IS DEMANDING. If Congress doesn't vote no, you are blind and wanting your own Civil WAR.

Like Congress actually gives

Like Congress actually gives a flying turd...

All they care about is themselves, and their next taxpayer funded government paycheck.

Bunch of welfare delinquents. They don't produce jack squat, but they always have their greedy ass hands out for a free check.

Don't fret all of you government paid for slobs, payday is tomorrow!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

They care about


My rep has a very piss-poor record. After many, many post cards and numerous phone calls from all of us, he has finally conceded to vote DEFUND obamacare (HR45).

The cards and phone calls WILL persist to ensure that he does not vote another way on another potential future resolution.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Dear Santa, .....

Dear Santa,


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

That attitude is

A large part of the problem we have now. It's nothing more than an excuse to be lazy.

Dear Santa

I like that one...I may use it.

Dear zooamerica,

You deserve what you get/work toward.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Representative so and so:

STOP the war in Syria, Do NOT engage Iran.

A **VOTING** constituent,

Name goes here.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

who has time to read 10,000

who has time to read 10,000 letters that long? One sentence will do. Do not authorize the use of military force of any kind in syria.

May as well be writing a

May as well be writing a letter to a dead relative.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Hand write the

letter. Make it 2 sentences long and hand address the envelope. Mail it to the congressman's LOCAL OFFICE. Email is a waste of time.

Letters sent to DC offices must be processed through a system of testing and xray sterilization for poisons since the days after 9-11.

Congress needs to hear from us ASAP. Get that letter postmarked soon.

Dr. Mike Vasovski
South Carolina Campaign Chairman, Ron Paul 2012
The SINGLE vote in the SC delegation for RP, GOP Convention, Tampa, FL
2010 Candidate, US Congress SC-03
Past Chairman, Aiken, SC County Tea Party

You're right

just 2-3 short sentences is enough to tell them how you feel and what you want. If you're trying to get other people to sign the letter, making it lengthy or having many issues discourages them from signing.
Handwritten letter are best, but an e-mail doesn't hurt. I tell them I oppose military action and that I'll be informing others of their decision between now and election time.

I just wite a short letter

telling them I'm tired of them borrowing money and sinking us deeper into debt and sending our kids off to die. That we've been bombing the hell out of people, yet look what we've got. I tell them our military should stay out of other countries affairs, and that our money should go to fixing our problems.

I don't think you can really reason with them. Money and votes are all that really influences them. I just try to get as many signatures as possible. Even if it's just my friends and family. I get 8-10 per letter and send it in, and then send more in with a slightly different letter a few days later, whatever the issue.

Everyone has their own style. I just feel that I shouldn't have to explain anything to them. I'm not a child begging my parents for something. All I should need to do is tell them what in the hell I want them to do. When we vote we don't need to explain why we voted for a person. This whole thing is upside down. They've got too many of us thinking that we have to explain the reason we shouldn't do something instead of the other way around.