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Forensic High-Tech Test Confirms Facebook, Twitter, and Google Snoop on Emails

Test 'reveals Facebook, Twitter and Google snoop on emails': Study of net giants spurs new privacy concerns

Study set out to test confidentiality of 50 of the biggest Internet companies
Researchers sent unique web address in private messages through firms
They found six of the companies opened the link from the message.

Facebook, Twitter and Google have been caught snooping on messages sent across their networks, new research claims, prompting campaigners to express concerns over privacy.

The findings emerged from an experiment conducted following revelations by US security contractor Edward Snowden about government snooping on internet accounts.
Cyber-security company High-Tech Bridge set out to test the confidentiality of 50 of the biggest internet companies by using their systems to send a unique web address in private messages.

Experts at its Geneva HQ then waited to see which companies clicked on the website.
During the ten-day operation, six of the 50 companies tested were found to have opened the link.

Among the six were Facebook, Twitter, Google and discussion forum Formspring."


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1st time I've seen Twitter implicated

in this whole snooping, NSA fiasco

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul