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Update on Chief Mark Kessler

Posted on Mark Kessler's Facebook...

"I would like to thank everyone for such kindness during these uncertain times, as many of you are aware, I have been suspended indefinitely on Friday 8/30/2013 , I was set to return to work on 8/31/2013, ,next week the Borough will move for full termination sometime, I don't know how I can ever repay anyone who has stood by my side , stood by our country , and our constitution as tyrants seek to destroy every last bit of hope we the people have or destroy those who speak out & stand up , who say NO MORE! I along with my family thanks each and every one who has helped us during this very difficult hardship.


Chief Kessler


This vid: http://youtu.be/_QQW0RswpQ4

Lead to this vid: http://youtu.be/x0Rc8L7ltFw

And his 'apology': http://youtu.be/AQakPtOQCJo

Culminating in his suspension: http://now.msn.com/mark-kessler-police-chief-suspended-for-m...

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