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Unidentified Navy Officer Sums It All Up

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Gunner's mate Chief petty officer looks like to me is having second thoughts about the contract he signed voluntarily. My advice is retire Chief. Yes, I am a retired veteran and the corrupt vehicle for liberal pundits the military has morphed into today isn't the same service I retired from. It's corrupt and vile and doomed! Run! Run away!

He's a chief, not an

He's a chief, not an officer....

In with caption before caption this picture thread

Enlisted service member displays quality noticeably absent among officer ranks ... balls!

He's absolutely right...

He joined the Navy to fight for Israel!!!

It is time to awake

Surely the military personel and especially the grunts who are on the battlefield getting the brunt of all these illegal so called wars, must loathe our present government and its so called leaders.

Remember, the troops have family here at home!
Only God knows what is about to happen.....

Americans, and people worldwide, don't you think its time to seek the face of God and His forgiveness in Christ Jesus?

We are one day closer and ...... time is runing out!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Great post

... but he is a Navy Chief, a senior enlisted man. Not an officer.

I wish i could call and thank him.

He just gave me some pride in being a chief. I didnt know if I could keep going.

Rely on the mess! Brother you have my support.


I agree!

I also served in the Navy and am so proud that this decorated gentleman stood up for the right cause.

It's such a relief to see someone upholding their oath.

It's not a civil war.....

Assad is fighting off foreign terrorists, not syrian rebels!!!!!!

Yes, bombing entire cities is

Yes, bombing entire cities is how you fight off foreign terrorists.



That is not a Marine

He is a sailor. His note card says Navy too.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant