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Russian/Putin News

Truthfully, I am finding more valid news coming out of Russia than any of the major media outlets. My wife is Russian and finds articles of interest for me. Interestingly, having a Russian wife and having been to Russia 3 times, their news on the US is as revealing and often more so, and is as comparable to any of the alternate media sources.
Funny isn't it, our US government lies are exposed in Russian news.


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Russians over 40 know how to interpret news....

...whatever the news says, the opposite is true.


is a communist Country. I don't know if I should trust them. This might be just good cop bad cop type of thing.

Russian Proverb

Everything that the communists said about communism was a lie but everything they said about capitalism turned out to be the truth. – 21st Century Russian Proverb.

Leges sine moribus vanae

Regime change

Russia and China might decide that it's time for a regime change in the USSA...Amerika got tired of Saddam, they might get tired of our ROGUE Government.
Hey, I saw where Obummer is going to go to Congress for a declaration, Wanna bet he doesn't get the authorization and goes to war anyways.

I would think Obama

would do it anyways, but who knows. This might be just an act to make Obama and Congress look good. I know that is hard to believe but I don't see Congress giving Obama authorization to attack Syria.

Very good

Here is a good part:


What is my assessment? Common sense says it all. Syrian government troops are coming. In some regions, they surrounded the rebels. Under these conditions, giving trump those who constantly calls for foreign military intervention, just utter nonsense. This does not correspond to any logic at all, and even the day of arrival of UN observers.

Therefore, I am convinced that it is nothing more than a provocation by those who want to involve other countries in the Syrian conflict , who wants to gain the support of the first, of course, the United States.

As for the position of our American colleagues, and friends who claim that government forces have used weapons of mass destruction , and they say that they have such evidence, let them then they made ​​a claim to the UN inspectors and the Security Council. Reference to the fact that they have such evidence, but they are secret, no one they can not provide them, do not stand up to scrutiny. It's just a lack of respect for their partners and participants in international activities. Reference to the fact that this is some kind of regular interceptions of any negotiations that do not prove anything, can not be the basis for making such fundamental decisions as the use of force against a sovereign state.

If Russia and China come over here to

spread some democracy to our politicians, our politicians can expect no help from me.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I've Been Worried Recently

I have been worried that the unconstitutional acts of the president, and the deaf ear of U.S. political leaders to the public (both U.S. and world) will be used as a justification for UN (world) intervention into the United States.

I thought of an alternative means by which the US citizens might regain control of government, peacefully, from within.


For me

I find the most honest and refreshing news coming out of Israel.

yeah the outlets that are critical of their gov are probably

decent. But something tells me those aren't the Israeli's news outlets you are speaking of.

What's that something?

besides an insult?


indeed it isn't an insult

You get enough of that.


And it's because I am defending Israel..

Nut that's ok, because I have no regrets studying Israel and it has given me a new perspective politically, which isn't easy to convey, except, I don't think we're foing into war.. I don't think Obama ever intended to do anything about Syria, and the American people are so tired of war, they have become numb to the reasons.. it's just "more" war, but it's not.

None the less, I believe Israel will be just fine.. too many banksters depend on Israel (their Repunzel). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEEpavnk7Uw

I think he did intend to do something.

For some reason, unknown to this commenter, the Saudis seem to have an
odd fascination with Israel.

Apparently, however, the talibama is weaker than many anticipated.
Possibly, that is because he was fast-tracked into the presidency,
by the commercial press, with no "real" popular support.
Nobody actually knows who he is.
Hillary may have made a more convincing argument for war.
She is more skilled with the "one world" wordisms.
C'est la guerre.

The Saudis are far from alone

China and India have huge interests in Israel..

I figured out why.. that's where the genuis of the world is when it comes to advancing mankind.. Israel is it.. and so I have no fear for Israel.. all this bruhaha conspiracy over Israel is BS. Israel minds their own BUSINESS because that's what Israel loves best, business; and they're good.. so good, most of the producing world looks to Israel, not the US.. to Israel for solutions. That includes the Saudis, because they have money and they only place on Earth creating and producing mind blowing, light years ahead of the rest of the world, intel and products is Israel..

Once you see that, the entire picture changes.. This past episode of saber rattling was for Obama.. and the truth is. the people should be on the side of the Free Syrians, not the Jihadists MSM uses as examples of the Free Syrians.. MSM doesn't want us to know that Arab Spring is by people who LOVE Israel, because MSM doesn't want us to know, because then they couldn't control us if we were like Israel.. Israel is the most free place on earth, and that's why there are 1.2 million people asking for Amnesty, 30K tourists a day.. still.. this war hasn't put a dent in their tourism.. so if Israel has all that going on, what is going on with us that most of us don't have a clue?