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Congressional Vote over Syria

Hi everyone,

I'm sure all of you are as sickened from the MSM push for war with Syria as I am.

I do see an opportunity here though. I still think a strike is likely, but it can be ruled out with sufficient pressure on Congress. In any case, I think it's our best chance and we all know that the consequences for this have the potential to be catastrophic (ie conflict with Russia and China).

I drafted up an email to Congress which I may send to as many Congressmen and Senators as I can. Probably not to Rep. Peter King, whose logic is beyond reason.

Below is the template. Please consider sending it, at a minimum, to your Congressman and Senators.


Dear Congressman/Congresswoman/Senator _____ ,

After thoroughly reviewing the evidence presented to the American people regarding the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime, I believe that the proof is insufficient and that the consequences of this intervention would be far more disastrous than the Obama
administration claims.

I strongly urge you to hold a vote, and then to vote AGAINST a declaration of war with Syria.



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My Call to Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52)

Hello, my name is "Slaughts31" and as one of your constituents in La Jolla, I am calling to ask you to give NO AUTHORIZATION for the President's proposed military intervention in Syria.

While I agree with your Aug. 31st press statement that indicates the use of chemical weapons is reprehensible, it is not clear, however, which side used these weapons. The UN report has not yet been published and some reports indicate we will be supporting Al-Qaeda by supporting the rebels. Other reports indicate the rebels deployed the chemical weapons themselves. Further, unilateral military action without UN support is illegal and against the will of the American people. A US military strike will likely lead to a prolonged conflict with little benefit to the US or Syrian people. US intelligence falsely indicated that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I hope you will consider this issue very carefully, and I look forward to following your future action on this critical issue.

Thank you.

Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52)
858-455-5550 (San Diego)
202-225-0508 (DC)

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Also Senators Boxer and Feinstein

Sen. Dianne Feinstein
619-231-9712 (San Diego)
202-224-3841 (DC)

Sen. Barbara Boxer
619-239-3884 (San Diego)
202-224-3553 (DC)

Also emailed them all. Please consider taking the time to voice your opinion directly to your representatives.

Worth the call.

Make a call, save a syrian.

Not a single congressman can boast a majority of eligible voters

They are a gathering representing a minority, rarely more the a quarter of all possible voters.

Congress cannot create a majority from a minority.

Congress has no democratic authority to break the law.

Free includes debt-free!

To Mr. Hatch, The classic

To Mr. Hatch,

The classic definition of insanity is to repeat an action over and over expecting different results and that is exactly what President Obama is doing now in Syria. We have learned a hard lesson in our misadventures in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya that have resulted in the deaths of thousands of our servicemen. Lets not drag ourselves into another endless quagmire at the cost of our countrymen’s lives and our nation’s fortune.

Now we are poised to make the same mistake with the real possibility for much more dire consequences if we strike Syria. Given the geopolitical situation and regional treaties, this could very well be the event that initiates WWIII, in the same way a flashpoint initiated WWI but with greater potential for widespread destruction and mass casualties on the US mainland.

Obama wants to "Punish" Assad for an event he cannot even provide concrete evidence for. How much American and Syrian civilian blood must be spilled on the account of mere conjecture and possibly outright lies?

I do not know what or whose agenda Obama is fulfilling but as a Senator of the Great State of Utah, I trust you will put OUR interests first and vote to stay out of this utterly foolish, wasteful and potentially disastrous conflict.


We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.


I borrowed some of your words and just sent my letters off to Congressman Pat Meehan and Senator Pat Toomey.

Could also add

to your letter a request to your congressman/senator to repeal the war powers resolution to prevent Presidents from abrogating Congress' Constitutional duty.

I made it personal and focused on the economy...

As your constituent, I strongly urge you to not allow military action in Syria. There are many reasons of which are outlined in the link below. But the main reason is that our national debt is crippling our economy. If there is one thing I would have you consider, think of me, an IT worker in his early 40's, out of work for four years now. With the dot-com bust in 2001 I spent a year and a half out of work and now again I am fighting to keep my technical skills relevant and overcome the big gap in my resume while I look for work all across the nation. I am convinced that the massive spending of the federal government and the accompanying Federal Reserve policies holding interest rates so low that no business can be sure what will happen next, is the cause. The last thing we need is to spend more money overseas for ANYTHING.

Keep the money here, cut budgets in half, normalize economic conditions, and punish white collar corruption, please. I just want a job.


Phone bank for Congress

Can we call all 535 members of Congress using the same Phone from Home system that we used during the RP 2012 campaign? Extremely efficient.


My letter to Orrin Hatch

War in Syria is completely uncalled for.

There is no evidence or even a shred of logic to suggest that Assad actually pulled this attack on his own people in the face of WWIII happening on their turf.

Even if there was, this is none of our business and not our responsibility, we have yet to do any good whatsoever when we go out and try to save other nations. WE ALWAYS create new dictators.

Even if we could actually do some good (which we won't), and it was our business (which it isn't), we don't have the money. Period, end of story. The means does NOT exist.

Detroit lies in RUINS. How DARE you even CONSIDER spending money to help Al Quada take over a nation across the world when we cannot take care of ourselves?

But I think you know all of this and don't care. Here's what you might care about.

Initiating war in Syria would not only be a violation of the War Powers Act and the Geneva Conventions, it would be direct and irrevocable treason upon the American people.

Senators who vote for this war will be considered traitors and held personally accountable. There is no defense for this act. Vote for war in Syria and you are openly confessing to crimes against humanity.

You are facing the most unpopular war in American history, perhaps in world history! History will NOT look kindly upon this war.
If we initiate this aggression, the United States Government will have crossed the barrier irrevocably. You will be entering a war that you cannot win, for even your own people will be against you almost in entirety.

You will be held accountable for your terrorism when history has its say, as were the officers of Nazi Germany.

In case I haven't made myself clear, DO NOT ENTER THIS WAR. That is an order from your boss. You have crossed many lines, this line you do not want to cross.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

They are just going through the motions.

You are right about the way the media is pushing this. I just left my former home page at MSN and was sickened by the "What will Assad do now, keep killing civilians?" crap.

The diversion to Congress on the matter by Obama is simply to legitimize the almost certain attack we will launch against Syria. In the few days before hand we will be bombarded with "reasons" for the attack and when "Congress" votes for war then everyone will agree that the proper procedure has been used so it will be legitimate. Plus it will give more time for the propaganda to work itself in.

In the end I guess public opinion will not really matter anyway as long as it looks legitimate on paper. Just look at Obamacare.

a personal visit to your congresscritter's office

... is said by congressional staffers to be more powerful than almost any political action a constituent can make. A personal phone call or personal letter ( can be faxed ) is second ... a personal email third ... form mass email fourth ..

Dear congress critter ___________ ,

• I strongly oppose any military action against Syria.
• We The People demand a full and completely independent investigation into the truth about these chemical attacks.
• Any further support in any further wars ( both covert and declared ) will result in a move to recall you through available State procedures.

Defending freedom ,

____ ______

p.s. http://news.yahoo.com/colorados-grassroots-revolt-against-gu...

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Here is another example. Send something. Now is the time.


With the President's speech yesterday, Congress will soon be asked to approve of yet another war of aggression this time perpetrated against Syria. Going to war should never be done lightly, especially where evidence is lacking. In the case of Syria, there is no evidence implicating the Syrian government in the recent chemical attacks, and even if there was clear evidence, Syria poses no threat to our national security. We have been the world's policemen for decades, which is why both the UK and NATO are not supporting our war plans to attack yet another country. Why should they when they know that we will most likely take this unilateral military action anyway whether they are with us or not. This hypocrisy of a Nobel Peace Prize winning president taking us to war under the guise of providing humanitarian assistance is nothing short of stunning.

I urge you to vote NO on any resolutions or bills that commits this great country to war against Syria.

Thank you for your serious consideration,

Mine is direct and emphatic:

Representative xxxxx,

Stand with Justin Amash (R-Mich) and military members - Congress must STOP the invasion, get OUT of the Syrian Civil War!

Your VOTING constituent,

Name goes here

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

You may want to rephrase your letter

The congress won't be voting for a declaration of war, the vote will be for authorization of the use of force. The congress has not declared war since WWII, and we have had quite a few wars after that. As Ron Paul has pointed out, we haven't won a war since.

Trivia question, who was it that said, "We shouldn't go to war until we have paid for the last one"? Makes sense to me

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Semantics. Bombing a country IS an act of war.

Invading a country with troops on the ground is an act of war. Don't play their games.

I agree,

Sanctions are also an act of war, I have heard Ron Paul state that a number of times. We are way too aggressive with our foreign policy and then we wonder why most of these countries hate us?

I understand that, but I

I understand that, but I still think that they should hold a vote over a declaration of war.