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Has anyone seen this yet? What's goin on with these guys?


dollarsilverclub.com - Pretty goofy, but their silver is only $1 over spot in small quantities... shrug

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Cool Ad!

Somehow, weed must be involved :-).

Last I heard the Mulligan Mint was party to Two Lawsuits

Last I heard, the Mulligan Mint was being sued by one of the designers of the coin and Republic Metals for failing to pay for a bulk silver shipment sent to them on consignment.

Oh and then there is the part where the CEO Rob Gray says he can heal you of cancer:


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On their website, this deal is real.

Walking Liberty 20oz roll of 1oz Silver Medallions at only $1 per ounce over spot!
Current Silver Price $23.97
Current Price for #20 = $499.40

What are you basing that on?

Just what they say on their own web site? It sounded like a good deal but a little bit of searching turned up numerous links like this:


and these:

and others. I'd want some pretty solid evidence that they're on the level before I went anywhere near them.

I've bought from them a few

I've bought from them a few times and always gotten what I ordered in a fair time. Just thought the video was wacky, lol. I dunno how a mint is a 'scam', what does that even mean? You buy a product, get the product, the product is what you ordered. What part of that could be a 'scam'? Their new ad is pretty unique to the industry, I'd say.

The American Dream has become an Orwellian Nightmare

Simply because they look like

Simply because they look like dollarshaveclub.com won't mean that the secret service won't shut them down the same way they did JFK.

This looks like a spoof on

This looks like a spoof on dollarshaveclub.com

Lot's of stuff online

saying this is a scam.

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