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My 15 Year Old Son Wants To Join The Airforce

My husband served in the Marine Corp. during and after the Gulf War. I am a proud wife. Semper Fi. I have much respect for our men and women in uniform.

My son wishes to follow suite and make daddy proud. He would like to go through ROTC and become an Airforce pilot. While I am proud, I am also scared to death of my son fighting in these unconstitutional wars and one day being sent home in a box.

I wish for some insight. Is anyone on the DP currently in the AF?

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IMO, it's a great idea. We

IMO, it's a great idea. We need more people with your, apparent, values in the armed forces. The air force can lead to great job opportunities whether he decides to stay in or go into a civilian career. I would encourage him, but always stress your family values. Good luck.

Yeah it's a wonderful idea

The evil US government needs more cannon fodder and more minions to fuel and service Air Farce drones.

Surely your son is not be stupid enough to fall for their lies and go work for the government.

Look at this...............

Feel fortunate that he is

Feel fortunate that he is just 15 and won`t be leaving you for a couple years. My step son leaves for basic training next week at Fort Benning Georgia. Needless to say his mother is a mess. We went to the no war with Syria rally yesterday and heard Cindy Sheehan speak. Something you should try to do before you get on board with it...

My son was

approached at high school by recruiters. They came looking for the gamers for their cyber ops. He was pretty excited about it, apparently they made it sound really great.

I. Forbid. it.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

another thing

to consider is that recruiters lie. They are just trying to meet a quota. Once you sign on the dotted line and go pass MEPS. They own you.

If he ends up doing it. I would make sure that everything he has been told is true and accurate.

Best of luck. He is only 15 he may change his mind.
The Military is honorable, its unfortunate that the ones that are running it are dishonorable.
Just my two cents.

I would be concerned if it was my son as well.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.
Thomas Jefferson

We do have quotas

We do have quotas, however I have never recruited based on my quota. If you want to join, then I will help you. But if you don't want to, then I'm not going to lie to you to try and entice you to change your mind. I don't agree with quotas but ultimately they do have their purpose. The numbers set for us are based on the needs of the Army. Let me give you an example of when a quota would be beneficial. Let's say there was an influx of people who wanted to join the Army. If we meet our quota, wouldn't enlisting additional numbers into the Army be an unnecessary burden on American taxpayers? Lying to meet your quota is fundamentally wrong. That is something, like many recruiters, I don't do. Are there recruiters who lie? Unfortunately yes. There are always a few bad apples in every group that ruin the reputation of everyone in that group.

Betty you are a real mother.

Bravo! for you.

Recruiters are lying pieces

Recruiters are lying pieces of crap, every thing they say is complete bull, they told a friend of mine he could learn technical stuff in the army, and would not have to be in combat, he signed up and they started teaching him how to kill people.

He said "I don't want to murder people" (his words not mine)and they kicked him out. now they don't have a soldier, and he has a marred record.

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Not all recruiters

Not all recruiters are lying pices of crap, as you so eloquently stated. Not all recruiters lie. Most don't. How do I know? Because I am an Army recruiter.

What job did your friend sign up to do? Based only on what you have stated about his experience, I assume he probably went to boot camp where everyone gets taught basic fighting and marksmanship tactics. Minimum skills taught so that everyone knows how to fight and kill if the need should ever arise. That doesn't mean he would ever see combat. In fact, many in the Army don't. Just like the recruiter said, he could get a technical job or many other jobs in the Army that are not combat related, and the chances of him seeing combat would be very small. I won't deny that there are recruiters who lie, but on the flip side, there are many people who have "selective hearing" while talking with a recruiter. They hear what they want to hear, not what the recruiter actually told them. Happens quite often actually.

How long was he in the Army, what was the job he signed up for? Did he ever finish boot camp? Did he ever make it to job training?

One anti-body...

...in a sea of virus...won't stop disease.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Don't just deny him

Educate him. Telling him he can't do it will only make him want to more. And when he comes of age, there won't be any stopping him if he really wants to.

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I agree. For many wise insights on the

dynamics of raising peaceful, rational, free and responsible children I strongly advise that you begin watching many of the podcasts of Stephen Molyneaux http://www.freedomainradio.com/ The toxic culture our kids grow up in must be combated with very careful upbringing, to grow responsible youngsters with respectful and moral ethics that protect against the dominate, coercive elements of society.

Why don't you encourage him to find alternatives?

If he wants to fly planes, there's many other places to do it other than the military. But if not, it's fair to say that your son has better survival chances dropping bombs from a plane than fighting on the field.

Edit: Personally, if it was my son, I'd attempt to educate him in any way possible so he'd understand what joining the military meant. Is it an honor to defend your country? Absolutely. But that hasn't been the case with most of these wars - it's been blind aggression from our end propagated as "peace missions" by the MSM. Lies, all lies, and I think it's the responsibility of parents to keep their children well-informed, but allow them to make their own decisions. That the military "defends our liberties" is nonsense - because when we're at war, the politicians take advantage of that time to do just the opposite, in the name of protecting us.

What about the Coast Guard? I

What about the Coast Guard? I don't know much about it but thought that could be a viable option.

One of the toughest things for a military person to do ...

... is come to terms with the fact that they may have joined the military for what they thought at the time was a noble reason ... but they were lied to.

It is called fraud.

When one person convinces another person to do something, and does so by lying about the true purpose, it is fraud.

It is not easy to do, but we have all been lied to about military "service." It is nothing but fraud.

If your husband and you view your husband's membership in the Marine Corps that way, then you are ahead of the game: he joined because he thought he was doing the right thing, and he can't help that he was lied to about it. However, if your husband is the gung-ho type, then it will be tough for you to overcome that in your son's eyes.

I would ask your son (and your husband, if he is gung-ho) why he thinks the Navy officer posted the picture with the sign about Syria. If he says something negative about the officer, then he is attacking the messenger and not dealing with the message. Call him out on it and get him to respond to the message itself.

Ask if it is possible that the Air Force does not really do what they claim. Sure, their advertisements are great, but so are advertisements for a lot of products. Doesn't mean you have to buy.

He can start being a pilot right now, and work his way through the system without joining the military. If we wants to join the military, you might ask him what he thinks of what Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali) had to say when the government demanded he sign up for the draft: "I got no reason to fight them. No Viet Cong ever called me nigger."

The military is made attractive be de-humanizing "the enemy." Get him to THINK about the other human beings on the other side of those bombs he might drop.

My husband will never be

My husband will never be ashamed for his service. He is a gung-ho type. And I will never question his integrity. He joined because he wanted to serve our country and fight for our freedom. He loves our country. He needs to find out for himself. But He is also a little pushy with my son about joining the service. Says I will teach him discipline. My son just wants to do him proud. I'm trying to talk to him about other options.

I'm sorry to read this...

Your husband never even had the chance to "fight for our freedom" as our "freedom" was never in jeopardy...at least from without. That he still can't see that is sad.

I also love and loved our country...but then again...I also loved my ex-wife who cheated and stole like there was no other in the world that she had to answer to...

Sometimes we have to re-asses and it sounds to me as if your husband is one who has a hard time doing so...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Have your Husband watch

Have your Husband watch Beyond Treason as well, hundreds of thousands of Gulf War vets are dead or sick from Gulf War Illness, and their children are reportedly mutilated with birth defects, the bith defect rate in Fuluja sky rocketed after the use of Depleted Uranium ammo by our troops, it is HELL over there!!!

and the Vaccines, and PTSD, and seeing little kids blown up by your buddy's hand grenades.
I heard one story about a Soldier who was driving his Humvee in Iraq, and this kid was pushed out in the street by some guys who set up an ambush, it was either run an innocent child over and maybe survive, or stop the Humvee and get Machine gunned to death.

Plus the divorce rate among military family's is what? 67% I think?.

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Thanks! I'll do that.

Thanks! I'll do that.

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Maybe you could get him, both

Maybe you could get him, both of them, to read some Lawrence Vance. You can find a lot of good articles from him over on Lew Rockwell's site. Mr. Vance has a very inspired way of writing that really makes a person think about what our government has done, and is still doing, to the members of our military. My uncle thinks a lot of L.V.
A good portion of my family is in the military or retired. Last November my cousin, who spent four years in the Air Force "serving" his country also in Desert Storm, literally drank himself to death. My uncle, who retired from the Air Force after thirty years of service, found his middle son dead on his bedroom floor. His BAC was supposedly 5.7 :( I don't know that Jimmy's problems were because of his time in the military but I know he never had nightmares before he went overseas and he was continuously sick after he returned. Good luck with your son; I hope he changes his mind.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
e.e. cummings

Have him watch the Movie

Have him watch the Movie "Beyond Treason" about how Depleted Uranium is killing our troops, and causing birth defects, and how the Gov does not care about vets.


also have him read about Michael New, and how the army tried to force him to fight for the UN, when he said no, they informed him that he would be facing a court-martial, read this website, and buy his fathers book:


the Military is no place for Patriots any more.

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Tell him NO

"While I am proud, I am also scared to death of my son fighting in these unconstitutional wars and one day being sent home in a box."

You shouldn't be proud. The second part of your sentence is why - we are killing our kids in immoral, unconstitutional wars. Cannon fodder for the NWO. Spend some time reading Laurence Vance at LewRockwell.com. He has some great articles on "serving" in the military.


btw, my father was in the Marine Corps, I was in the Marine Corps, and my son was in the Army and spent two years in Iraq. I'm not some pacifist hippie freak commenting on something he knows nothing about.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

I am proud that he wants to

I am proud that he wants to serve our country. But he doesn't understand what he is serving.

You are exactly right

Joining the military is NOT serving our country - it's exactly the opposite. Take the time to read some of Vance's stuff (and lots of other good stuff on Rockwell's site, too) and then use that to educate him.

Teach him that becoming a productive citizen, promoting liberty, and exposing the lies, corruption, interventionism, etc of the state media and the government is the best way he can serve the country.

What an opportunity to take whatever his skills and talents are and use them in whatever way he sees fit rather than following the orders of Leviathan. Remember, that was the Nazi's excuse at Nuremberg.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

Have him read

"War is a racket" by General Smedley Butler. Make it known to him what he is getting into.

"Liberty is to the collective body, what health is to every individual body. Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man; without liberty, no happiness can be enjoyed by society."

— Henry St. John

Don't feed his doubts

There's a lot of opportunity in the service as long as you see it as a means, not no choice. maybe he'll become a pilot.. that's totally cool.. I wish I could fly an F-16.

Thank you Granger. I am mixed

Thank you Granger. I am mixed about what I should feel. I am very proud of his ambitions but I worry about what's to become in 3 years time when he is of age. It scares the ever-living out of me!

Supporting freedom

Supporting freedom candidates, would be a better way to serve his Country, the Troops and Vets are treated like dirt by the Government.

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Does it pay enough to support a family?

So far, it costs me, and most I know, to support candidates.. he would need college and connections, and right now he has neither.

Whatever he decides I hope his dreams come true.