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The Awkward Photo John Kerry Doesn't Want You to See

An awkward photo is going viral showing Kerry and his wife having a cozy dinner with the Assads in 2009.

the, awkward, photo, john, kerry, doesnt, want, you, to, see,



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It's a possibility

that few want to consider.

After all, it is a zoo.....

bump up

never saw this before..


Was that khadafi

Or Lionel Richie

is that

a bong at the next table over?

It's a...


i was just

trying to make people laugh.

It would've been

extra awkward if kerry was taking a puff. :)

But still very awkward as is...


Some would think that if he did take a puff he would lose his "Authority".

I on the other hand, always knew that he never had the claim of "Authority" in the first place.