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The rise of the anti-war right

We’ve compiled a collection of photos from today’s anti-war protest outside of the White House. A protest that some believe delayed the beginning of the president’s speech by 30 minutes. Scroll down for a collection of photos and media.

First, this from the Daily Caller:

A smaller group of antiwar protesters sought to distance themselves from other, largely left-wing, demonstrators. They carried signs like “Anti-war Republican” and “Only Congress Has the Authority.”

“I’m here as an antiwar Republican,” said Kaelee Pines, “who didn’t vote for Obama, but at least had hope that we would end all of our presence overseas, as promised by him.”

“The international community has recognized that this is not an action that would benefit their countries or their people...”

JB Brown, who previously was a field rep. with the Ron Paul 2012 campaign, brought his message to the White House this afternoon and was interviewed by the Daily Caller:

J.B. Brown, an Iraq war veteran who saw action in downtown Baghdad in 2009 and 2010…“I believe that this proposed war is a horrible idea, both for the Syrian people and the American people,” he said. “I think that Obama should live up to his campaign promises from the first time around — when he actually believed in something maybe — and realize that he doesn’t get to be king. He has to go to Congress in order to go to war.”

“If he does commit the United States military to another war without going to the Congress,” he told TheDCNF, “I believe that would be an impeachable act, and I would hope that House leadership from a Republican, liberty side would move in that direction...

Read more, including photos:

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All im interested in "anti

All im interested in "anti war republican" is "anti war", i dont care for the background, the class, the group, all i care is the individual, so although i respect their stance if true, i dont respect the propegating of in this instance, party........its like, see, i believe in this, you should vote republican, making the party advertisement shadowing the more important aspect of "anti war republican"

And i agree with a poster down below, at least, IN THIS DAY AND AGE, i dont discount a forced war of defence, true and honest, not manipulated and propagandized defence mind you, thats when evry single individual KNOWS that they have been forced to denfend, in their bones......i think the only wars the western powers have had in their bones is OFFENCE, their victims being the ones defending from the advances of other nations, and the sad thing is, so many people who support this, dont care enough to realise that.....if i were to think spontaneously why that should be, as i just have, arrogance comes to mind, arogance of ones self, group, cast, party, nation........i think you can have these things, as long as the pitfulls are known, but i think they cause more harm then good, the way they have been twisted, the idea of a reset button just came to mind

Did we break the Republican

Did we break the Republican Party?



Ron Paul invited us to join because there were seats available since the party was in the process of "controlled demolition". Ron Paul saw the opportunity, and that burned them, but they are doing things to shake us.. if we can't compete, we could be into a political situation as China's,, one party rule..

To be honest

I prefer being called a Pro-PEACE RepubliCAN because I am not antiwar, I believe in the right to defense; and to do that, one must be prepared for war.. that's why I like Israel's IDF.. it's a much better way to have a standing milita and everyone on the same page when it comes to defense (even when it hurts, and war always does).

Yeah, I knew I was going to crack a few eggs for this omelet

But most of the photos were posted by friends on Facebook proudly labeling themselves the 'anti-war right.' Perhaps because that's what the Daily Caller was calling them. Just thought this certainly isn't a bad angle for the typical Fox viewer to bump up against.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

I was just saying

why I prefer the Pro-Peace.. I think it's a positive position, where anti- is negetive and hurtful.

Using the prefix "Anti" with

Using the prefix "Anti" with any word stings more. So I approve this message.