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Obama Collapses: Will Seek Congressional Approval, For Now - VIDEO

Obama Collapses: Will Seek Congressional Approval, For Now - VIDEO


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Frankly, I wouldn't trust

Frankly, I wouldn't trust Obama with a 10' pole. Isn't Obama's administration responsible for diverting the plane of the Bolivian president under the suspicion that Snowden might be on board even AFTER Obama said that he wouldn't divert planes for that purpose? In essence, Obama's a liar who can't be trusted ... at all.

It was Obama's best move, and to his credit he took it

I've been reading a lot on this story, and I've noticed buried in the articles that "Obama's advisors are shocked and disappointed".

This has played in the background of almost every story.

Would be a smart time for him to clean house, but I hold little hope.

I bet his advisory staff is loaded with embeds and plants.

there is always the

there is always the possibility, but like you i dont think ill be holding my breath

would love to see it though

Alternative and internet

Alternative and internet media was too much for him.

Excellent Point

The disconnect between so called 'mainstream' and alternative sources is stark from my perspective.

For example today on Good Morning Amerika (one of the few US programs I watch here in Saudi), it was reported how UN inspectors were leaving Syria, and US ships lurking offshore in the Mediterranean are (therefore) teeing up their missiles. There was simply NO MENTION WHATSOEVER of any findings of the UN inspectors. NONE, not in the slightest, not even an acknowledgement of findings of guilt. It was as if it were a foregone conclusion that the Syrian government had been implicated and was directly responsible, and that the inspectors were getting out of Dodge because of the inevitability of an impending but 'deserved' US attack. Sure, they told no lies (the standard to what 'journalism' has sunk) - but in the structure and selectivity of the content of the presentation, sure crafted a BS story.

While at the same time I see several articles here and elsewhere implicating Saudi Prince Bandar in supplying chemical weapons to the rebels. WTF?

This is all a load of crap by the US government and it's beginning to STINK. Congress will believe what it wants to believe.

What should we expect from a

What should we expect from a world where a government thinks it has the authority to designate who are, or, are not journalists, but not limited to journalists