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Military ‘Practice’ Bomb Lands In Maryland Bar Parking Lot


SUDLERSVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — A freak accident in the skies over Maryland’s Eastern Shore. A military plane drops a “practice” bomb into a Queen Anne’s County parking lot, narrowly missing cars and people.

The National Guard now admits—it could have been a disaster.

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Holy Crap

Isn't that what Area 51 / Groome Lake / entire state of Nevada is for?

Oh sorry, Nevadans are people, too. I think.

This is crazy! I was out deep

This is crazy! I was out deep sea fishing off the coast way out like 35, 40 miles in Ocean city, which is eastrern shore maryland, and we saw a fighter jet fly over above us and then on the horizon a huge splash like 200 feet tall! I thought the plane had crashed but obviously they had dropped something into the water...didn't share it with anyone but after this I had to, wow insane!

That pilot is in hot water

with the boss. Wouldn't want to be him.

That or someone else sending

That or someone else sending the US a message ala off shore LA icbm.