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I am Syrian and a mother.

“I am Syrian and a mother. since about 2 years, this proxy war installed by the USA and her western, Turkish and Arab lackeys, is devastating my homeland and killing my people. I have lost several friends. Your mercenaries shot at me and I got wounded. Some days ago, my daughter, aged 15, said, it was better we’d die now rather than suffering the rest of our lifetime as she expects this war won’t end. What shall I say to her, at the eve of a huge war to come? That life can be nice, in case the greedy US-Imperialism would allow you to live? Can you really imagine how life is for a 15 years old teenager seeing bodies in the streets and destruction and displaced people and hearing the shells of the terrorists exploding and the cries of the wounded and the noise of grenades and shooting all day, 24/7?????”

“…with all due respect, in all your words I do not see any concern about the lives of Syrian women, children and men which are threatened and taken away here by your mercenaries of al-Qaeda. Don’t we count? Are we worthless?”

And, please, Sir! do not name Assad that negatively, recognizing that even your CIA had to admit (and reported it) that he has the utter loyalty of about 70 percent of the Syrian people – how much support can Obama gain in the USA? So are we Syrians dumb to follow a ‘dictator’? No – we are united with our families, friends, our sons and husbands serving in our army to DEFEND our homeland. Every US-American would do the same if the USA was attacked. And we stand with our president as we realized he does his duty to defend his people. You do not need to be a fan of someone in order to be fair.

“Apart from that, I am optimistic that we Syrians already have won the war against you – by all evidence of high moral, dignity and the persistent will to defend our nation. We Syrians show the world that resistance against the Evil can work and in any case will help you to preserve your dignity.”

“…please just invest a minute to think about it as if all this would happen to you, your homeland, your family, your friends – what would you do?”

“So, by telling you all this, I just want you to know that Syria is defending not only her homeland and her families but all the values that make her. If we Syrians loose our values, our history, our civilization, we were dead. You can kill us all but you will never see us kneeling in front of you.”

Regards from a Syrian female, mother, patriot (temporarily staying in Europe)


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SO sad..and to think we just

SO sad..and to think we just can not seem to stop this..

War is Ugly

War Never helps the people

War is a Racket

The only way to stop this is for the people to stop shooting, for the troops to refuse orders, because it's clear the sociopaths that run the MIC will never stop as long as they can convince people to fight their wars.

Pray for peace


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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


for life

Syrian Mother speaks the truth

Several years ago, before Syria was on most peoples' radar, I wrote about an amazing family I met in California. He was a missionary to Muslims in this country sent by a Christian organization in Syria. He did not strive to convert anyone...he simply gave out the new Testament free in several Arab languages, answered questions if asked and told his story. I have never met a more gentle sincere person.

He told me that although many here would not believe it, Syrians of all religions liked Assad because they lived in relative peace' were united in desiring to preserve their historical places of spiritual significance and shared pride in their shared culture and history. No, he did not say Assad was perfect or revered...just preferred. He acknowledged that there were some Muslim sects with radical ideas and hatred of each other, but said that Assad had managed to keep them at bay...maintain peace. And, yet, he said there were outside sources attempting to fire the fuel of the longtime feuds while building a resistance to Assad through misinformation and deliberate untruths. His "single" attempt as a Christian to make a difference was to come to this country and try to keep the truth alive here while ministering to Muslim speaking people and answer questions, if asked, as he was afraid his country and Christians in the Middle East would soon need the support of Christians here and non-Christians here would need voices from the Middle East of truth.

First meeting was about four years ago at a street fair where he set up a booth each Thursday. As time went on Syria began to be on everyones' radar. His stories of families and friends in Syria became more and more heartbreaking. At that time, I was on a DP crusade on behalf of my Syrian friends and posted often what I learned from him week after week. He told me the plight of family after family that he knew and loved personally. He talked to friends weekly and asked me to pray for them. Whenever, I would allude to our part in this inhuman travesty, he would stop me and say, "No, don't blame those who do not understand...God is good...there will be peace someday. Just pray for the mothers and little ones."

One day at the same street fair I went to an "Ask the Rabbi" booth naively and asked the Rabbi if he was a zionist He just about bit my head off and said, "And, why wouldn't I be" and went on to say that without Israel
the Arabs would still be wandering around the desert like cockroaches." Never mind the place often called the birthplace of civilization. Never mind a lot of things not on his radar. Did he speak for all Jews? Of course not!

I could and once did share many things about this wonderful family on the DP. However, suffice it to say that this mother who wrote the letter is absolutely telling the truth and of course, those who could get their children to safety did so. I am glad she is safely in Europe, but she writes with such passion out of love for her country and all those left behind who are suffering and dying.

Anyone who would post on this thread that this lady is a tool or does not understand the situation in her own country, is knowingly or unknowingly working against humanity. My heart is very sad for Syria and for anyone on this thread who would USE this thread for self-serving purposes. How could you react with anything but compassion...how could you use this thread to propagate politics.

Stay out of Syria USA...but human beings, pray for the innocent people, Christian, Muslim and Jewish...pray for the historical holy ground they are dying on...pray for compassion and sanity.



Anti-World Police US Taxpayer Protection Act

Someone in congress should sponsor a bill with this title.

This bill will protect US taxpayers from paying for any and all undeclared wars. Taxpayers will not be responsible for paying for covert proxy wars. World police actions undertaken by the president or congress shall not be paid for by US taxpayers.

This is the only way to stop the government from engaging in future illegal wars.

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Great idea!

also add that anyone in congress that has received funds from MIC lobbyists or is privately invested in MIC companies cannot vote concerning war issues due to conflict of interests.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

This Letter

should be broadcast on every tv station all across all nations!

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Love you so much

Embracing you I cry Heavy tears...

There is no reason for us Human Beings to kill each other as an offering to satan!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Temporarily staying in Europe

where you do not have to look at the dead bodies of Syrians being killed by your husband, and the Jihadists who serve Assad, not the people. America has not been in your war and blaming America from Europe for your brutal dictator Assad who sold out for a Global NWO (look at you) your own people.. and you blame America. Shame on you.

Says the neocon POS sitting in here nice little home

in CA(or wherever you live) - where she will not see the dead bodies her government is so itching to create. Just keep stoking the fires Granger, I believe in karma - and yours will come.

But you know what makes me sleep easy at night - knowing if this country finally does collapse - people like you wont last 5 days - for all your talk and all your provoking - at the end of the day you are a tool - and a useless tool at that.

She is the tool

The Syrian Army is slaughtering those who protested Assad and his insane dictatorship. Mowing down sign wavers with troops is bad enough.. you think Obama is bad? Assad is one bad assed mother fucker who will take down Syrai and destroy Syria and give the land to Islam and the Jihadist for his part in the NWO, where Putin can protect his port, because for Assad, he's on the side of Islam, that plays like a useful murdering idiot to the NWO as a killing machine for infidels..

This woman's husband has taken orders from Assad to SHOOT CIVILANS, children wipe them out! The free Syria Arny are the officers that refused to shoot civilans.. like how many here hope the officers would keep their oaths and not shoot sign wavers.. Assad slaughters sign wavers..

Blaming Israel is a trap.. There are zionists for a NWO, bit there are Zionists for a sovreign Israel.. and that is the path to freedom.. they have the solution.. learn the solution. Israel is thriving.. learn to thrive!

But here's what you miss Granger - I don't give a rats back side

about Syria OR Israel. Get it - I don't give a crap who kills who - or why.

ITS NOT MY PROBLEM. And its not the United States problem either.

Let him destroy it - good for him(although - seems a little funny that the place was not so bad for all those years, then the CIAlqueda shows up and now there is civil war). Let him destroy Israel - doesn't bother me one bit. Hell, Israel is begging for citizens - go - go now - they will take you. Go stand next to them if they mean so much to you.

Here's a little test for you, just to show how stupid you are. Gather ten thousand protestors - go march in front of the white house - refuse to leave. When the cops come, fight back. Guess what - they'll mow you down just like Assad is doing. So get off your crack pipe and wake up.

Well, I do care

Israel is not begging for citizens.. there are 1.2 million people seeking Amnesty to live in Israel.. iver 30K tourists today.. Israel should grow.. they need to grow.. but too many here, including you, are blaming Israel and the USA, and it's not the USA and Israel.. it is Islam and the UN beefed up on corprorate money.

And yes, if Obama was to order troops to fire at sign waivers, even those willing to leave, we would have the beginning of what is happening in Syria..

You are 100% wrong/lying

Israel offers citizenship to any Jewish person in the US. That is begging in my book. I guess those seeking amnesty don't bow to the right god.

But let's get something clear - I have nothing against Israel or Jewish people - so don't lump me in with the anti semites on here. I never blamed Israel - I just sincerely don't care about their problems - they can handle it all on their own - we don't need to babysit them.

And no - we would not have the same thing here - have you not bothered to watch the endless stream of police abuse videos???? And we sit back and do nothing.

Jewish people

who can prove their grandmother on their mother's side is Jewish has a "license" to citizenship. That's not very many people.

I don't use the term anti-semite.

You should check out Israel because they are thriving.. the rest of us are going NWO.. and they are not.. I know the zionists MSM frauds and their NWO have claimed the name zionist to cover what they don't want us to know.. HOW Israel does it. We can do it like Israel, which works, or we can wait for our turn to become Iraq, Afghanistan.. you name it..

"America has not been in your war"

How can you say this with a straight face?

The rebels are getting all their weapons, ammunition, supplies, and paychecks from the US and its allies. US allies bordering Syria smuggle the stuff in, and allow the rebels to regroup inside their territory, and attack Syrian government assets by air. US and other special forces have been on the ground inside Syria training the rebels and giving them logistical support. The rebels could not continue to exist without all this US support. The US government could not be more involved short of open war.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Because it's true

Prove that the rebels are getting anything from America. Why not the UK? Why not France or the EU?

When you hate something, you blame it.. quit blaming America.. the US is too far spred out.. they are watching and talking.. and MSM is twisting and turning .. There are 5 million refugees now.. how many did we take?

You're such an insensitive asshole.

If this letter had been from an Israeli instead of a Syrian, you'd be lavishing all sorts of praises for her. You don't care about the injustices done to her because she's not "on your team." Killing innocent people is wrong, no matter what nationality.

You claim to be a Christian, but your mentality is far from Christ-like, which is sadly the case with most Christians in America.

Shame on you.

No, I wouldn't

I don't see any injustice being done to her, anymore than any injustice to a wife and mother of a an American family making statements supporting Obama, if Obama did to American protesters, what Assad is doing to Syrians.

Yes, you would.

If anyone bothered to browse through your comments they'd recognize a pattern of what I can only characterize as "licking Israel's balls."

I can't understand how you don't think there's injustices being done to her. She stated that she'd lost friends and been shot at herself. Her daughter thinks it would be better to be killed quickly than endure a war with the U.S. - You seriously have no ability to relate or be apathetic to these people and it's sad. I honestly hope you have the opportunity to be in her shoes some day and maybe gain some humility for people who have a lack of quality of life that we could never understand.

I know Israel has them

appears you have a much more personal relationship, or is that just a grudge?

There is a WAR going on in a nation that had more freedoms than most in the mideast. This woman is in a safe place, blaming Americans for what Assad is doing under the UN with Russia threatening thermo nuclear attack.

She's somewhere in Europe.. no one knows where, and she's sticking up for what Assad has done to the rebels.

Imagine if you dare, the idea that Obama was killing protesterss, even their children, shut off all net communications and begam a police state... how many here said they would be protesting?

This woman is like the wofe of one of the officers shooting protesters and sticking up for Obama, if Obama did that to Americans. So I don't get how people can say that's great, when they post reams of YouTubes about police brutality and bad laws, as if what is happening is Syria could not happen here.. What if Obama allowd the Mexicans to pour in a loot and kill Americans.. that's what the Jihadists are like.. they are killing the rebels, they are not rebels.. they are doing for Assad, what he can not legally do for himself as a Muslim in an area where Sharia Laws are capital.

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Powerful letter

thank you for posting this first hand perspective. The U.S. and it's allies have been training and recruiting mercenaries to send to Syria for several years now in order to cause chaos and regime change.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

maybe as many as we can should go fly to Syria and

stay there for a bit so when they pull this chit off they are killing American citizens at the same time. Wonder how that would work, just a suggestion.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!