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My 15 Year Old Son Wants To Join The Airforce

My husband served in the Marine Corp. during and after the Gulf War. I am a proud wife. Semper Fi. I have much respect for our men and women in uniform.

My son wishes to follow suite and make daddy proud. He would like to go through ROTC and become an Airforce pilot. While I am proud, I am also scared to death of my son fighting in these unconstitutional wars and one day being sent home in a box.

I wish for some insight. Is anyone on the DP currently in the AF?

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Has he taken the ASVAB yet?

Has he taken the ASVAB yet? Make him take it, then whatever job it recommends for him to do, do it in the private sector. He won't regret it.

Southern Agrarian

He is actually considering

He is actually considering the Coast Guard now. I think he really just wants to save people. Perhaps I can convince him to join the local fire and rescue.

More troops supported Ron Paul than any candidate.

To me, that puts your son in good company.

I'm VERY GRATEFUL for your son and his service.

A relative played football for the AF.. he was thinking of getting out and my Dad (a USN lifer) told him: Air Force Flies and you should go for it.

So now, in his late twenties, he's a fighter pilot, earns a good living, has a gorgeous wife, three beautiful children and really a great guy.

He definately has no regreets following my Dad's advice. He's set for life. Nothing wrong with that. I hope whatever path your son takes that he is HAPPY!

Most troops also mentioned that they wanted the wars ended.

Seems to indicate regret that they got in, or discouragement regarding how the "fighting for our freedom" thing is anything but that.

I agree but I think all

I agree but I think all troops in all of history want the wars to end. Nobody wants to go to war.

Nobody wants to go to war?

Since we have been at war now for 12 years it seems that those that sign up must have had some misplaced enthusiasm for the idea. Let's hope they weren't clueless beforehand.

How many Americans even

How many Americans even realize we are at war since it is never called a war to begin with?

EVERYBODY is aware that we are involved in a ridiculous

"War on Terror".

"Terror" of course is any act against "us". If we invade a country and the citizens of that country pick up arms against us, then THEY (not us) are "terrorists".

If Muslim rebels fight against us, they are, of course, "terrorists". But if Muslims rebels fight FOR the cause we like (as in Syria) they are "freedom fighters" and the legitimate government troops are "terrorists".

Al Qaida may or may not be "terrorists" depending on the situation. If they are fighting against our troops in Afghanistan or Pakistan then of course they are "terrorists". But if they are fighting against Assad in Syria or Qadaffi in Lybia they are "freedom fighters".

So SINCE a "terrorist" is exactly someone we simply don't like (for whatever reason), the "War on Terrorism" translates to "War Against Anyone We Don't Like". Which means we have given ourselves license to kill anyone at whim and CALL it noble "war" instead of "invasion", "occupation", "domination", "imperialism" or simply "killing anyone we feel like". (Remember how Obama bragged that "I am really good at killing people".)

(I bet Hitler wishes he had thought to call all the people of Europe who opposed him "terrorists" so that he could have made himself sound like the good-guy liberator for eradicating those awful, terrible, "terrorists". What wonderful propaganda.)

I would hope that anyone who is old enough and supposedly mentally competent enough to sign up for the military - SHOULD be aware that we are "at war" in Afghanistan, Iraq (still) and Pakistan at least.

If they DON'T know this, I would argue that they should immediately be removed from the military as they did not have the mental capacity to know what they were doing when they signed up.

I don't see it

But then I tend to pull my information from many sources.

My son wants to

My son wants to fly...something...anything. He was also interested in the Coast Guard because he wants to extend his high school wrestling into collage. The academy has a good program. We come from a small town where wrestling is a big deal here. It's fun being a wrestling mom. These kids show a lot of skill and discipline.

I learned to fly at my local airport. Started out with a Cessna

Could have moved up to twin and jet engines. And without bombing or killing anyone.

Thank you for your input.

Thank you for your input. These are all things being discussed in my home. You act as if I'm sending my son packing. Perhaps you did not read what my post was about. That's ok, I wouldn't expect so much from a fellow dp'er.

Well then

He should go for it.. and I bet if he does.. he'll make it.. most don't.. but I bet he does.

I think you've definately got a miracle child who the world is blessed to have.

What a guy. I genuinly want the best for him.. no matter what he does, he will win.. he's a winner. I hope he goes for his dreams because he's gonna make it, GOOD.

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Try hard to do the latter.

The Coast Guard in the like the National Guard. Those names are both oxymorons. They both get deployed to other countries just like the other branches of military service. I wouldn't be above begging and pleading if my kids wanted to join the military. They will all be used, abused, then discarded.
What happens during deployment?
Deployment generally refers to an extended assignment away from your child's assigned home base. Larger Coast Guard cutters may have extended deployments of up to three months during which they patrol and visit other ports. However mid size and smaller cutters as well as air assets generally function in and around the home base to which your son or daughter are assigned.

This is an old post that has

This is an old post that has been bumped back into existence because of another post I wrote about being pro life. Before you take my words out of context understand that I wrote this to get the views and facts from other people here who were or are currently serving so that I may be able to talk to my son about this with better knowledge. Yes I am proud of my husband and anyone who vows to die for me.

You all are so against the military yet Ron Paul got more donations from our military men and woman and you all bragged about it.

Anyway, I wish to close this thread as I will not subject myself to further hatred.

Mods how do I close this thread?

Omg it's fine! But thanks!

Omg it's fine! But thanks! It's just that I had no idea how cruel people could be. The DP was my safe place. Then they told me that after the loss of my babies I didn't deserve children and my husband is a murderer and deserves no honor. I've dealt with people like this. These people are everywhere. I dealt with them in my local GOP when I became a delegate for Ron Paul. These guys are no different.

No pity party intended.

What do you expect from Republicans?

Sorry but Republicans are some of the most heartless people I had met. I am not trying to be an ass BUT telling someone after a lose of a baby that she didn't deserve to have kids is heartless and cold. That is why I call the GOP the Nazi Party.

End The Madness Vote Libertarian!

Actually it was

Actually it was liberaltarians right here on the DP. I've never had a republican say such things to me...only a bunch of know it all liberals and liberaltarians.

Then I am sorry that Nazi Libertarians treated like that.

That is heartless and cold what they told you.

It's quite alright. It's

It's quite alright. It's silly to get upset over something typed on the Internet right?

Buy a copy of The Red

Buy a copy of The Red Amendment (link below) and give it to your son. After he reads it, he will be fully informed about the decisions he is making and the constitutionality of all US actions.

Bless you and your family for its bravery and conscience.

~ Engage in the war of attrition: http://pacalliance.us/redamendment/

Kill him before he has a

Kill him before he has a chance to kill anyone else.

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In your strong stance against violence and murder

You advocate violence. You are suggesting a mother KILL her child instead of trying to help her help him choose a different route.

You advocate murder in the name of standing strong against murder. As though your suggestion of murder is better than other descriptions of murder when at the end of the day murder is murder.

You then act surprised when the comment is referred to as hateful.

But the truth is, it was hateful. It was typed to hurt someone and illicit a response. You didn’t truly believe you could tell a mother to murder her child and not get some sort of response.

I know it’s all a game to a lot of you, but these are people you are talking to. Human beings. And when you suggest one of them kills their child because he is about to make a bad decision you aim to hurt which is hate.

You then went to the chat room where you called one of people involved in this conversation a cunt.

Next time why don’t you say nigger? Why don’t you say Jew, fag, spic, gook?

After all, it’s all the same to you right? It’s all worthless. Except with an extra twist of charm you have added a sexual element to it.

How very clever.

In a comment further down you state that you are almost 30 and 6 foot tall.

Your age is not represented in the fact that your automatic response to my comment will be to downvote it and run back the chat room, drop the permalink in there so you can show them how big and bad you are when you undoubtedly respond to me in the same hateful manner you responded to unknown user.

I agree with you. Her child will be used as a tool for murder if he joins. That being said, you don’t fight murder with murder. And no matter how funny some of you might think it is, that is not a joking matter.

Any 6 foot tall 30 year old man should already know and understand that.

That is why your comment was viewed as hateful by some.

Ok, well…. I think I covered my bases here.

Have a great night. I can hardly wait until your next oh so witty, peaceful, charming, and empathetic comment and or post.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Jrd...thank you for this.

Jrd...thank you for this.



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Ignore it.

Just ignore it.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

I can't fathom the idea that

I can't fathom the idea that I am being harassed here because I am pro life and my husband served in the military. Seems a bit ridiculous to me. There's a lot of cruel and hateful people on the DP.

You raise and support

You raise and support MURDERERS and you think I'm a hateful person? lol.

Ps. You look like you're

Ps. You look like you're barely 15. What the fuck do you know? Why don't you come back when you grow some you little know it all dweeb. I'll bet you never confront a Marine in person. Only on message boards.

If you had even bothered to read my post I said I didn't want him to join and asked for input from people who have served. You clearly haven't served so you are not qualified here for an opinion.