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Congress to President: We want our share of the war pie too!

The sad thing is that the reason Congress is demanding the President allow them to vote on Syria has more to do with the opportunity therein to extort more money out of defense lobbyist with their vote than it has anything to do with the Constitution or rule of law. They just want their piece of the war pie too.


This "debate" we're going to have in Congress. The defense contractors are already lined up. Eager to expand the scope of the war so as to include their industry in the war budget. A few cruise missiles will grow to a no fly zone, will grow to an attack on infrastructure, will grow to securing the region, will grow to rebuilding the region, a few billion to Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Halliburton, etc, and a few million to campaign coffers.

There is no economic incentive for Congress to limit the scope of the war, and there is even less to not go to war at all. By the time it's all said and done, anyone who still opposes the war will be labeled as an unpatriotic pacifist. And next election cycle Congressmen will walk in Independence Day parades with military men and women mangled from the combat they authorized and will sway the public to support them in doing it all over again. This is how our system works.

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Every Congressional District

Should set up voting stations where all registered voters can go to vote on whether or not the US should take military action in Syria. If any congressman or senator does not vote in accordance with the results of the vote in their district or state they should be recalled immediately for not representing their constituents.

We've been inviting these war mongers back to Congress for years

If Americans are too ignorant to see cause and effect, then we are to blame.

Free includes debt-free!

In the next week we have to

In the next week we have to hammer our congressional representatives to vote no on war with Syria.

This might just be my next big letter

to my representatives...

See "Mad World" thread for the premise.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Ah, but then who would fund their campaigns?

I guess it's easy to be cynical at this point in time, the poster has a point, there is money in wars. What we need to do is design a system that gives financial rewards to the candidates who follow the constitution. When all else fails, resort to bribery, it appears that's the only thing that influences their vote.